The Lycanthrope Huntress

The Lycanthrope Huntress

By:  Roman  Completed
Language: English
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Nadine Long is a High School English teacher whose boyfriend, Dave suddenly disappears. When the police isn't able to make any headway in the case, she decides to investigate on her own. This leads her to discover that he has been captured by werewolf-like creatures called lycanthropes.Nadine vows to do anything to get her boyfriend back, even if it means hunting, killing and occasionally sleeping with the lycanthropes.

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42 Chapters
Chapter 1
Nadine Long heaved a sigh of relief as school let out. She loved being an English teacher at the local high school but sometimes, her students could be tiring.She was even more elated by the prospect of going to spend the weekend with Dave; her boyfriend. She called him."Hi, babe." She said when he picked up."Hi, Nadine." He replied cheerfully."I just wanted to remind you that I'm coming over with some lingerie I bought some days ago. We could play again." Nadine said seductively.Dave groaned and she laughed. Dave was so enamored by werewolves that he read books and watched movies about them. His fetish involved dressing in a werewolf mask and pretending to be one who had dragged Nadine off to his cave to pillage her. Personally, Nadine thought it was hogwash. Everyone knew that werewolves didn't exist. But she never said anything because Dave was better in bed whenever he got into his werewolf persona."So, what are you doing now?" Nadine asked Dave."Just applying some hair loti
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Chapter 2
Nadine marveled at the building that housed Madam Yvonne's office? Shrine? It also housed a toy shop, a Thai restaurant and a law chambers. Nadine steeled herself and got out of the car. She got to the beaded curtains that stood for a door and said, "Hello.""State your purpose here." Said a sweetly feminine voice from inside."I'm here to see Madam Yvonne." Nadine said, rolling her eyes."Then by all means, enter." The voice said.Nadine gingerly stepped in, and the sight before her astonished her. The room was dimly illuminated by what looked like hundreds of candles. Talismans, charms, masks and statuettes littered everywhere. She saw a black woman who presented only her profile, sipping what would seem like a cup of tea."Are you Madam Yvonne?" Nadine asked.The woman replied, "Yes." She dropped her cup on a table and turned to face Nadine fully. Nadine saw that the other side of her face had a long thin scar that started below her left eye and ended at her chin."Come here." Yvon
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Chapter 3
"You mean a werewolf?" Nadine asked, cocking an eyebrow. And to think that for a moment, she'd begun to believe Madam Yvonne."They do not appreciate that name." Madam Yvonne warned."You expect me to believe in werewolves? What am I? Seventeen?" Nadine knew many of her students who were obsessed with vampires and werewolves."My dear, not everyone who looks human is human. Many creatures are out there under the veneer of human flesh." Madam Yvonne said ominously."Even if what you're saying is true-""It is." Madam Yvonne interrupted."There is no way I can go to the police with this. They already consider me a laughing stock." Nadine said."You'd be surprised." Madam Yvonne muttered under her breath."What did you say?" Nadine asked."I said that you don't have to wait for the police. If you want to find your boyfriend, you need to do this yourself." Madam Yvonne said."How? I'm in uncharted waters here." Nadine complained."I could help you." Madam Yvonne smiled.Immediately, Nadine
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Chapter 4
Nadine watched as Madam Yvonne poured tea for her. An onlooker would think that she was in Madam Yvonne's shop for some gossip and tea, not knowing that Nadine was there to receive advice on how to become a lycanthrope huntress."Sugar?" Madam Yvonne asked jovially. Nadine nodded and she was given two cubes.Madam Yvonne took a sip of her brew which she took with sugar and exhaled. "This is good! Chamomile is my best kind of tea.""Now let's get down to business." Madam Yvonne said sternly, "You have to come to terms with the fact that you might have to kill a few lycanthropes. Do you have enough balls for that?" She asked.Nadine thought for a moment before she nodded, "Anything to save Dave.""Good. Now, the books I gave you are mix of fact and fiction. Luckily for you, I've had prior dealings with lycanthropes so I can tell you a few things about them. Firstly, lycanthropes are pack creatures. That means they travel in groups of 7 to 15 and are led by an Alpha, who makes most of the
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Chapter 5
Nadine dodged the lycanthrope as it landed on the other side of the room. She rubbed her eyes with her hands, not understanding what was happening, "You lied to me all along. You were a lycanthrope!" She accused Madam Yvonne.The lycanthrope laughed, "Don't kid yourself. I put a hallucinogen in your tea. I'm still the same old me, although your brain is telling you different." She said, lounging for Nadine again.Nadine ducked. "You won't evade me forever. At sometime, you'll have to fight back." Madam Yvonne taunted.Nadine shook her head, "I don't want to hurt you.""But you must, if you want to prove yourself." Madam Yvonne said, as she pounced on Nadine. This time, she hit her target and knocked Nadine over.Nadine used her hands to stop the lycanthrope from sinking its teeth into her. Nadine noticed that the lycanthrope was like a human sized wolf. She felt the strength that lay in its muscles and marveled. Nadine heaved and threw the lycanthrope o
