Your Future Queen

Leondre's POV

After Dan finished telling me what that woman did to my mate, I was fuming with anger. I went to Amos's office and demanded justice for Ana. I won't let anyone hurt her without any consequence.

"Who do you think you are barging in here like that again?" He demands, his fist clenched

"I am your King. Someone attacked my mate, and I want them punished now," I demand from him. He looks startled and takes a step back.

"Who hurt her?"

"Find out, and I want to hear her screams," I say, leaving the office after he nods. I don't immediately go to my mate. I decide to do some work that I have been putting off, however, I can't seem to get the picture of how I found my mate out of my head. She has endured so much at the hands of everyone here.

'She's a fighter,' says my Lycan. Indeed, that she is.

I allowed myself to smile while I picked up my phone to call my sister.

"Hello, Leon," My little sister Arya greets.


We exchanged pleasantries before announcing to her I foun
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Roxanne Wills
It’s the very last sentence of the previous chapter
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Golden Festus
amazing content
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lovely story

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