Chapter 41

Nadine wished she would die. Since Jonathan had first pricked her skin, he'd been at it nonstop. He'd used the scalpel to inscribe the word 'Devil' just above her breast repeatedly, he'd cut open her abdomen crudely, and had taken out her appendix.

While he'd been at it, Nadine hadn't felt any pain. When Jonathan had seen that her heart was about to give out, he'd injected the antidote to the Neuromuscular Blocking Agent.

Nadine's breathing had stabilized just as the pain Jonathan had inflicted on her shot up to her brain, causing her to cry and shout incessantly, before the injuries began to heal rapidly, thanks to her being a lycanthrope. 

It had been like that ever since. Jonathan would paralyze her, experiment with her, leave her to heal, before beginning the process anew.

“Please! Let me die!” Nadine begged Jonathan. She didn't mind begging him. She'd lost her pride long ago, after she'd peed herself.

Jonathan grinned, feeling

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