Forty six

" He what? " Maisie asked in surprise.

 " He was responsible for my first accident. " Zach said as Maisie collapse on her chair.

   Maisie knew that something was going on when Zach didn't want his family with him but she would have never suspected the reason was this. " Are you sure? " Maisie asks Zach and when Zach glared at her she hurriedly continued. " I mean I always felt like something was off with Jeffery.  Like, he was putting on an act but this is too far. " Maisie stood up unable to sit still anymore. " I mean why would he do that. "

  " Because he is my next of kin who is set to inherit everything when I die. I am sure that he decided to hurry the process of me dying. " Zach answered in a bitter tone.

Maisie stopped her pacing to look at her boyfriend who was certainly angry. Both at himself and Jeffery. " It wasn't your fault. There was no way that you would know what

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