The King Alpha’s Mate

The King Alpha’s Mate

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Due to Serena’s issues with authority, her parents decided to send her to the Amaris Moon Academy in hopes of her growing out of her mischievous ways. The Amaris Moon Academy was ran by the King Alpha, who Serena had never met but had heard was incredibly ruthless, along with incredibly sexy. To make matters worse, Serena still hadn’t accomplished shifting into her wolf for the first time and the academy was centred on developing the country’s strongest warriors, alongside housing the Royal Pack. But even after countless hours of protesting, Serena’s fate was sealed and she would soon be residing in the academy halls. Whilst her wolf may be dormant and she may be without a mate, she was going to have a lot of fun fucking shit up at the academy. If she was being forced to go she might as well make the best of it, right? Only what she did not know was as soon as she met the King, her world would be turned upside down. Lies have been told, secrets have been kept and what Serena thought she knew about herself and her family, soon turned out to be wrong. Through spending time at the academy, Serena was going to learn about her heritage and her true purpose for meeting the King. This story will contain explicit scenes, violence and mature language.

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TP Writes
Remember to join my group ‘T.P Author’ for chapter discussions, character visuals, new book releases, updates on chapter posts and so on xxx
2024-04-11 16:42:09
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Great story, glad I read it!! Nate is so hot
2024-03-13 00:42:10
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Muruim van Rensburg
Love the story line....
2024-01-27 17:03:50
70 Chapters
“Come on sweetheart, let’s go” my mother shouted through the painted white door. I let out a large sigh, realising it was now time to admit defeat. I walked across the pale grey carpet reaching the other side of my room and sat before my lit up vanity mirror. My hands reached for the pink tangle teaser resting on my white IKEA desk and brushed it through the ends of my long, creamy blonde locks. I looked up at myself in the mirror and noticed my usual olive skin had paled. I frowned upon witnessing my appearance, realising my ocean blue eyes had started to cloud. I could not believe I was really leaving, half of me genuinely believed my parents were bluffing the whole time. However, seeing most of my belongings boxed up and placed in the boot of my fathers car proved otherwise. With one final look in the mirror, I put some clear gloss on my natural plump lips and cast a final look of approval over my outfit. We were travelling for 2 hours to reach the academy
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On the left was a floor to ceiling window, which provided an incredible view of the greenery. Against the wall, still on the left, was a double bed with a tall grey wooden headboard. They really like their grey and whites round here, don’t they? Next to the bed stood a white IKEA desk just like the one I had at home, with a vanity mirror on top and across from the bed was a sliding double-door white wardrobe. One of the doors was white, whilst the other had a full length mirror. The right side of the room was almost replicated, however rather than a window there was a glass door leading onto a balcony. Without exiting the door, I couldn’t be sure how large the balcony was however I can assure you that it could easily fit an 8 seater dinning table on it. “Which side is mine?” I asked, already knowing the answer considering the bed on the left failed to have any bedding covers. “This side is yours Serena, please feel free to make it your own and Maddie will be he
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As Maddie hurried out the room, I found myself sat before most handsome man I had ever seen. I could feel my tummy turning, as excitement rushed through me. What was that? All I could think about was running and jumping onto this stranger before me. It felt as though the whole world stopped and we were the only two people left. His smirk turned into a devious smile, as he stepped towards me. My heart was pounding through my chest, I’m certain even he could hear it regardless of the distance between us. “Welcome to Amaris, Serena”. His voice was calm and soothing, still walking towards me. “I’m Nate, it’s a pleasure to meet you”. His voice was creating a fire between my legs. His voice, alone. Heaven forbid I saw what rested beneath those clothes, I think I’d suffer a heart attack. I tried to respond but I seemed unable to make a sound, feeling almost starstruck. Instead, I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding and watched him c
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Over 2 weeks had passed since my run in with the King and I was still completely unable to get him out of my mind. Every night I was having the same dream, over and over again. I found myself in a green field, surrounded with towering trees along the outskirts. There was a white path below my bare feet, which I had followed into the centre of the field. Amongst me, there were hundreds of flower beds consuming the field. The sun shon down on the beautiful lilies and dandelions, making their colours shine brighter. Before me stood a lone blossom tree, in the middle of the field. The branches hung as the blossom had bloomed. It was shaped almost like an umbrella. Under the tree stood a man on his own, but I was too far to see his face. Instead, the sweet scent of vanilla cookies consumed me and I was desperate to reach the source. The scent took me closer and closer to the man and the tree. As I got closer, I recognised the man
