Chapter 6

Nadine swiped at her phone and groaned. Who knew finding a lycanthrope could be so hard? 

At first, she had lurked the streets and alleys looking for any human that acted suspiciously like a lycanthrope and had found nothing.

Then she had resorted to the searching the internet. All she had found were lycanthrope cosplayers, role players and enthusiasts. Yuck!

Even the dark Web had yielded no such luck. An ad popped up on her phone and she was about to remove it when she saw that it was for a dating app. Immediately, an idea hit her.

Nadine downloaded a popular dating app and created a profile. Uploading a very sexy picture of herself, she updated her bio saying that she loved lycanthropes. Then, she waited for someone to text her.

Nadine figured that lycanthropes also used dating apps. One would hit her up, then she'd bring him back and force him to talk.

Two hours later, her phone dinged. Nadine checked it and saw that she had received a text. She clicked on the man's profile.

The picture showed a really hairy man with a prominent unibrow. His profile name was 'Lycan Throb'. Obviously, that was a play on lycanthrope. For some reason, Nadine thought that the man was a real lycanthrope.

Immediately, she replied his texts eagerly and they decided to meet at a nearby dive bar.

Nadine set her phone down and smirked, this lycanthrope hunting thing was pretty easy.

*  *  *

Nadine looked vamp in a barely there red leather dress with a plunging neckline and three-inch stiletto high heels. She applied extra makeup and giving herself a smile in the mirror, stepped out, adrenaline gushing through her body at the prospect of hunting.

When she got to the dive bar, Nadine received catcalls and looks of appreciation from most of the men, and some of the women.

She made her way through the dance floor and went to the bar where some man was sitting, drinking a bottle of beer.

“Hi, are you Lycan?” Nadine asked with what she hoped was a sexy voice.

The man turned and grinned at her and Nadine 's first thought was that he was more hairy in real life.

“Yes, I'm Lycan. You must be Nadine.” He said, “You look more beautiful in real life.”

Nadine smiled. Lycan called the barman and asked for another bottle of beer for Nadine.

How domineering, Nadine thought. He hadn't even asked her what she wanted.

A cold bottle of beer was placed in front of Nadine. Nadine took a sip and thanked Lycan who was busy leering at her breasts.

“So, Lycan. Tell me about yourself.” Nadine cooed.

“Oh, I'm a stuntsman.” He said.

“Any movie I've watched?” Nadine asked.

“No. I don't think so.” Again, Lycan was talking to her breasts.

“So what else do you do?” Nadine asked.

“Oh, some nocturnal activities.” Lycan waggled his eyebrows at her.

“Like what?” Nadine felt she was getting warm.

“Shapeshifting, of course. I'm a werewolf.” Lycan growled. Nadine wondered if that was meant to be sexy because if it was, he was failing woefully.

“Let's dance.” Lycan said, holding his hand out to her. Nadine gave him a smile and put her hand in his, noting how callused his palms were.

While they were dancing, Lycan took to pawing her, making sure that his hand always brushed against her breasts and ass.

Nadine gritted her teeth and decided that the charade had gone on for too long.

“Do you want to come over to my place?” Nadine whispered into his ear.

Lycan gave a toothy grin that revealed his conspicuous canines, “By all means.”

*  *  *

When Nadine and Lycan got to her apartment, without any preamble, he descended on her, fusing his lips with hers.

Nadine cringed at his sloppy kiss and tried to withdraw but he was having none of that and intimately pressed her to his erection.

“Lycaaaaaaan.” Nadine said provocatively as she managed to extricate herself from his embrace.

“What is it?” Lycan asked impatiently.

“Not here. Let's go to my bedroom.” Nadine said, drawing him along.

When they got to her bedroom, Nadine helped him remove his shirt. She inwardly cringed at the huge mass of hair spanning his chest and his abdomen.

Smiling, Nadine pushed Lycan to the bed before following him down. From the drawer at her bedside, Nadine brought out two pairs of handcuffs.

“Oooooh, this just keeps getting better and better.” Lycan laughed as Nadine handcuffed him to the bedposts.

“I like putting on my uniform first.” Nadine said as she left him.

“You can put it on here. I like to watch.” Lycan said. Of course he did, the perv.

“It's a surprise.” Nadine said as she disappeared into her bathroom.

*  *   *

“Fuck! You look good!” Lycan growled when Nadine came out. Inwardly, he thought her dressing in armor like some sort of medieval warrior and wielding an honest to goodness sword was lame but he had come here for a piece of ass and he was not going to mess that up.

“I'm glad you like it.” Nadine said as she straddled him, making sure he couldn't move his legs.

She put the sword to his adam's apple.

“What's going on?” Lycan asked, sensing that all was not well.

“I need you to answer my questions.” Nadine said coldly, pressing the sword against his skin, “Or this will be your last hour on earth.”

Lycan began to fret and struggle but Nadine put an end to that by nicking his throat.

“Arrrgh! What do you want?” he shouted with pain.

Nadine brought out her phone and pulled up a picture of Dave. “Have you seen this man?”

“No, no, never.” Lycan said, shaking his head.

“So your pack didn't kidnap him?” Nadine asked.

Lycan looked confused, “Hell, lady what are you talking about?”

“Don't play smart with me!” cautioned Nadine, “I know you're a lycanthrope.”

At that, Lycan burst out laughing, “You're deluded lady! Lycanthropes aren't real! This is just a shtick I use to get laid regularly. Ladies love the whole werewolf persona. Honestly, being this hairy itches, sometimes.” Lycan said.

Nadine blushed. Here she was thinking that she was making real progress, not knowing that she had been fooled by a wanna be.

She unlocked his cuffs and got off of him, “Get out.” She said.

“But we haven't—” 

“I said leave!” Nadine brandished her sword.

Lycan ran out, leaving his shirt behind. Nadine sighed as she removed her armor. What a wasted night. So much for lycanthrope hunting.

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