The Inflammable Secret

The Inflammable Secret

By:  angelinmariya2000  Completed
Language: English
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All I wanted to be was a full time reporter. One interview. One night. “I will not sign the papers.” I said firmly trying to push this devilishly handsome man off me. His touch was enough to cause the butterflies in me and put me in a trance but I am willing to fight. “I won’t marry you even at my death bed, Mr. Dominic.” He smirked and leant closer to me. I turned my head away from his face causing his lips to brush across my cheek. His whispered, “Sign the papers or else…” Getting caught spying comes with the worst consequences for Anastasia. And even worse when the devil, himself catches her.

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Oh my. I LOVE THIS!!!!!! You did an amazing job. I will admit I was not too fond of Tasha and there were things about her that got on my nerves when it came to Nathan but in the end it was wonderful. I would have loved more chapters on this one. Congrats U DID GREAT!!!!!!
2023-02-06 09:08:45
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Nancy Amin
This is a great story, well done author!
2023-02-06 00:01:14
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Sonya Jones
This was AMAZING!! I couldn't put it down. Great job author, I can't wait to read more of your stories.
2023-02-05 04:31:19
user avatar
Wow. Stayed up all night because I couldn’t put stop reading! Outstanding looking now in hopes there is a sequel. I am dying for Marco’s story…
2022-09-11 21:48:43
user avatar
Carito A González
Great story!!
2022-03-21 12:30:35
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Guia S. Ibarreta
5 star for thie very nice and free book... thanks.... keeo up and good luck... GOD Bless...
2022-03-19 11:15:47
user avatar
sheryl wilson
its amazing so far!
2021-09-15 17:17:52
user avatar
Elizabeth.Annie. George
it's so interesting.. ......
2021-09-13 22:05:28
user avatar
Vincy Mathews
The start itself is getting me hooked to this book .. Well written ..excited to read more!!!! 😍 The characters are really interesting and is excited to know more about them !!!!!!
2021-06-10 19:56:41
121 Chapters
Tapping my fingers lazily on the countertop I waited patiently for the bartender to bring me my cocktail even when what I really needed was that beer. But I had to remain sane.Since I had the leisure of time I looked around the part of the bar I never visited because if I was here at any other time my purse would be ripped and yet I won’t be able to afford getting in. The blue neon lights were nearly blinding but it screamed rich in every corner. Even the drinks were double my salary. There were men in suits all around and so many women looking like models floating from one table to another. There was literally a waitress/waiter at everyone’s side and even they looked mighty rich. Overwhelming much?Yeah no doubt! But I had a job to do and not a one that I am fond of. Period.“Can I buy you a drink?” I looked at the man well more like a boy take a seat next to me. His blonde mop stuck to his forehead with cute sparkly black eyes but the
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-ANASTASIA- 1 December 2019, 8:47 am. ‘Tilt your head to the east if you happen to live where the sun rises there and see the orange red sun rising by taking its time to come out of those white fluffy clouds showing the world its unbeaten beauty and bringing a tinge of warmth on this cold day. I have seen it today like every other day but one might wonder then what the difference in today and yesterday is? Obviously today is Monday and yesterday was Sunday! Nah, I am kidding my dear friends because today I can see a white pigeon in the clear blue sky basking in the warmth of the sun and as I walk along the sideway waiting for my best friend to come down, the smell of the tastiest pizza in the whole of New York from Delta Pizza wafts near my nose awakening all my senses. Just to those who are wondering about my address and putting on your shoes to locate Delta pizza, be at rest because I am still far away from your reach. I have seen a
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Red Headed Plonker
-NATHAN- “Stella, get me a new blazer immediately!” I barked at my assistant as soon as I stepped into the building. I walked straight to the elevator ignoring the glances of my employees but in my hurry I hit my head on the doors of the elevator. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!!!! I am sure Stella can see my anger because she frantically nodded her head and rushed God knows where. If I didn’t get a new blazer within the next 3 minutes Stella will be packing her box out of her ‘personal office’. I really think I am spoiling my employees with all these facilities or more like my father spoilt them beforehand. I removed the stained blazer and fixed my tie again. I could feel annoying glances at me and I am not pleased. "Is there a photo shoot going on?” I snapped and a few of them shook their head. “Then what are you all staring at?" I screamed at the others making them shake their heads and go back to their desks. Fury is the only emotion in m
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-ANASTASIA- “Monroe the assignment is high profile so I want you to take utmost care and get as much as you can.” Mrs. V said making me wonder why she is interested in me all of a sudden. The woman sees no one other than Kelly and especially I am a ghost to her until I trouble her enough to notice me. “You can trust me but what is the assignment.” I asked her curiously. Something like this could finally land me in the spot I have dreamt about my entire life. A full time reporter with at least two slots in a day. “You have...” the ringing of her phone stopped her and she signaled me to wait while she talks. Who is calling her so much? I walked towards the window and stared at our new board waiting to be hung up, The Daily. We were really famous and almost very New Yorker reads them every morning. Like I said my dream is to one day host the news and not just stand behind the camera and write up questions. Which I which a Chicago girl who had ro
