Chapter 3: An Unforgettable Night

Chapter 3: An Unforgettable Night


Kit brought his hands to his throat, trying to stop the voice that tried to escape his lips. He bit down on his lips to stop it, but a low groan still escaped his mouth before he could stop himself.

It made him feel incredibly embarrassed but he no longer had any control over his own body. What the hell was happening to me?

He was hot…so hot…

He was drenched in sweat with his clothes plastered to his body. His hair was sticking to his forehead and his nape and he wanted to take everything off just so it could help cool him down.

But worst of all…he was hard and so, so turned on that it hurt.

Another moan escaped his lips without his conscious control and he clamped his hand on top of his mouth to stop it.

Tears brimmed from the corners of his eyes as he fought hard to regain control of his body. Why was this happening to him? What did he ever do to deserve this? P’Aun…Khun Thong…he had trusted them…he had simply wanted to find a job to help his sister pay off their debt so they could live a peaceful life in the future without the debtors knocking on their doors every month and threatening them bodily harm.

But in the end…this is how everything had turned out to be.

A flood of hormones hit him as his breath quickened and his body felt like it was burning from the inside out. Kit clenched his thighs together, his stomach in knots as he tried to stop yet another moan from escaping.

“Let it out.” The man from the driver’s seat commanded in a rough, husky voice. “Holding it in will only hurt you more.”

“I-I c-can’t…” Kit wanted to cry in frustration when his voice came out breathless, more of a moan than speech.

Clamping his hands on top of his mouth once again, he curled up on himself in the passenger’s seat, wanting nothing more than this torture to end.

He wasn’t dumb; he knew exactly what was happening. Khun Thong must have mixed in some kind of sexual stimulant into the tea that he had offered him, and even though he had taken only a few sips of the tea, the stimulant must have been strong enough to have made him lose control of his body like this.

If it weren’t for the stranger who had saved him…he didn’t even want to think about what would have happened to him. However, that didn’t make the man any less dangerous.

Kimhan. That’s what he’d heard the man say his name was. And he was a Mafia lord.

Kit was probably in way more danger than he had been with that thug Khun Thong…but for some reason, sitting next to P’Kimhan made him feel safer. Maybe it was the fact that he had saved his life…it was probably the reason why the bloodshed that had happened inside the restaurant still hadn't hit him as hard…or probably because his mind and body were too stimulated to think of anything else.

Whatever the reason, he felt safe with P’Kimhan. And that was why when he brought his car to a stop in the parking of a luxurious apartment complex, he still didn’t feel threatened.

The rain seemed to be unending and as P’Kimhan came over to the passenger’s side to help Kit out of the car, the cool droplets falling onto his overheated skin made him sigh in relief, even if only for a second.

“This way. Be careful.” P’Kimhan helped him up the stairs and into the building with his arms securely wrapped around Kit’s waist. Kit was mess of emotions as he used his hands to cover his front as they went into the elevator.

He didn’t want his sister to see him in this state…that’s why he had chose to come to a stranger’s condo instead of going home to safety. However, he was starting to doubt everything as the drive took him over, making his stomach contract as he doubled over.

“It’s hot…” he groaned, reaching for the buttons of his shirt, but P’Kimhan stopped him.

“Not here.” He said roughly, almost in a warning tone. “Let’s get inside my room first.”

Kit could only nod because his other hand was clutching the front of his pants, wanting desperate release. But he was starting to feel exhausted at the same time as well.

The elevator doors opened then and P’Kimhan all but dragged him out and down the hallway and to the door at the very end before unlocking it pulling them both inside. Kit all but collapsed onto the floor as he heard P’Kimhan shut the door behind them, a moan of desperation mixed with exhaustion escaping his lips.

“You should take a cold shower,” the man crouched down once again to his level, placing his hands on his shoulder. “Come on.”