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Nate’s eyes scanned my body, reviewing my outfit, unsure whether to be turned on or pissed off. I laughed and rolled my eyes before turning around and sitting in one of the guest chairs before his desk. Suddenly my chair was being lifted off the ground. Nate had picked it up and turned it to face him, so I couldn’t have my back to him. He lent down and placed his hands either side of me on the arm rests. His emerald eyes turned black from anger and I rolled my eyes again. “You think this is funny, Serena?” He taunted. “Yes actually, I do. I don’t see the problem” I looked away, avoiding any eye contact in fear of him burning me to the ground with his gaze. He grabbed my jaw and spun my head back to face him. I sighed, “what’s your issue?” “What did I tell you when we last spoke?” “Nothing important.” I got up to walk off, knowing I shouldn’t be speaking to the King like this. He brought up his hand and pushed me
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I had stormed out of Nate’s office, livid with his stupid Royal ass. Who did he think he was? He has my god damn birthday tattooed to his wrist and he won’t even tell me why. I swear the man has lost his mind. There is just no arguing with him, regardless of what you say he just doesn’t see reason. Don’t even get me started on the fact that he kept calling me his! I belong to no one but myself. Part of me wondered if he meant I was his mate but again, I thought if that was the case he would just tell me. He probably just wants to claim me as another one of his sexual conquests and nothing more. Well it’s my birthday tomorrow and we’ll soon see what the deal is. If I had a wolf, which my father insisted I did, then tomorrow would tell me who Nate was to me. My King or my mate. “Ugh!” I aggressively pushed open the front door to the academy. Stupid men and their stupid ways. I refused to let him make me a sexual pet. Yes he was gorgeous and yes my heart felt pain
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I woke up to bright dazzlingly lights which caused my eyes to squeeze back shut, convinced I would go blind if I left them open. “She’s just opened her eyes!” My mothers voice shouted. Wait.. my mother? Where am I? “Serena, kiddo, can you hear me?” My father’s voice was much gentler than my mothers, thank god. “Yes, I think everyone heard mum” I groaned, attempting to open my eyes once more. Being successful, I looked around to see I was laying in a hospital bed in one of them god awful gowns that showed your whole ass. Speaking of asses, I felt a breeze on mine.. that’s weird. Oh shit, I shot round to see my naked bum had been mooning on who I presumed to be a doctor. “Don’t worry, I’ve seen many over the years and I’m certain I’ll see a fair few more” the woman laughed. “I presume you are my doctor?” I asked. “Yes Serena, I’ve been looking after you since you came in. I am Dr Blake” the woman smiled at me, she looked aw
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“Your-your what?” Maddie jumped up, confused on whether to focus on me or Nate. I stared at the man who had driven me insane over the last 3 weeks, but the man who had also risked his life to come and save me. Am I glowing? I felt like I was glowing. I felt like my heart was letting out a bright white light. Emotions spiralled round my body, as the man I was furious at just 1 hour ago was suddenly the only thing I ever wanted. My heart felt like it would was going to burst with joy and my tummy was doing a million somersaults. My eyes started to fill up with tears as I became overwhelmed with emotion. “I’m going to give you two some privacy” Maddie whispered to me, before running past Nate. There he stood, wearing his typical day-to-day attire. His black suit trousers were once again complimented with his black loafers and his chest was partially covered in a grey suit shirt. He ran his hand through his dark brown hair as he stepped towards me. His eyes
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The royal shit had actually broke down my bathroom door! I let out half a giggle, before watching him stalk towards me. Whilst waiting for him to reach me, I bit my lip and stared intensely into his eyes, still playing with myself. “Mmm” my back arched as I moaned at my own touch. Less than a second later, Nate pushed my hand away from my pussy. He then lifted me as if I weighed no more than a feather and held me against the wall, putting my legs around his shoulders. He lifted up my arms and held my wrists above my head with one hand, with his spare hand grabbing my ass. Excitement rushed through my body as it desperately ached for his touch. My body was drawn to him in ways I cannot explain, but I needed to feel him. I need him to please me. I had never wanted anything so much in my life. My core was on fire, unable to cool down until it felt his touch. I was addicted to him already… Without warning, my King buried his face between my legs
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“Huh-hmm” a loud cough woke me from my deep sleep. My eyes still closed, I stretched out my body and let out a loud yawn. Nate’s arms unwrapped themselves from my waist as he stretched his arms above his head. I let out a sigh as I missed his arms around me already. Chuckling, Nate pulled me onto his chest as I came around. I opened my eyes to see Maddie stood at the bottom of my bed with her arms folded and her eyebrows raised. I couldn’t help but laugh, she tried to come across dominant but she was just too cute. “Do either of you care to explain why I no longer have a bathroom door?” Maddie pointed at the bathroom door resting on the floor. I let out a loud laugh, remembering Nate’s frustration. “The King got a little impatient” I winked. Maddie rolled her eyes and folded her arms once more. “Your Highness, you may be my best friend’s mate but you can’t break down my bathroom door!” Maddie insisted in disbelief. Chu
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