The Mafia Man

The Mafia Man

By:  Emma Louise  Ongoing
Language: English
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Orlando Green is part of the English mafia looking for his queen to share his life with. Kacey Leigh is in year 11 at Hilton crescent high she catches the 20 year olds eye when she is leaving for the day. Once he approaches her her life will change for ever if she accepts him and what he stands for. “Please let me go I don’t belong in your world !” “My world is you’re world Kacey you agreed to being mine and you will stay mine through thick and thin.” “Please let me go!” “Mine!” He roared.

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96 Chapters
“Please let me go I don’t belong in your world!”“My world is you’re world Kacey. You agreed to being mine and you will stay mine through thick and thin.’‘Please let me go!”“Mine!” He roared.She sunk back terrified what he’d do to her. She’d been living this nightmare for three years she’d finished high school and now in her third and final year of college he wanted her to join him in his world of blood, violence, illegal merchandise, drugs and god know what else. She wanted to run, she wanted to hide, but no doubt in her mind he’d find her and drag her back. Why had she agreed to being his three years ago, why?‘Kacey look at me.’She denied it.“Look at me Kacey.” He said calmly. “NOW!” He roared.She flinched. Shaking, she slowly raised her head in line with his. His crystal green eyes baring into her blue sapphires. “You’re mine Kacey. You knew what you were agreeing to when I approached you.”“No I didn’t, please Orlando let me go.”He shook his head. “No never you know too mu
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Kacey Leigh walked alone entering her highschool for her final year which her head held high she wasn’t a normal teen no one looked at her in that way she was in no way what you called sexy she wore dark clothes and dark makeup, her hair dyed black with hints of blue. She smiled as her best friend Milly Adams, a slightly overweight plump girl with no dress sense whatsoever. She almost looked like a hippy that everyone took the piss out of even though she was a sweet and caring girl they couldn’t care less all that mattered was them taking the lids of her weight something that she couldn’t control he’d been on so many diets heat had failed to accomplish her goal to be at least three stone lighter. All the diets she’d been on had failed dramatically making her take a step backwards and giving up. Kacey had not given up on her friend and had even done some of the most ridiculous diets ever to help her friend lose weight.They hugged. “Oh look who it is the losers.”Giving them the finger
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OrlandoGod I’ve been thinking about her all week my little girl she such a gem. I know she probably didn’t want or need saving but I did anyway those Millers think they own everything but they are wrong I do. Plus I didn’t want them to shoot her either. She was amazing I’d never seen a girl like her in all my teenage life now an adults and mow twenty I must say this girl stole my heart not only by her looks but her ability to fight back. She is so agile she must’ve been taught how to protect herself by someone and was going to find out who.My men are looking into her background but I’m sure I’ll see her again I wanted her and I’d made that clear to her and I didn’t give a god damn about the age gap she will be mine and only mine. I’m a possessive man and I have been told I have a evil side to me like I care I flip sides when and if I need to right now I need to keep her safe and I will.Imagine my delight when a old friend contacted me nine other than Henry Richards the principle of
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DanielWhen she walked through the door, oh my god how was I going to deal with this without kissing her. “Daniel I’d like you to meet Milly Adams please be gentle with her she’s very shy and she needs to gain confidence as well as to be taught self defence. Which I think will be good for her she needs to address her bullies head on.”I nodded. “I’ll try my best.”“I have every faith in you Daniel.”I smiled at least someone did.“I’ll leave you to it. I have to see how Kacey is doing.That girl.” He shook his head, before closing the door. “So, your friend... does she often get detention?”“Always. She’s only sticking up for me, but everyone seems to have it in for her. She’s had a warning of explosion last year if she didn’t book her ideas up.”“She won’t get expelled.”“How can you be so sure?”“Trust me.”“I wish I could, but the Millers have it in for the both of us her more.”“I see”He looked at her. “So shall we begin?”She nodded.“Let’s get onto the mat and I’ll let’s head yo
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Milly looked at Kacey a little uneasy. “Isn’t your brother going to be there to tonight?”“He’s always there Mil.”“I know but does he know you know who he works for?”“No they don’t know.”“Isn’t that all little bit risky?”“It is.”Milly and Kacey arrived at the club. Milly was unsure that they should be their they both knew that Ty would be there he was there practically every night, he’d taught Kasey everything she knew, even that hadn’t made a blind bit of difference they were still taking shreds out of her though she knew how to protect herself and fight back. Those people were just as holes in sheep’s clothing now she was doing something more productive for her best friend, Milly. She’d only gone their to give her moral support she didn’t know nothing about Aidrian or Orlando for that fact burn Milly seemed to have been taken back by his good looks and generosity.The walked into training room it was twice the size of their school gym. Looking around they saw Orlando with a bun
