The Lycan King's Hideous Mage

The Lycan King's Hideous Mage

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*** This story has steamy scenes that are not suitable for minors.*** Serra Lore's life is supposed to be perfect and ideal. She graduated top of the class in the Mage Academy. She married the handsome Gideon Dunkerson, the young Lycan King, and she became his Luna. However, on their first wedding anniversary, everything turned upside down. She discovered that her in-laws were just using her. Her husband is cheating on her with a beautiful woman. To make matters worse, to protect everyone in the Kingdom, she becomes hideous. Now that her daydream has turned into a nightmare, how will she regain the confidence she once had? Gideon Dunkerson thought that his life was perfect. He is the Lycan King, powerful and handsome. The only flaw in his life is that, his Luna does not only look ordinary, but also comes from an ordinary family. Her only saving grace is her excellent magic skills that catapulted her to sit beside him. However, he did not expect that his respect for her magic, will turn into lust, and then love. He tries to stop himself from completely falling in love with her, but all is in vain. However, his plans to hurt her only cause him a series of pain. He is about to confess to her that everything is a lie when she chooses to protect everyone and vanish in the process. Her disappearance spirals him into depression and grief, and soon, he is traveling all around the world to search for his Lost Luna. However, when a new competition is held to find a new Luna, Serra reappears. And this time, he vows not to let go of her hand ever again, even if she looks at him with distaste and hatred.

