The Mafia Princess

The Mafia Princess

By:  sahndee  Ongoing
Language: English
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Mia's life changes overnight after being saved by a stranger from the house slaughter on the night of her grandfather's memorial. Everything seemed to be back to normal after meeting Miles Bryon the son of Melbourne's richest business mogul. But things turned around real quick, who planned the house slaughter and why?

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Dhabang Bazan Magsino
ilove the story. when will be the next chapter? I've been waiting it 2 weeks already
2021-05-26 09:59:40
user avatar
Dhabang Bazan Magsino
I love the story so much
2021-05-22 16:22:56
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Makereta Kotoyawa
fantastic story
2021-02-01 20:15:53
user avatar
Makereta Kotoyawa
excellent one
2021-02-01 20:11:35
user avatar
Teresa Wooten
excellent and intriguing
2021-10-29 01:27:37
8 Chapters
The house slaughter
It was grandfather's memorial night; dad threw a little feast in his honor. I couldn't stay till the end of the feast because I had an entrance examination the next day for the popular Brooklyn college, so I had to go to bed early.I was half awake when I heard a car pull up at our front yard then I reached out for my table clock to check the time, it was 2AM in the morning. Why was mum and dad still up? I thought, I stood up to look outside. My parents weren't there, but I could see three people standing, it looked like they were having a conversation. Then all of a sudden one pulled out a gun and shot the other two, they were my dad's men. I saw two figures come out from the car immediately. We were under attack, I should tell my parents.The gunshots got louder which woke everyone because I could hear people screaming downstairs. it was as if they shot everyone and everything they saw. I was very scared a
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A new life
Chapter twoFive years later.........Melbourne Australia."Getting a job after college is so difficult" I said adjusting the collar of my blouse."Hurry up or you will be late, you haven't even had breakfast yet" Leah said leaning towards the door of my room.I quickly checked time, it was 30 minutes before the interview. I grabbed my purse and file containing my documents."Don't forget your jacket, it's cold outside" She said as I rushed downstairs.I took my jacket from the rack close to the door on my way out. I flagged down the first taxi I saw, luckily it was free."The Bryon company at Little Collin Street" I said to the driver as I got in.Not long enough we got stuck in traffic which was greaaatt! Because I had just 15 minutes to get to my interview.After a while the traf
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First day of work
"Ms. Ryan, you are late" I heard someone say as I held the door knob of my new office I turned to see Miles (My boss) seated in his office which I totally forgot was opposite mine. I walked into his office at his command. He pointed at the wall clock  in front of him and I turned back to look at it."it's 8:03" I said."Since today is your first day, it should be your lucky day too. Never allow me to be a minute earlier than you " he said in a harsh tone and I just stood there moping without uttering a word."Here is the list of the newly manufactured products and working hours for the laboratory. Fix a schedule for the testing before the end of today, also book an appointment with G & D company for the presentation of the products." okay" I managed to say then I collected the list from him and left to my office.Opening the door to my office I was taken aback by it, I stoo
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His friends
                           Miles' office was still locked when I got to work, which means I got to work before him. My office felt very cozy  coupled with the fact that I didn't get enough sleep last night because I was nervous about the meeting. All I did was pace around my  room all night thinking of the possible mistakes I could make in front of important people and before I could tell it was morning already. I had to rush everything (dressing up and breakfast) in order to beat the traffic and he wasn't even here yet. Maybe I could take a quick nap before Miles shows up I thought. I was about to wrap myself up like a burrito when the door to my office was opened and  Miles walked in"Meeting's in five" He said and left.I won't term it unfortunate but the universe is definitely against me.I adjusted my clothe and took a quic
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Mystery man
Fridays became the best day of the week after I got a job here at The Bryon's company because I had two days to myself after it and I wouldn't have to see Miles or any other annoying employee.I sat in my office idle looking at the wall clock. I watched the hands as it ticked till it was 3 O'Clock then I stood up , packed all the necessary things into my handbag and arranged my table. I walked to the mirror, took a quick glance then I switched off the lights. I was about locking my door when  I heard Miles shouting in an infuriated tone. I stood there contemplating on going into his office or just going home and letting him sort his problems himself. After a while I knocked on his door then I turned the knob, opened the door then walked in. His office was littered, there were piece of papers here and there. I started picking the papers,he didn't even say a thing he just stared till I was done."Is everything okay?" I asked putting the half torn p
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Special treat
Today seemed pretty much different at work, everyone in the company was moving at the same time .There were orders here and there, I forcefully found my way through the crowd and into the elevator.When I got to my office I noticed that the door to Miles' office was slightly open. I peeped in and saw him standing in front of a large mirror, someone was dressing him and close to them was a moveable rack filled with suits of different colours and designs I bet they cost a lot."Ms. Ryan !" He said. It would have been difficult to guess how he knew I was peeping but then he was standing in front of a mirror. There was someone else other than the lady and Miles, he was seated on the couch with his legs crossed. Without having a clear look at him I would have guessed he was a lady because he was putting on heels (female boots), he also had a beret on with painted lips but his beards were there and his body was a little bit muscular. I didn't re
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The weekend came by so fast, boy am I glad the week was over.I made sure I said no to everything Leah asked me while I was half awake during the week days to avoid making promises I won't remember.On days like this I would stroll down to the Yarra riverside because that was my peaceful spot. I loved watching the waves of the river and listening to the gentle sounds from it together with the melodious sound the birds make while chirping, that was my way of keeping in touch with nature. Today was different, I was going to see a movie with Bryan at hisplace.Leah was crossed when I told her I was going to Bryan's instead of helping her with the weekend sales. She complained in a funny way about how I had been paying little or no attention in the past few months after I gota job. she blamed everything on Miles and Bryan stressing on the fact I stopped coming home early. "Be home on time, we are having
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Welcome to the council
Monday was supposed to be a very memorable day for the company because Miles was to be sworn in as the new CEO. Well it was memorable and unforgettable because we mourned the death of Mr. Pitt. The inauguration was postponed to the next day which is today and the new manager was to be chosen today also.I was in my office lazing about as there was no work to do. Miles had a council meeting concerning the new manager of the company.I got a message notification from Bryan and it read:I’m sorry about Saturday, congrats… we should celebrate later.Congrats on what? I thought. I was about replying when the doorswung open and Miles walked in. Jesus Christ, he has no manners.“My father wants to see you” he said.He stood there holding the door knob, was he waiting for me? Hewould have walked away on a norm and I would come running after him. I owe whoever changed
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