Chapter 0002

Evelyn POV

Why was she here? What was she doing here?

I try to meet Reuben’s eyes to get an indication of his emotions at her arrival, but his are locked on the female that seems to be acting flustered at my disturbing them.

Her shiny black hair that was long in the photographs, was now cut into a long stylish bob. She was wearing a very cleavage revealing bright pink top, tight white jeans and pink heels with sparkling gems. Her clothes were nothing like mine and I felt quite ugly in my baggy long black t-shirt and black leggings.

“Oh, you must be Evelyn! It’s nice to finally meet you, I’m like Reuben’s little sister, I am….” She starts a little too excitable for my liking, so I cut her off.

“Vicky!” I say as Vicky continues to hold my gaze until she looks at me, from top to toe, taking me in. If I wasn’t watching her, I think she would have sneered at my appearance. My wolf had a sense of nastiness from her, a coldness that she was born with. Reuben is cold in nature, but my wolf can sense that he is capable of warmth, that he holds it back for some reason. Holds it back because of her.

“I am sorry to have descended like this unannounced, I have come into some difficulties that I knew only Reuben could help with!” She says as she places her hand on my husband’s upper arm, stroking it. I feel sick just watching her touching my husband, the father of the child growing in my tummy.

“I hope you don’t mind me being here, it would be nice to get to know my sister-in-law anyhow!” She says with a smile that doesn’t reach her eyes. Sister-in-law? That’s a bit rich, isn’t it? I’ve seen the photographs, I know what they were to one another.

Reuben refuses to meet my gaze, his eyes remain locked on Vicky. Was he picking up on me being uncomfortable with her sudden appearance.

“Vicky’s pack has been attacked by rogues, she only just made it out alive.” Reuben finally speaks, earning a gasp from me.

“Naturally we will shelter her!” Is he ordering or asking?

“Of course.” I immediately agree, she was lucky to still be alive.

“Where will Vicky stay?” We had a few guest houses available near the borders that I could get the staff to clean instantly.

“She can stay in my old rooms here in the Alpha house!” My heart sinks at his offering to her.

“Oh no I couldn’t possible do that, I’ll just stay in the front guest room.”

I groan internally at her response. She could have offered to stay in the guest houses rather than here in the alpha mansion.

“They are my rooms…” I awkwardly respond, my face turning bright red. She’ll now know that we do not share the alpha rooms together.

“It’s settled then, my old rooms.” He confirms to Vicky with a smile.

“Very good. I’ll ask the catering staff to speak with you regarding your food preferences.” I agree to Reuben’s request, trying to maintain my luna approach.

“You are a star! Thank you, Evelyn.” She too sweetly offers holding her arms out to embrace me. My wolf not wanting to be touched by her, growls internally which results in me taking a sidestep from her. Dodging her embrace.

“I’ll ask the staff to prepare your rooms now.” I nod before hastily exiting the room before Reuben could sense my inner turmoil.

As I exit the office, I leave the door slightly ajar. As I walk away, I hear the soft murmuring and giggling of Vicky’s voice. Were they talking about me? I take a deep breath in, trying to calm my wolf’s jealousy. When I realised something. I was so taken aback by Vicky’s arrival that I didn’t tell Reuben about the baby. I’ll have to keep it quiet for now, until she leaves.


I returned to Noah’s office in the medical centre, he was the only true companion I had after all. I told him that I didn’t get a chance to tell Reuben about the baby because of Vicky making a sudden appearance back into the Red Stone Pack.

If I could just keep the pregnancy a secret for now, surely Vicky wouldn’t be here long, and then I could tell Reuben once she had left. We could plan for our little arrival, just the two of us. It would bring us closer together, I had no doubt in this.

Noah’s reaction to me asking for the pregnancy to remain a secret wasn’t quite what I expected. He became frustrated with me, telling me I needed to tell the Alpha right away. But I had no choice, it just wasn’t the best of timings right now. Reuben needed to help Vicky and, as the luna, I would support him with that.

I was currently in Reuben’s old room helping to prepare it for Vicky. In the two years of living here, I had never entered this room. I had never entered any room I hadn’t been invited into, to me it seemed rude and nosey. Looking around it held more of Reuben’s identity than the alpha room. Having now stepped into this room, it secretly irritated me even more that Vicky was going to stay in it.

“I can’t believe she is back…I can’t believe the Alpha has allowed her to stay.” Candice moans as she disturbs my thoughts.

“Why wouldn’t he?” I ask.

“She was a nightmare. She acted like the Luna when they used to be together. She ordered us around like servants.” She elaborates as she and Michelle change the bed cover.

“Don’t I do that?” I chuckle at her, trying to find some amusement in the situation.

“No Luna, you have a certain way of asking. Not once do we ever feel like we are your servants. But her…ah the she-wolf is evil.”

“Candice!” I reprimand her for speaking out of turn.

“I think what she means Luna is that when Vicky stayed in these rooms before….” Michelle starts to defend Candice but I am more surprised by the new information I am hearing.

“What? She used to stay in these rooms with him?”

“Yes Luna.” Michelle frowns at me.

Not once did Reuben let me stay in his alpha rooms. I had my own rooms, but I was careful to keep up the pretence that these were simply for me to relax in. I didn’t once make it seem that I didn’t sleep every night in Reuben’s bed.

The painful flashback of two month’s ago when he hastily rushed out of his room hits my mind. The disgust on his face as he ran from the room, of me being in his bed. A dizzy spell hits me at the thought and I wobble slightly whilst changing the bedding.

“Luna...are you okay?” Michelle grips my arm and places me down on the edge of the bed.

“Yes, thank you Michelle.” I reply as I take a moment to regain myself.

“There…a prime example. She didn’t even bother to know our names!” Candice scoffs but is cut off by Michelle’s glare and growl.

“I’m sure she won’t be here long. That once Alpha helps her back on her feet she’ll be gone. Just try and be patient with her, she’s been through a lot.” I try to calm Candice down.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if she was responsible for her pack’s destruction…”

“Candice!” I growl at her, but it is too late. Vicky enters the room. I look to Candice and Michelle who both stare back at Vicky, Candice slightly adding a smirk. I’m certain Vicky must have heard, but if she did, she was pretending she didn’t.

“Please continue to prepare the room!” I command at them both, and they simply nod at me in confirmation.

As I leave the room, Vicky touches my elbow to hold me back.

“Evelyn, I wonder if we could talk about something? In private?” She smiles at me, but I don’t miss the backward glare she gives Candice. Once she has finished scowling at the two staff members preparing her room, its as if she remembers I am watching her and a smile reappears back on her face.

“Of course Vicky.” I respond but dread spending any more time with this she-wolf than I had to.

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goodnovel comment avatar
Evelyn is not to bright if she really thinks that is his sister (gross) she is his lover and mistress who he is cheating with. Reuben wolf must not care about his mate
goodnovel comment avatar
If Vicky is love why isn’t she with him. Hopefully Reuben gets his cheating karma as Vicky will also to. He doesn’t deserve his twins to be his. Evelyn should find a lover maybe Noah it’s only fair
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Gina Rautenbach
Why in the f is she helping make up this cow’s room

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