The 36th of Michael Benedicto

The 36th of Michael Benedicto

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Twenty-year-old Francheska Dela Cruz, an aspiring writer was hired in one of the biggest publishing companies in Metro Manila and her first assignment was to interview a philanderer who had a scandalous reputation in his time. Driven by the determination to keep her job and to be noticed by her boss, Dale Trinidad made her decide to push through with the assignment. She found herself in the old capital city of Pasig City, near the Municipal Hall at the heart of Sandoval Avenue in Acacia Alley. A crowded and ragged place with people from all walks of life, Conversations with Micheal Benedicto brought her to the world of passion and lust. His overwhelming vast adventure with all kinds of love and each of his women portrayed a big role in his life. From his first encounter of a carnal affair with his supervisor in his first job to numerous women that came his way. His insatiable desire towards lonely single mothers and older women tainted his reputation and the radical conclusion of his story. All thirty-six women portrayed a big role in his life and shaped him for who he is. Francheska was not just an attendee to Michael's story. She was also about to find out her true identity and the confrontation of reality. It spanned two generations separated by fate, each had its struggle, its pain, lies, betrayal, and joy. Through this encounter, they will finally realize their connection and the real meaning of love, self-sacrifice, acceptance, and forgiveness. That in the end, love is all that matters.

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14 Chapters
Chapter 1
Manila Feast of the Nazarene, the air was cool and crisp. It was the second week of January 1997. Thousands of people gathered on the street during the parade of the Black Nazarene. Amidst the coolness of the weather, everybody’s sweating due to the heavy crowd. Some are praying, crying, shouting, and some even fainted. On the second floor in one of the houses in a small alley in San Andres, two people were getting intimate, Sabel, 38, and Michael is 23 years old. Aunt Sabel, as Michael fondly calls her when he was young was his mom’s friend. She owns a small store while her husband, Tony, works in the Municipal Hall of Metro Manila as a security guard. She has two teenage daughters. Overcame with passion, they were oblivious to their surroundings. Suddenly, Oliver, Mike’s childhood friend shouted that Sabel’s husband is coming. Micheal Jumped out of the window to find Tony face to face. He was holding a baton and was about strike Mike in the head when h
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Chapter 2
Michael BenedictoI went to Sandoval around 8:30 am just like we agreed. He told me he is a morning person and he is always busy. Nevertheless, he ushered me into his clean and modest house with lots of plants, some vegetables like eggplants and bitter gourd which hangs on its vine. He has some fruit trees like Jackfruit, some mango trees, and caimito. I was amazed because he has lots of orchids and different kinds of flowers. He even has a rose. He said it was his favorite flower, and that each flower in his garden represents a woman in his life. So I asked, how many flowers do you have? He said 36. But my favorite is my first flower- Jasmin. I asked him why. He laughed a bit. My being inquisitive reminded him of a woman he calls his rose, his 36th. He offered me coffee and hot pandesal or salt bread which at first I declined. Due to his insistence, I accepted his offer and I have to admit, I enjoyed it. He said that he baked the pandesal himself. Eleven years ago, the g
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First job, first love
  It was 1994 I felt ecstatic because, for the first time, I had a real job. I felt important and proud. I was then twenty years old and my mother cooked Pancit Malabon and my favorite Kare Kare. My mother was the best cook in the whole town of Binondo and people often asked her to cook for them during parties. My oldest sister inherited this talent. After rigid two months of training, we were sieved and I belonged to the ten lucky ones who got the position in
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December of 1996 was the most fantastic month of my life. For the first time, I felt complete. I learned how to dream. I have decided to enroll in a computer school because I wanted to learn how to use Microsoft office. I wanted to learn about the internet because at that time it was the rave. They said it was just dial-up but I still can’t get the grasp. I have learned to use Lotus 123 because that is what most people in the office use. It was not easy because I have to memorize a lot of keys and commands. Then I learned about MS Word, then Excel. I didn’t know why I had to study it back then but I just wanted to learn. I wanted to know what Martina had been doing and her work. When I entered the academy along C.M. Recto street, the first music which greeted me was the song of Edie Brickell, Good times. It was the soundtrack of the ancient Microsoft back then besides the dancing baby. It was drizzling outside and I have an umbrella with me and hot coffee, black with suga
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I used to call her aunt Katerina when I was young. My mother didn’t like her because she says her morality is questionable. Oliver’s mom didn’t like her either but her husband told her that she’s their youngest sister and he has to take care of her. Besides, she doesn’t stay in their place all the time. She has three children.  Her two eldest children were from another man and the youngest was from another man. Her oldest
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Chapter 6
Cheska didn’t notice the time. It was already 6 p.m. and their company driver messaged her that he is on his way. She already had lunch with Uncle Mike as she fondly calls him. It was already her third visit and by Saturday which is the following day she has to report to the office for her weekly submission. He cooked Menudo for lunch and while eating, they talked light stuff like their families. He told her about her 3 nieces
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Chapter 7
The whole Sunday I was trying to compile everything that I had gathered from my conversation with Mr. Benedicto. I was still at the beginning of the story but I’m already anxious about what comes next. My mind was like a windmill that weekend and I have to drop everything just to think. Michael Benedicto, who are you? What was your effect on women in your time? Looking at him now he seemed to be so mild, ple
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Chapter 8
Katerina was an extraordinary woman. She was seventeen years older than me and has more experience in sex. She was my mentor. She taught me various unimaginable positions, doing it non-stop for hours. She was a wild woman and she drives me crazy. Our relationship was just lust and we do it anywhere in particular. We’ve done it in every corner of her house. We’ve even done it while her daughter was slee
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Chapter 9
December 21, 1996, Saturday. It was our Christmas party. It was a gratifying evening and despite the economic crisis that our country was facing at that time, our company was generous enough to give their employees a big party and lots of gifts. It was the most joyous event that we’ve had. I was talking to my colleagues when Martina joined us. She’s wearing a red dress that highlighted her silky smooth skin and
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Chapter 10
Rosemarie likes to be entered from behind and all fours. She never faces me whenever we make love. She said that looking at your partner seems personal. Rosemarie Guevarra, even at the age of 50, still got the
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