The Long Lost Love

The Long Lost Love

By:  Violet Evergarden  Completed
Language: English
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Have you ever thought, what would you do if you meet back with your first love after separated for years and suddenly you were about to marry your own childhood crush because of some unexpected event?.."Asher, did you have any girlfriend right now?” Richard asks making Asher who just drinks his juice suddenly choked a bit."Uh..” he wants to say no. But it feels like he had one. Even though he never said anything to Hyejin Kim, but their relationship more likely looks like a couple.“What happens actually? Andy asks again."Our daughter, the bride for tomorrow has been run away to find the groom that also has been run away." Hai Rin finally spill out the situation they're facing right now"Adrian already married a few years ago, I only had two daughters left. One already run away, so the only choice I have is..” He turns to look at Athena again.Athena knows what his father meant, she bit her bottom of lips.' just for helping my family. Nothing could go wrong from doing a good deed.’ she tries to calm her heart right now.Athena finally nod. "I'm ready, dad.” "One side is settled, now the problem is...where do I find the groom?" Richard finally let out his worries.

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131 Chapters
1: The Happiest Woman In The World
Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!Click!Asher turns off the alarm using his right hand. He sits up on the bed while rubbing his eyes, and after a few seconds, he removes the comforter from his laps before he goes to the bathroom.After he washed his face, he went to do his morning exercise, sitting up and pushing up. While he was in his gym, exercising, his phone kept rang for quite long, and after a few minutes, the call was transferred to the voicemail log.He focused on running on the treadmill when his father said through the phone, he already linked to the speaker mode whenever the call goes to the voicemail log."Hey, Ash, it's me, your dad. Tomorrow, we will be going to Imperial City. You should join us too. After all, it's uncle Lee's daughter's wedding day."Upon hearing the news, he immediately stops running. He turns off the treadmill, takes his face towel, and wipe his sweats away from his neck while listening to the voicemail."Rachael can't join us tomorrow, and so I want you to c
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2: Where Do I Find The Groom?
After a few hours of flight, they finally arrive at the Imperial City around dusk.From the Lee airbase, they went straight to Lee's Mansion at the front of the mountain area. Lee mansion is located in one colossal mountain with complete facilities like a private airstrip jet, maid house, private lake, and lawn. They even have substantial other areas that are still have not been explored yet.His father used to be a private butler for President Lee and his wife before he married his mother. That is why his father so eager to go to uncle Lee's daughter's wedding ceremony.Uncle Lee's daughters and son are also his childhood friend ever since he was 5 years old until he's 17 years old, and they all are somewhat had a little bond by blood. Except for him. He's totally a stranger. His is an orphan baby that his mother, Hazel, took care of him since then.He was raised up by his grandfather Andrei until he was 5 years old, and after that, he was raised and trained by his adopted father's da
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3: Hey! That's My First Kiss.
"Now, one side is settled, but another problem is..where do I find the groom?" Richard finally let out his worries. Sighing, he took out his phone."I'm gonna call Zayne asking him to return back to Imperial right now.""Wait, Richard, he can't make it. It took at least 15 hours to arrive, while we only have at least 8 hours before the ceremony start tomorrow." Hai Rin turns to his husband.Andy feels a bit sorry for his friend's condition. He then looks at Asher. The man seems composed as ever. He turns to look at his wife after that.Hazel is also looking at Asher. Feeling a bit uneasy with his father and mother keep looking at him, he sighed."Ahem, Uncle Lee, if you want, I can help you out. But I can't promise you to be Athena's forever husband."The three of them turn to look at him. Now all the eyes fixed on him."That's okay. It just for tomorrow's event. After you sign the marriage certificate, you both can decide what you guys are going to do later." Richard said, and Asher n
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4: Want To Divorce Me, Right Now?
After the ceremony, Athena returns back to her room. Change her attire, she went to the bathroom afterward and took a bath.While Asher also went to his guest room, took out the divorce papers, and went to Athena's room. He knocks on the door, but there's no answer from the inside. Just when he wants to go to the living hall, one of the men guarding the floor opens the door for him. The one who opened the door for him is one of the butlers in this huge mansion.Seeing inside Athena's room, he was amazed that the place was stunning with the art collection hanging in her room. All the painting is painted by the painter who is so mysterious. Known by the name of the goddess, Nike.He is one of Nike's fan art. Rumor said that she is a disabled person who worked on the painting to earn a living. Some people said that she is actually a goddess looking girl. She doesn't like to be known to the public, so she went with the pseudonym.He scrunched his eyebrow a bit and looked at the art one by
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5: Let's Start Again.