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32 Chapters
Prologue - I've become Hideous
I open my eyes in a dimly lighted room. The thatched roof shows signs of wear and tear. There are wooden cardboard in between the gaps. I can smell blood, bandage, and that unmistakable tartness of alcohol and a wound that’s trying to heal. I scrunch my nose. Even my face is aching. I touch the bed and blanket that I am lying on. Rough, no silks and velvets. Even the pillow is so hard that I am sure I will have a stiff neck if I sleep too long. I prop myself up by my arm. All my muscles are sore and aching. Understandably, I have depleted my magic until it shaves off part of my lifespan. And all for what? For a Kingdom that refuses to accept me? For a husband who can’t love me and even had the gall to cheat on me? And to my in-laws who use me until I am of no use to them anymore! I feel my blood boil in anger. I am foolish and a fucked-up pushover! Finally, sitting up, I groan in pain. I doubt my body will still allow me to use my magic at its best. I doubt Sacrarium will still accep
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Chapter 001 - Preparations
*********** Three years after *********** I am wearing my blue robe with gold embroidery over it. I roll the sleeves back. My hair hangs loosely around my shoulders; it is shorter now since it’s harder to train with long hair. A thin golden chain hangs by my neck with a tiny crystal hanging on it. It was a celebratory gift from Caius as we started our plans. Caius promised that if all goes well, not just a Luna, but I will be the Lycan Queen of Dunkerson Kingdom. Truthfully, Caius said that we needed another year to prepare our plan, but I told him I would rather die trying, than live another day waiting for vengeance for the humiliation done to me! Besides, instead of one year, it has become three years already! And so, I roughly bite on the meat and swallow in anger. We are within the Dunkerson Kingdom. My vengeance is close! Suddenly, Caius chuckles beside me. I glare at him, but he only teases me. “You are eating like a peasant. Maybe that‘s the reason you were cheated on?” I
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Chapter 002 - Return to Dunkerson
A couple of minutes pass before a voice calls out, “Next! Who’s next?!” “It is Hera of the Liddicoat Kingdom,” I answer. “You plan to become a citizen here?” A young man asks with suspicion in his eyes. “Tired of all the vampires there?” “Yes, and maybe,” I answer. “What kind of spell do you use?” “Mostly elemental spells. Potions.” “How about combat?” “Not much.” “What do you mean by ‘not much’? You’re not even carrying any magical weapons!” The guy rolls his eyes and takes notes down on his sheet of paper. “I will let you join, but are you really sure? It will be a crazy competition,” he warns. “You know how popular the Lycan king is. Most female mages want to be the new Luna.” I nod, perfectly knowing how popular Gideon is. He is so popular, in fact, that he will cheat on a wife who’s done nothing but love and serve him. “That’s why there is competition, right? To decide who deserves him.” The man behind the table snickers, “Well, that is, if he will ever be at home for t
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Chapter 003 - First Challenge
I stand in the center of the arena, surrounded by dozens of other competitors. I close my eyes and reminisce about the feeling of standing in this exact spot four years ago. Back when I was gullible and oblivious to the world. However, now, I don’t feel the same jitters and excitement. No more sense of anticipation and trepidation. I open my eyes. On the banners, on the stage in front of us, are the written words ‘Luna Festival Competition’, the same contest that will decide who will be the next Luna for the Lycan King. Then the announcer’s voice booms out from the loudspeakers, which echoes across the arena. “Welcome, audience, judges, and competitors, to the Luna Festival! This year’s competition will be even more spectacular than four years ago! You will be tested in every aspect of your knowledge and skills, from the warrior’s arena to the alchemist’s laboratory. But before we begin, let us remember why we are having this contest: to earn the right to be the next Luna who will s
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Chapter 004 - Lost Luna
There are only fifty remaining participants after the tool invention challenge, and the spectators cheer as usual. I glance around. Lycan King Gideon is in his assigned seat. He is as handsome as ever—dark hair, onyx eyes, and tanned skin—all features that make me so infatuated with him. He looks older now. However, that only makes him more handsome. His shoulders look broader, and he looks more muscular than before. I snort. I wonder who he is physically hurting with those arms and fists? He sits beside Queen Marinella, who seems happy to see her son early. Just the bare minimum, and she is already this happy. She really spoiled him rotten. And then I look at the five women seated behind him. Caius said those are the Lycan King’s current concubines whose only job is to bear him a child since the Luna seat is empty. Three of them are pregnant. He already made a couple of them pregnant, huh? ‘Such a loving husband you are, Gideon.’ Instead of wallowing in that thought, I look aroun
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Chapter 005 - Beloved’s Return
-- Gideon Dunkerson’s POV -- “Serra, my Luna…” I whisper with such heavy feelings. I have been searching for her for over a year. When I lost her, I lost it too. I didn’t know then that losing her would spiral me into an acute grief that would render me invalid. It was not until an old monk suggested traveling and getting away from the place we’d been together that I was able to stand up on my feet again. No, not stand up, but crawl and try to survive. However, it teaches me sympathy, and I gain the courage to search for her. “I didn’t want to be the same average-looking Luna,” she starts, her voice soft. She is what I remembered her to be. “Yet you deny that to me as well.” “I am sorry,” I whisper, and I can’t help but reach up to her cheeks. I caress them, not quite believing that she’s back. Every time I dream, it’s her face that I see. “You really are back….” “Can you still take me as your Luna? Even if I lied? Even if I used glamour to hide myself?” “Oh, Serra,” I whisper. S
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Chapter 006 - Library of Pain
My dreams have always been about the pain of my years of training. I spent an entire year in the Liddicoat’s family house. It is where their family library stands, underneath that big, old house. And there, I scour ancient tomes and scrolls, learning more spells that might come in handy when my quest for revenge starts. In my dream, my fingers will dance over different parchments, tracing the arcane symbols and incantations of long-lost spells. Caius also provided me with seers, monks and alchemists. And because they are being blackmailed by the vampire prince, they are forced to share their techniques with me — all poultices, elixirs and enchantments. But handy techniques and skills are not the only things I peruse. I also worked on my skills of using powerful and potent spells, like that powerful sleeping spell. ‘Revenge is worth any price,’ I will say to motivate myself, when things have become so hard. And then, my dream will transport to an island, where I spent another year o
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Chapter 007 - Bare Minimum
If Gideon is really serious about treating me well, sending his concubines away is the bare minimum. I know that now, but if I were the same Serra as before, this piece of news would have made me very happy. But now, it did nothing to quell my need for revenge. “Children, huh...” I whisper. “We don’t have one...” “We can have one, if you like.” He kneels before me and takes my hands in his again. “When I lost you, I needed to sire heirs, but now that you’re back, we can try again.” It was not so long ago that I was desperate for a child, but now, every thought of it fills me with hatred, remembering how the child in my belly died due to all the stress and pain of being his wife. “I can’t, right now,” I answer in a small voice. “I don’t want my child to get embroiled in an inheritance war, especially with all your other concubines...” He squeezes my hand. “They won’t be!” ‘They?’ Don’t tell me he plans to have more than one child with me?! The thought alone repulses me! “Only you
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Chapter 008 - Trance Breaker
Gideon’s voice breaks me out of my trance and I glance up at him with a small smile. “Thank you, Gideon,” I say. Queen Marinella looks between the two of us with a doubtful expression on her face. “It seems like there is more to your story than meets the eye.” Gideon chuckles lightly and reaches for his glass of wine. “There’s nothing more to say, mother,” he says smoothly. But Queen Marinella doesn’t look convinced. “Well then, how about we play a little game?” she suggests. I feel a knot form in my stomach as I turn to look at her. What kind of game is she talking about? And why does it sound so ominous? “What kind of game?” Gideon asks. “A truth or dare game,” Queen Marinella declares, her eyes still fixed on mine. The thought of the childish game almost makes my heart leap — that is, in its stupidity. Was I really this gullible that she thinks I will reveal all my secrets in such a foolish game? “Okay…” I answer, as soft as possible. Queen Marinella claps her hands togethe
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Chapter 009 - The Kingdom's Fate
I roam the once-familiar corridors and grand halls of the palace. Gideon has sent me an assistant named Claire. She is mid-thirties and is supposed to help me acclimatize to the castle’s inner workings. This castle, the same place where I felt both unimaginable happiness and pain, will be mine soon — or sold, or destroyed. Anything. As long as in the end, Gideon and his family will live like slaves amidst every piece of rock and stone of this castle. As I pass through the different offices and rooms, Gideon’s closest kin watch me as if I am some kind of apparition. Their glances are a mix of curiosity and disdain. Claire then leads me into a room filled with luxurious furniture and paintings adorning the walls. “This is where the King and his Council members hold important meetings and negotiations,” she explains, gesturing towards a large mahogany table in the center of the room. I nod, taking it all in. “These paintings weren’t here before,” I say, pointing at one depicting a ster
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