#Chapter 6 - Celebration


Atwood doesn’t reply.

There is a knock on the door, and Atwood calls for them to come in.

An older, middle-aged woman with salt-and-pepper gray hair pulled back into a tight bun walks in as though she is floating. She wears a long gray dress with a pristine white apron, and shiny black shoes. Atwood turns to look at her and she bows to him, then nods politely to me.

“Ah, perfect timing,” Atwood says with an uncharacteristic smile. “Ruby, this is the head housekeeper, Alice. She will be entirely responsible for you and your sister. Whatever you need, just ask Alice.”

Alice nods her head to me again. “Lovely to meet you, Miss Ruby,” she says.

There is something cold and calculating about this woman. Despite her cordial appearance in front of Atwood, I can tell that she doesn’t like me. There’s a hint of anger and coldness behind her eyes as she looks at me.

Once we’ve finished our greetings, Atwood dismisses me to go and prepare to see the doctor.

I meander back toward Atwood’s cha
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Janine Foster
I’m super confused. How did Ruby and Tamara get injured? What story about a wild dog? She’s running through the woods, gets in the King’s car, taken back to the palace and suddenly she is injured?

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