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-ANASTASIA-Time for a Key update. I took my iPad out and removed the glove from one hand. After debating a bit I decided to read the comments first and then post my update.Marcus: Can I meet you if I come in Joe’s?Lora: When will you ever reveal your name, love?Tenzin:  thank you for making my day better. I had a bad day at work but reading your post has made me feel different.Smiling, I looked up when my nose caught the scent of pizza, I knew then my dinner wasn’t going to be ramen anymore. I went inside and saw Joe, the owner running about between the tables, the place was packed. I waved at him which made him smile at me and wipe a sweat on his forehead.“Anastasia, darling I will have to say some thanks to Key, isn’t that what these young people call the writer?” I nodded smiling. I knew my message from morning would bring in peopl
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Last Chance
-NATHAN-“Nathan my baby boo, I missed you so much.” Lara whined coming forward and placed her plump lips on mine. Remind me again why did I invite her of all people?Yeah my parents will have my head on a platter for dinner if I didn’t.“Lara you have to pretend that you are my girlfriend in front of my parents, understood?”“But baby boo you are my boyfriend.” I cringed like every time when I hear her say baby boo. But right now I am not going to argue with her since I didn’t want her to ruin the evening. She can be the evil bitch and the whiny clingy ‘girlfriend’ at the same time. I looked at her outfit which was a blue sequenced dress with a plunging neckline, it was hot but not exactly appropriate for dinner. I looked at my watch, it is already 7 now implying there was no time for her to get changed. I had already skipped lunch so if I am anymore late mother will be saying a
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Oops Your SHOE!
-Nathan-His smirk gave me the motivation to not let my anger out.“You will hear nothing again pops and I will make sure of that.” I said purposefully avoiding the taking and giving part and gave Peter a sinister smile. “You can rest assured Peter I won’t be handing my burden to you any time soon. You already have a lot on your plate that was mine.” I said making him red as well as his flustered fiancé. It may have happened two years ago but it hurts just like that day.“Natty why don’t you have some steak, you can discuss the rest later.” My mother said trying to diffuse the tension in the room. I stood up and gave her a kiss on the cheek and nodded at my father before taking my coat off the rack.“Thank you mom but I don’t really have an appetite today. I am sure Peter and Jocelyn would appreciate the steak.” I looked at Lara who looked confused w
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Dread The Devil
Dread the Devil-Anastasia-“Leave me alone you asshole.” I said trying get out of his grip but boy was he strong I could not move an inch from his grip. I glanced at the pizzeria hoping if Joe or Liam will come to save me from this maniac. There was an itch down my abdomen when his hand snaked around my waist gripping my hips to stop me from moving. A pleasant but torturous itch.What is wrong with me?“Mind your tongue with me, woman or else you are going to see the worst of me.” So this is not the worst side yet? He seethed and to be honest I did get scared but this man is not going to put me down today. I am strong girl and I can handle myself.“Honey, you are the one hurting me so if I want I can call the cops on you and let’s see what will then happen to your rich ass.” I said in a sickeningly sweet voice. I could swear his grip tightened for a minute but then he loos
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-ANASTASIA-Okay I am freaking out! This is my first chance to present an actual interview on the channel and it is with none other than my new so called enemy if I can call him that. I am so tensed that I didn’t even put a post in the blog and I have never missed a day before.I had to make sure I keep my feelings under check and not lose my temper. Now I have to look presentable, so…..After rampaging my little closet in the apartment I found what I was looking for, my cyan blue shirt. This is literally my lucky charm I bought it around 6 years ago when I was writing an exam and I became the topper that year. Superstition I know…. but oh well!Also on my internship day wearing this shirt I was awarded with the best day of my life which is why you can’t blame me for picking this old but beautiful and stylish shirt. The only problem was that it was a little tight in the chest area over the years but I am going to
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Interview Down the Drain
-ANASTASIA-I am totally done for! She will get another reason to spread rumors about me to her yappy little comrades in the break room. By the way I thought this female was on vacation? What is she doing here and that too when I finally get the chance to be on air.“That’s you right Anastasia?” she said being too sweet when I know the reality. She suspects something is wrong otherwise she wouldn’t even think of talking to me.I had to turn, no way out. Closing my eyes I turned around and waited for her to laugh or any other person in the elevator to but no one did. I opened my eyes but all I see was a mop of brown hair. I am sure my burnt red brows are making the perfect ninety degree on my forehead. It clicked the minute I turned but what confirmed it was the khaki covered back and the strong husky cologne that covered my nostrils.Aww he covered you to protect you from embarrassment.I guess I ha
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