Chapter 0317

Hey all,

Thank you so much for your love for this book.

I’ve decided to carry on the story slightly with a book about Pierce and Libby (I can hear you shout at me 😂😂).

Libby is a complex character and I fancy the challenge of showing her side of the story.

I will continue with Reuben and Evelyn as well - they will both feature heavily in the next book, which won’t be as long.

Then I’ll move on to the children.

I have other work in the pipeline which are apart from this series so make sure to follow me on goodnovel and social media for new book launches.

It’s been a pleasure sharing this story with you and thank you for all your sweet comments, direct messages, likes and most importantly…those gems 💎 xx

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This was an excellent book till the end then It fell disappointingly flat on the last chapter which left the end hanging. Now wishing I hadn’t bothered reading as I abhor flat endings. Needs better closure.
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I don’t care about Libby so much I want to know what was happening to the King
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PLEASE give us the next book. Can’t wait.

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