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Cian Xia, one of the Immortal world's masters, went into seclusion for twelve years, holding words of promise from his lover, Wun Lan, who died in a demon war. That their fates will be entwined once more after the promise years have passed. They meet again, but these time things are different. The lover he has been waiting for so long has changed, and their fate appears to have been assigned to someone else. Would Cian Xia accept reality and forget everything, or would he begin again with no love, promises, or disappointment? Reminder: This is bxb, so if you all don't like this type of genre, please stop reading it immediately and find another novel. Thank you. For those who love this kind of genre, welcome, friends, and enjoy. Thank you for your support and for reading my story in advance. FB PAGE: @Yiawanxi

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M.Z. Mauve
seems like an interesting storyline with driven characters ... nice start ... i hope this gets more attention
2021-09-07 21:01:31
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Web Novel
The story is really nice. When I started to read, I was like, "Oh, it's so sweet. The couples are so cute" and then everything turned upside down. I could put myself in Cian Xia shoes and could feel how he had felt at that time when he saw Wan Lan disappearing. Great work Author. .........
2021-09-05 14:50:23
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"By the time you reach the top of the mountain, your heart will once again be at peace," From me. To you.   A man of six-point-two stature stands beneath the tall cherry blossom tree, dressed in an embroidered long white hanfu that shines like a star in the sun. A heart-shaped face, plentiful flat black brows, upturned brown eyes, long thick lashes, a turned up nose, round earlobes, bow-shaped red lips, and pale ivory smooth skin characterize this man. You're almost afraid to approach and touch a man with such beautiful and delicate features. He took cover beneath the tree, staring at the flower petals that were falling from the tree. "Autumn is coming," the man under the cherry blossom tree said, relaxed and content as the wind passed through him, causing his black long hair tied in a ponyta
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"I hope my words cover and warm your all lost worlds and dreams," from me. To you.   "ETERNITY IS GAVEN AS WELL AD UNKNOWN AND UNCERTAIN,"    The tide of agony swept through every land, like an enraged dragon who had lost its tail and severed its limbs. People are wailing over what they have lost. The roar of lost dreams continued until the soul of the past faded and the rain dried as the years passed. A new future awaits, but certainty is still a long way off. The withered tree has given birth to a new life of joy, leading people to believe that a happy day is on its way. As it says, people's lives cont
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"WHEN THE TIME COMES, THEY'LL BE WITH YOU," FROM ME. TO YOU.     After Cian Xia responded, the air inside the room became quiet and calm once more. But it didn't take long for Chao Fie to get out of bed, walk over to the chair inside the chamber, and pour himself some cold jasmine tea that Cian Xia had picked up the day before at his garden, as he resumed their conversation by asking awkward questions.   "Are you planning to accept a disciple this year?"   "No," Cian Xia replied quickly, his brows knitted together as his mood darkened.  
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"ONCE THE FATE COLLIDE THATS WHEN THINGS REVIBE," FROM ME. TO YOU.     Cian Xia was a first-rank immortal master in the Ran Sect. He is well-known for his cold demeanour and short temper. He is the Ran Sect's most powerful immortal master. He outclassed the elderly and his childhood friends who had worked for years to earn the title but were unable to do so. Regardless of how hard they tried, he became the first powerful immortal master at the age of fifteen, with no assistance.   He dislikes other people's advice and assistance. He would rather do it and learn it on his own. He dislikes loud people, especially naughty ones. Wun Lan, his late lover, is an exception. He will do and endure anything to please and make his lover happy, but he will not change
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"ONCE OUR STRING TOUCH, MY SONG IN HEART WILL GO BACK TO YOU," FROM ME. TO YOU.       The YinPing hall screamed an uneasy feeling and atmosphere for two minutes. All of the Ran Sect disciples heard their master's argument and couldn't help but feel the tension inside the room, so they all went quiet. Until Cian Xia decided to cut it short by saying,     "There is no need to fret about that matter. I accept your whole suggestions,”    Which made the Elder three Masters glad, relieved, and happy, but Chao Fei, on the other
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"A TOUCH OF WIND CAN BRING THE TASTE OF SWEETNESS THAT HAS BEEN LOST FOR A WHILE," FROM ME. TO YOU.           Some disciples watched them closely, observing their movements and all with a competitive spirit, while others didn't mind and simply enjoyed their performance. Elder Master Chao Fei Gu decided to start the feast after all of the performances were completed. Everyone then begins a prayer to express gratitude to the heavens for the blessings and gift of life.   The disciples in charge of serving then distributed the food one by one on each bed tray table, and they began eating in silence because one of them despise someone who ate loudly like a pig, and that person was Elder Master Xia.  
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"WHEN THE RHYME REPEATS CATCH IT. CAUSE IT BELONGS TO YOUR HEART BEAT" FROM ME. TO YOU.       Everyone looked at each other as they felt sentimental and worried about Elder Cian Xia. All the people inside the YinPing hall understood why Cian Xia reacted that way. But none of them touched or went to see the spiritual instrument owned by the late elder master Wun Lan at Ran Peak's historical residence, which puzzled and scared them. For three seconds, the YinPing hall was deafeningly quiet and tense, until one of the audience members screamed in terror. "That young man! He... the spiritual instrument of Elder Wun Lan he...“ The person stutters as he points his index finger at the backs of the elder masters, terrified and shocked. Sweat forms on his brow, and worry can
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"THE FLICK OF DUST WILL SOON BECOME ONE OF US," FROM ME. TO YOU.         The hall became silent as they calmed the crowd first and ordered their disciples to help them form groups to take the others back to their residences, once the crowd was put in order and in a clean manner. Elder Master Lu then commanded his disciples to go back to their residence first and wait for him until he came back.  All his disciples nodded and bowed at him as they followed his words, leaving him in relief and at ease. Elder Master Lu, together with the four new recruits, and Elder Master Shu, then stride back to the Zheng residence with the Zheng disciples tailing them at the back. As they walked, all of them passed through the path where different trees with many kinds of flowers fell their petals as the wind pass
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"When times are unbearing, don't fret because the tide of surprise will slowly come to your door," From Me. To you.           After a brief moment of silence, Master Shu returned his attention to the four young recruits and resumed his conversation. "Rise everyone and introduce yourselves one by one, begin with you," Master Shu pointed his right index finger at the young girl, who had a calm, sturdy face and stood five feet one inches tall. She had a square face, straight long black hair, almond shaped eyes, brown eyes, cat eye lashes, an aquiline nose, straight brows, a round ear that has a mole on the right side, a heavy pink rose lip, a soft baby white skin and had mole on the right side of her jaw.   The young girl rose from the flo
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"THE ROAD MAY BE FATAL AND DANGEROUS, BUT IT WILL SOON BE CLEAR AND SAFE," FROM ME. TO YOU.         Tian Su heard Cian Xia's name and couldn't help but feel familiar. He thinks deeper about Elder Xia's name, and as he does so, a sudden flash of someone's memory rushes inside his head, causing him to flinch and stiffen in his place.  Tian Su eyes widen as his stares focus on the floor, leaving everyone in the room unaware of what is happening to him.   The memory depicted two blurred-faced elder men bene
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