Chapter 30: Keeping Secrets

Chapter 30: Keeping Secrets


“No…because I won’t be staying here much longer.”

Kit, Earth and Ben stared at their friend in surprise and confusion.


Prem looked down at his meal, not answering the others as he continued to stay silent.

The three boys exchanged nervous glances, wondering what this was all about, but not being able to find a reasonable explanation.

“Prem?” Ben finally spoke up. “What did you just say and explain in details what it meant.”

However, Prem shook his head, smiling at his friends like he hadn't said anything at all. “Nothing. You guys must have heard me wrong. Let’s get back now. The bell is about to ring.”

Just as Prem said so, the bell signaling the end of lunch hours, rang loud and clear, all over the university and the four boys got up from the floor, dusting off their garments as they headed back downstairs to attend classes.

Kit however, kept looking at Prem from the corner of his eye and he felt like he could tell almost instinctiv
Anna Kendra

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