The Lycan's Runaway Bride

The Lycan's Runaway Bride

By:  Eve Above Story  Completed
Language: English
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How does it feel, then, to be kissed by an unlovable brute?——I find it amusing that I didn't even have to track down my runaway bride. She simply climbed into my car, completely oblivious to the fact that I am the man she was running away from. I could catch her. Hunting women down is the last thing I want to be doing, truly. I mean Ruby no harm, even though she unknowingly said some awful, untrue things about me in the car. In time, she’ll learn that those things aren’t true. I’m not like my parents. Still, I have no choice but to marry this girl. She’s barely eighteen, three years younger than me, but it’s fate. All of this mess started about a month ago.

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100 Chapters
#Chapter 1 -Runaway
RubyMy heart pounds as I run through the dark forest.I’m not even nineteen yet, still a high school student, but I’ve been forced into a marriage to a man who I haven’t even met, and I don’t even know why.The Lycan King.When the King’s men came to me two weeks ago and told me that I would be married to the King, I was completely distraught.Any girl would feel lucky to be married to the Lycan King, although I feel far from lucky. In my eyes, the Lycan King is a brute, an unlovable man whose family only ever cared for killing all of the hybrids such as myself.The Lycan King is rumored to be ferocious, caring only for his arrogant family’s obsession with purebred wolves and killing all hybrids. I knew as soon as I saw my vision that if I were to marry the Lycan King, he would put my darling sister, Tamara, to death, because she is too human to survive in the werewolf world. There’s no way I could be this brute’s mate, either; we’ve never even met, and everyone knows that wolves ne
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#Chapter 2 - Curse
Atwood I find it amusing that I didn’t even have to track down my runaway bride. She simply climbed into my car, completely oblivious to the fact that I am the man she was running away from. I admit, I didn’t believe her story about her grandmother. Her story about the wedding gown and the wild dog was laughable, but I kept it to myself. It wouldn’t hurt to take her where she wanted to go just in case she was telling the truth about her sick grandmother, and besides, we could catch her if she tried to make another run for it. I could catch her. Hunting women down is the last thing I want to be doing, truly. I mean Ruby no harm, even though she unknowingly said some awful, untrue things about me in the car. In time, she’ll learn that those things aren’t true. I’m not like my parents. Still, I have no choice but to marry this girl. She’s barely nineteen, three years younger than me, but it’s fate. All of this mess started about a month ago. I was sitting in my study one morning
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#Chapter 3 - Go to Palace
Ruby I look up at the King and his henchmen. The King shakes his head and gestures for his henchman to rise, then hands Tamara to him. I begin to cry out in protest, but the King simply raises a finger to me and I am silent. “Your sister will be taken care of,” he says softly, then walks toward me. I scamper back further into the corner and raise my hands in defense, prepared for the King to beat me. But he doesn’t. He crouches in front of me and gently takes my hands in his, pressing my fingers to his lips and looking into my eyes. I can feel myself tingle at his touch, but I am unsure as to whether the sensation is fear or excitement -- perhaps both. Although I would let him kiss my hands forever, there is still a part of me that fears him, so I pull my hands away. The King drops his gaze, looking defeated. “Your sister,” he says after a pause. “She smells like a human.” “She’s a hybrid, isn’t she?” he asks. I nod nervously. His scent, so close to me now, fills my senses and
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#Chapter 4 - Nightmare
My dreams are full of horrible visions. Blood covers my body. Tamara’s sweet little face in front of me, so close I can reach out and touch her cheek, but then suddenly she is far away at the end of a long, dark tunnel. “Ruby!” she screams. “Help me!” I’m running through the tunnel as fast as I can, but she only gets further away until I can no longer see or hear her. I spin around, looking for an exit, but when I turn around, there is only a brick wall behind me. I turn back toward where I was just facing. Another wall. I’m trapped. The walls come closer, squeezing me. I look up to see the moon far above me. It’s full, and I can hear the howls of wolves. I try to howl too, to call for them to help, but no sound comes out. When I wake, I’m covered in sweat. Where am I? The room is dark, lit only by a couple of candles on the bedside table and a fire burning in the fireplace. I can smell Atwood. A cold hand touches my forehead, and I flinch. As I flinch, pain shoots up my
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#Chapter 5 - Princess
Ruby I’m not sure exactly what time it is when I wake up, but when I finally come out of my dreams and open my eyes, there is sun shining through the large window to Atwood’s chambers. I yawn and roll over to shield my eyes from the bright sun and stretch, extending my arms above my head and flexing my feet. As my half-open eyes scan the room looking for a clock, I finally find one sitting on the mantle and jump up when I see that it’s already three o’clock. How did I sleep for so long? I throw the covers off of myself and swing my legs over the side of the bed, jumping up. I’m not sure why I feel the need to rush myself out of bed, but truth be told, I feel great There is a soft, purple velvet housecoat laid across the chaise waiting for me. I slip it on over my nightgown -- not taking a moment to consider how Atwood or whoever else had been able to even put me in a nightgown when I was passed out -- and take a second to relish in the feeling of the luxurious fabric on my skin.