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KaceySchool hadn’t got much better. Those bitches were still pissing me off and bullying Milly. We had a lot of training. I knew I didn’t need it cause my bro had taught me all I needed to know, but Milly, on the other hand, needed that.Daniel was working hard with her to bring her self-esteem back up by teaching her self-defence after school and other fighting techniques in the club that they owned. My bro wasn’t too keen on me being there, but I told him I was there for Milly as she was having a hard time at school due to bullying and he understood my concern. He knew I would fight any fucker back that tired to start I’m me. My brother had built me up to be strong and to hold back the tears, not to be a bully, to stand up to those that were bullies. It was easier said than done at our school with those bitches there. They were always targeting us. We had very few friends, like everyone we knew, we were scared of those bitches but me.Milly had been put on a strict diet to compensa
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Kacey LeighThe day at school was shit Milly had six new bruises though she tired to fight back, she was learning but not quick enough. I was happy to see Daniel had taken so much time with her, her confidence was slowly growing and she began to talk back instead of hiding behind me which is a first. I’m so proud of my best friend. Daniel is wearing off on her, she is running with him every morning and eating more healthier and training four nights a week the weight is slowly coming off. I know she’s doing this for herself, but I also feel she’s doing it for him. She’s tried really hard in the past to lose weight but has failed so many times but I see it in her eyes she really likes this guy and wants to impress him. I keep telling her she shouldn’t try and impress a guy she likes if they like her they shouldn’t want her to change. But she goes all defensive on me.I have to meet up with Orlando after to discuss the “contract”. I’m not even sure why he wants me there I’m sixteen and n
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The cars pulled up in front of the large gates which opened electronically. Wow. The car drove slowly down the long winding drive way I looked out of the window the perfect garden ran at least 10 miles around the outside of the house the flowers and trees were picture perfect. I stared out the window til the cost stoped outside the large house scratch that it was a fucking mansion. The door of the car opened and I slid out looking at the view informant of me fuck what I would do for a house like this but I knew that would never be possible unless I got a really high paid job a really high paid job.'Like what you see angel?”I nodded in amazement."All this will be yours one day.”I shrugged it off thinking he was joking. Note to self the Mafia never joke."Come on angel let’s go inside.”I nodded he smiled and took my hand walking inside it was as grand as the outside the art work was outstanding and the paintwork was the best I’ve ever seen I must ask him who decorated the house th
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Weeks passed Milly seemed a lot happier with her weight loss and was still working out with Daniel. He seems to be smitten with her though I often debated it. I still wasn’t sure if he truly like her or he was using her. If he was I’d snap that mother fucker in two I don’t like my friend being made fun of, she’d been though enough at school and it wasn’t getting better or any easier though her reflexes were getting better and faster they still wouldn’t let up and she was extremely frustrated as the exams were coming up and we had to study hard. Orlando was still in passive mode since I had told him I was going to attend college with or with out his permission, WTF? He wasn’t my parents nor my brother and he dared to tell me what to do this was my life not his. I already agreed to work at his gym he had no right to take over my life. I tired not to spend too much time with him he was too over bearing vibe I had no idea what was install for me after college finish’s I want to go to Uni
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OrlandoI can’t believe this, I mentally scolded myself. She looked so scared so heart broken. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so me, so aggressive. I’m just so used to it in my line of work I forgot she wasn’t a guy I was interesting but my girl. She’s been so distant lately it’s like she doesn’t want to be with me or around me any longer, but that’s going to change very soon me and Daniel have been talking and we both agree that both girls should move in to our house it’s much more safer for them there and we can watch over them from a distance with those assholes targeting them it seems like the only rational thing to do.They don’t know the ins and outs of mine and Daniels’ business we agreed to keep Milly out of it but have both agreed that we need someone like Kaysey on board she’s headstrong and knows how to fight of necessity. Me and my brother are the hirachiey of the Mafia world here in the U.K. these assholes the close second and have been trying to take us out as long as I can
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