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Chapter 6
Nadine swiped at her phone and groaned. Who knew finding a lycanthrope could be so hard? At first, she had lurked the streets and alleys looking for any human that acted suspiciously like a lycanthrope and had found nothing.Then she had resorted to the searching the internet. All she had found were lycanthrope cosplayers, role players and enthusiasts. Yuck!Even the dark Web had yielded no such luck. An ad popped up on her phone and she was about to remove it when she saw that it was for a dating app. Immediately, an idea hit her.Nadine downloaded a popular dating app and created a profile. Uploading a very sexy picture of herself, she updated her bio saying that she loved lycanthropes. Then, she waited for someone to text her.Nadine figured that lycanthropes also used dating apps. One would hit her up, then she'd bring him back and force him to talk.Two hours later, her phone dinged. Nadine checked it and saw that she had received a text. She clicked on the man's profile.The pic
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Chapter 7
Nadine let herself into Madam Yvonne's shop, “You called me.” She said as she sat down on one of the wicker chairs.“Yes.” Madam Yvonne said pouring some tea into two cups. She brought them over to where Nadine was, and offered a cup to her.“No, thanks.” Said Nadine, as she remembered what happened the last time she drank Madam Yvonne's tea.“You sure? It's really good.” Madam Yvonne asked as she sipped hers and let out a moan of relish.Nadine shook her head. She twiddled her thumbs and looked at Madam Yvonne, “You called me.” She reiterated.“I need a situation report. Have you started hunting? Where's the lycanthrope blood that I asked you to get?” Madam Yvonne asked.“Umm, I haven't found any lycanthrope.” Nadine said uneasily. She wasn't about to tell Madam Yvonne about the idiot Lycan Throb.“Oh well! Let's not rush you. I'm pretty sure you'll get one.” Madam Yvonne consoled.“Another reason I called you here is to give you your enhancers.” Madam Yvonne stood up and went to a sh
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Chapter 8
Dustin awoke to someone shaking him. He wondered what the woman wanted. He hoped it wasn't another round. She had been more energetic than all his other bed mates; both human and lycanthrope.“What do you want?” Dustin asked drowsily.All vestiges of sleep deserted him when he saw the pistol she pointed at him.Nadine pulled out her phone and showed him a picture of Dave, “Have you seen this man around?”Dustin looked at the picture, then at Nadine. Before she could blink, Dustin had flung her off him.Nadine groaned as she hit the wall with a thud and fell to the ground, losing her gun and her phone in the process.Nadine got up and discovered that she was not aching anywhere. That was the enhancer at work although she could feel the effects wearing off.“What the fuck do you think you're doing? Pointing a gun at me?” Dustin growled.“Questioning you.” Nadine said as she attacked him head on, only to have him duck fastly. Nadine could
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Chapter 9
Madam Yvonne hummed happily as she put some spices into the concoction she was brewing. Truly, she had underestimated that Nadine. She had been shocked when Nadine had come in a few hours ago and dropped off the vial containing some lycanthrope's blood. Madam Yvonne had tasted it and found out that Nadine wasn't shitting her.For the first time in a long time, she had hope that she would get revenge on the lycanthrope who had scarred her face.Madam Yvonne stirred her brew which contained the lycanthrope's blood and waited for it to boil.A visitor entered and immediately, Madam Yvonne positioned herself in front of the brew, effectively hiding it from the person's view.The visitor turned out to be Nick.“Ah, Nick. To what do I owe the pleasure? Are you here in your capacity as a detective or an Alpha?” Madam Yvonne said jovially.Ignoring her, Nick sniffed deeply, “I smell blood.” He said suspiciously.Blasted lycanthrope, thought Madam Yvonne. Their sense of smell was so strong that
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Chapter 10
Nadine stared at the medal around her neck as Madam Yvonne locked it from behind.“How exactly does it work?” Nadine asked, fingering the pendant.“Once a lycanthrope is near, the medal will feel hot. It's that simple.” Madam Yvonne said, pleased with herself.“How did you do it?” Nadine asked. She was sounding like one of her eager students.“There are some inscriptions made on it. The ink I used for the inscriptions have lycanthrope blood in it. Lycanthropes can tell each other in human form. This will give you the power to do so.” Madam Yvonne explained patiently.“Wow! That makes my job easier.” Nadine said happily.* * *Two days later, Nadine sighed in frustration. The medal didn't make her work any easier. It wasn't like a tracker or anything, so after walking around the streets, the medal had not alerted her to the presence of a lycanthrope.Nadine was also frustrated by her naivete. She hadn't asked Dustin to show her a picture of Marlowe or to tell her his address before sh
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