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#Chapter 6 - Celebration
RubyAtwood doesn’t reply.There is a knock on the door, and Atwood calls for them to come in.An older, middle-aged woman with salt-and-pepper gray hair pulled back into a tight bun walks in as though she is floating. She wears a long gray dress with a pristine white apron, and shiny black shoes. Atwood turns to look at her and she bows to him, then nods politely to me.“Ah, perfect timing,” Atwood says with an uncharacteristic smile. “Ruby, this is the head housekeeper, Alice. She will be entirely responsible for you and your sister. Whatever you need, just ask Alice.”Alice nods her head to me again. “Lovely to meet you, Miss Ruby,” she says.There is something cold and calculating about this woman. Despite her cordial appearance in front of Atwood, I can tell that she doesn’t like me. There’s a hint of anger and coldness behind her eyes as she looks at me.Once we’ve finished our greetings, Atwood dismisses me to go and prepare to see the doctor.I meander back toward Atwood’s cha
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#Chapter 7 - Time for school
Ruby At 6:00 a.m. sharp, I am awoken by the curtains being opened to let in bright sunlight that hurts my eyes. I groan and squint against the harsh light, dazed by this unceremonious wake up call. “Time for school, princess,” Alice says, yanking the blankets off of me to expose my body to the chill of the room. I groan again and shiver, sitting up. “You couldn’t be a little nicer about it?” I grumble under my breath as Alice scurries off to the closet. I’m not sure if she heard me, but if she did, she’s not showing it. I look over to Atwood’s side of the bed to see that he isn’t there. In fact, the blankets on his side are still tucked in neatly, as though he never got in bed in the first place. Come to think of it, I don’t remember him ever coming to bed last night. Maybe he’s busy, or waiting for my birthday to become close to me again. Part of me worries that maybe he’s waiting to see if my wolf will appear before he consummates our relationship. What would happen if my wolf n
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#Chapter 8 - New Friend
Ruby Still in deep thought about my visions, I locate my locker and attempt to open it. There’s no combination lock. I rifle through my bookbag to see if maybe Alice slipped a key in there for me, but there’s nothing except a notebook, a pencil case, and a pouch of toiletries. Inside the pouch is only a hair comb, a makeup compact, and… diet pills. I roll my eyes and zip the pouch back up again, planning to dump the pills down the toilet the next time I go to the bathroom. How the hell am I supposed to get this locker open with no combination or key? Just then, the plump girl from before returns to me and smiles. “Thank you,” she says. “I don’t know what Mrs. Acker would have done if I forgot to turn in my homework again… How did you know that, anyway?” I shrug, not wanting to give away my vision. “It’s no big deal. Don’t worry about it.” “Oh, okay,” she says. She turns toward my locker. “Is this your locker?” “Yeah. I think so.” “Oh, cool! You’re right next to me.” The p
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#Chapter 9 - Training
Ruby “Who is he?” I ask, looking over my shoulder to see that the handsome boy has disappeared in the throng of students. “That’s Earl,” Nancy replies. “He’s a top student, president of the student council, and he’s the speaker of the school opening ceremony every year. He’s basically the idol of all the girls in the school.” “Hmm…” I mutter, still looking over my shoulder and wondering about the handsome boy as well as what may have happened to my navigator. What Nancy said about the headmaster flashes through my mind, but I decide that that’s just a silly rumor and nothing to really worry about. My thought is broken again by someone else bumping into me and cursing at me angrily. I stumble into Nancy, who catches me and helps me regain my balance. “You really should get a new uniform,” she says. “They’re only a couple thousand dollars.” My eyes widen. “A couple… thousand?” That’s more than double my entire monthly salary that I used to make waiting tables in my old pack. Nanc
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#Chapter 10 - Discipline
Ruby My face burns a deep scarlet red as I stand in the middle of the training field with all of the students and Atwood glaring at me. Atwood clears his throat. I can tell that he’s attempting to compose himself, but I can see the anger behind his eyes and the way that his fists ball up at his sides. “Miss Ruby,” he says. “Late on your first day of transfer, and no uniform.” He makes a tsk sound with his tongue. It feels as though he’s trying to hide the fact that I’m his mate from the other students. Finally, he manages a cordial smile and addresses the rest of the students. “Thank you for coming to the first day of training,” he says. “Let’s kick off this school year on a high note. If everyone could please line up at the base line, we’ll begin with some stretches to warm our bodies up.” The students obediently line up on the white line. I go to follow and stand next to Nancy, who gives me a sympathetic smile. Atwood gives instructions to all of us to begin stretching. He wal
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