Maybe it was the fact that Kit was high on the stimulants…or the fact that he had just noticed how handsome Phi really was…or that their faces were so close to each other that their breaths mingled together…

But before he was conscious of what he was doing, he had already reached out with his hands to grab P’Kimhan around the neck as he crashed his lips onto him, feeling the sweetness of relief wash over him for an instant as the rush of adrenaline slowed down, leaving him with a moment’s worth of clarity.

His lips were so soft…that was the first thought that came to Kit’s mind as he deepened the kiss, wrapping his arms firmly around the elder man’s neck. He had no idea men’s lips could be soft as well…especially since he wasn’t used to being kissed by women either.

His lips parted on a soft sigh and Phi used it to his advantage as he inserted his tongue into his mouth, shocking Kit into pausing the kiss. But P’Kimhan knew exactly what he was doing as he coaxed his tongue with his and it wasn’t long before Kit was kissing him back once again, forgetting everything else around him.

When he pulled back from the kiss, he was out of breath and nowhere near sated. He wanted more…he wanted so much more…

“Do you want me to help you?”

Kit looked up into those dark brown eyes in surprise. Help?

Even though his brain wasn’t functioning properly…he knew what he meant when he offered to ‘help’… but as his stomach turned in knots, his length throbbing, staining against his pants… Kit found himself leaning into P’Kimhan’s embrace, laying his chin gently on his shoulders in surrender.

His hands tightened on his jacket as Phi’s hand reached for his belt, unbuckling and pulling down the zipper before slipping one hand inside his pants. His breath caught in his throat as that large hand finally wound around his throbbing length.

“You’re so hard.”

Kit bit down on his lip once again, closing his eyes at the roughness in his voice. He had never been touched there before…not by anyone else. If only he was more conscious of what was happening…if only he had more control over his body…but as Phi’s expert hand began to pump on his shaft, neither too soft, nor too hard…applying just enough pressure that he threw back his head in a moan…everything else began to fade away from his mind, leaving him with pleasure like he had never felt before.

His hot breath fell on Kim’s neck, making him reach out with his free hand to wind his fingers into the soft hair at his nape. He continued to pump him, giving him the release he needed from the stimulants. The boy was hard and he was breathing heavily…he was helping him out of pity…but then why did it turn him on so much when he heard those little moans right next to his ears?

Why did it make Kim want to claim and mark…to possess him like he had no other? He was too young and Kim knew nothing about the boy and yet, here he was…giving him pleasure while letting the boy clutch onto him like his life depended on it.

“I’m going to…” Kit wasn’t able to finish that sentence as he felt his entire body trembled; his stomach contracted and he climaxed into P’Kimhan’s hands with a loud groan, his head buried deep into his neck as the ecstasy of the orgasm rocked through him in waves, making him feel lightheaded.

He’d never felt this way before, not when he had done it to himself. Was it because someone else had touched him for the first time? Was that why it felt so different…so much better?

However, when he finally came down from the high of his orgasm, he found that he was still hard and the effects of the drug had yet to wear off on him.

Phi…” he called out to P’Kimhan in desperation, looking up into his eyes in a daze.

There was desire swirling in his brown eyes and he knew there were no need for words between them at that moment.

Kim pulled his hands out of the boy’s pants and helped him to stand up from the floor. If he was going to do this, it wasn’t going to be here, on the floor, right beside the front door. So he led him into the bedroom only a few feet away and pushed him onto the bed as he took off the jacket and reached for his shirt buttons, getting them undone in record time.

But Kit’s hands were there to assist him as he rose from the bed to help Phi take off his shirt before unbuttoning his own shirt and tossing it to the side of the bed.

And as P’Kimhan got on top of him, lowering himself on top of Kit to capture his mouth in a searing kiss that branded him to the soul, Kit found himself giving in willingly, letting himself drown in the onslaught of sensations for one unforgettable night, his mind only on the man with the softest of lips who had saved his life…and marked him for life.

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