He scrolls his mouse and finds Zayne's picture below the article. A young man who looks like a mixed-blood standing at the airport wearing casual clothes. His smile is quite refreshing to girls' eyes. Yes, he had a good looking face and figured too, just like him.Asher starts to dig more about him, his company, and his identity. He won a noble prize as the youngest billionaire when he was just 18 years old. He built his own company when he was only 16, start with the small business and the innovation he created that is now used worldwide.Zayne was stated as an aloof guy and didn't like to show up in public if it's not too important. Never had any scandal issue and very clean from the bribery records.He feels a bit challenging by seeing Zayne's achievement at such a young age; he scrolls down his mouse until it stops at one picture of him with a girl at the top of the building.Even though the girl only showing her back, he still could figure out who is she. The tag on the picture is
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6: Together, They Look Perfect
After she was calm a bit, Zayne releases her from his embrace, and he's rummaging his backpack after that."Umm, Athena. Here. I want you to look at this." he gives her a see-through tablet."What is this?""Inside is the file that I already compile. It's everything about him for the past 11 years since last you sees him. The information is in there. Do read it when you have time.""Huh? But why?" Athena tilts her head a bit.Zayne smiles and caresses her cheek softly."If you want to protect your marriages, start learning about your husband. He did the same to you. Since I always cover up your trace and identity, he never gets any info about you. Then, he did try to peek at mine. Luckily he's not that good with the hacking skill. So hmm. I do give him a little surprise, though." he grins.Athena was surprised when she heard that Asher try to find out her true identity. She then asks Zayne, "So did he find anything?""No. But that guy did find our picture at the tower watching the sunr
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7: Athena Will Be There Too
Imperial International Airport.Hyejin fans and many media teams have been waiting at the entrance since the morning for their arrival. Once they landed, Asher put on his silver sunglasses. At the same time, Hyejin also wears her pinkish sunglasses together with a faux fur beanie hat.Asher already hires a group bodyguard to protect them and help them make a path from getting ambushed by the fans. When they start to walk inside the airport, a vast commotion can be heard, and loud screaming and shouting of Hyejin's name also can be heard.Hyejin's smiling, friendly to her fans. She also gives a few signatures to her fans. Behind her is Asher and her manager, Eng Suk Chin. Both of them are already used to this kind of scenery.The picture of them starts to spread out through the entire nation like a fire. A lot of photos with a lot of angles make them have a lot of speculation too.Some of the fans are saying that Asher was there to support his girlfriend. While some fans are saying that
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8: Don't Hug My Princess Like She's Your Girlfriend
Inside Athena's house, she was watching the concert. When the camera starts to show Asher's face, and suddenly a bouquet of rose comes out from backstage, she closes her eyes. Her heart feels hurt just by seeing those moments.She leaned her head to the couch."Don't watch it if you can't take it." Zayne takes the remote control and turns it off.He then slumped beside her and passed her a glass of warm milk.She still froze at her seat without taking the glass from him."Do you want that flower really badly?" he asks and put down the glass on the table.Athena still didn't reply to Zayne's question."Okay..wait here, I call my gardener to pluck the rose from my garden. It's a high quality rose, you know.." he took out his phone from his pocket.When he wants to bring the phone to his ear, Athena immediately grab her hand and turns off his phone.Take the glass on the table, she drinks the milk that he prepared for her."Your rose is too precious to give it to me, Z."Grinning, he said
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9: Wanna Be My Trainer?
Asher eyes still gazing at Athena for some time before Hyejin hold his hand and led him to take a seat. He follows Hyejin to the bench."So, since we have eight people here, how about we split into two groups?" Yu Zhin suggestion makes all of them turn to look at each other.When Athena's eye met with Asher, she immediately lowered her gaze a little."Okay." Adrian and Zayne said while others nod in agreement."So, team up now."Yu Zhin, Yu Luan, Asher, and Hyejin in one group, while Adrian, Athena, Zayne, and Zenith, also in one group."So, the defeated group will pay for lunch today, agree?"All of them nod their head, agree with the term. "Okay. Let's start now."The first group is Yu Zhin's group. Starting with Yu Zhin. He was quite good at the shooting.Bang! Bang! Bang!"9,8,9" the system count and display it on the screen.Adrian's smirking a bit. "Heh..not bad."He takes his gun and put the earmuff to cover his ear.Bang! Bang! Bang!"9,9,8"Athena's clapping her hands, rejoici
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10: Girls Like You
After having lunch, they go to the archery field, and after that, they went for a bowling game. Chatting about work, life, and all sort of trivial matters that happen to them in eleven years, they part ways.While Zayne and Athena keep sitting close together. They are not a talker person, thus both of them mostly in their own world with their own talk."So, Athena, when will you guys going to get married?" Hyejin asks with a smile on her face. She was referring to Zayne.Athena almost chock on her mineral. She coughs a little, and Zayne pats her back softly."Er, well..""I see you guys so close together—such a romantic couple. You guys have been dating for years, right? Why still not settled it down?" she asks again with a happy tone.Looking at her face, Zayne asks her back. "What about you? I've heard the rumor saying you have been in a relationship with Asher for years too. Why don't you guys settle it down?"This time, Asher was the one who's been struck by the question. He turns
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