The Millionaire Ghost

The Millionaire Ghost

By:  MJ Opera  Completed
Language: English
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What would you do if your apartment is haunted by a ghost too handsome for any girl peace of mind? That is the exact problem Maisie is faced with. Falling for a ghost. Moving to a new city only to have all her hopes for her future destroyed, she tried to make do with her current situation only to discover a ghost in her apartment. Things become even more weird when unexplained incidents happen at her work place almost killing her, still Zach helped her with that only to disappear when she confessed her feelings for him. Heart broken, Maisie did her best to move on but there is only so much you can do to move on when the ghost you love returns to you as your boss.

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cathy knoblauch
I really enjoyed this book. This author did a good job at conveying both the story and keeping conversation flowing between the characters. You could actually see some of the sense of humor of the author come out in the characters.
2021-07-21 16:28:07
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Carrie Mannai
Great book, cliff hanger
2021-06-02 00:05:00
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Good read. When will book two be coming out and what will the title be?
2021-02-04 15:39:46
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recommend reading book is good has good story plan just recommend the book
2021-01-21 12:44:56
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Kim Homer Grimm Krupa
PLEEEEEASE UPDATE Ilovin the shit outta this and it's been soooooo long since the last update pretty please
2021-01-12 22:52:14
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-[iiToxicaxEzraxEsthelleii]- -[•XXxxxGamingxxxXX•]-
def should be more than 10 stars
2020-12-23 00:53:10
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Leyla McKenzie
I'm already hooked. love it 🥰
2020-12-19 06:15:16
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Rosa Nam
Good story. You need an editor. Hope there is a book 2 because the ending felt like a cliffhanger, which I really dislike.
2021-03-06 22:07:39
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Renee Hodgson
To Know kwhat has uyuymymkllzkryÿ
2021-03-04 21:08:59
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IndayAnn Bitong
I love it, but Maisie is stupid. She let Jeffrey almost killed her twice.
2021-03-21 14:26:40
user avatar
Renee Whiteman Snyder
I really enjoyed reading this book. I was hoping for another chapter because I am interested in Cassidy's story too. Maybe the Author could do a 2nd part to this book so we could find out more about Cassidy. This book is a great read. ...
2022-02-04 10:49:50
53 Chapters
Moving to another city is stressful for the average person who doesn't like to move. It is even more so for Maisie who had never left her city since she was born. Okay so maybe she moved around when she was little but could not remember anymore. What she does know is that she has been in one city since forever and now she is no longer there.  And that thought is scary, scary but real for her, she had time to get used to the idea of her moving to a new city while she was in school. After all, she got accepted by the firm where she relocated to while she was still in school. She was brilliant and her employer acknowledged this. Now if she was half as comfortable as she was brilliant, she knew that she would make a big hit but sadly she was not. Her lifeline was not in the present, her lifeline was about a sweet crazy friend whose name was Bethany (shortened Betty) and who still holds the first position on Maisie scale of crazy people she
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 " It is not that bad. " Maisie said after she got over her first reaction and immediately try to do damage control with her friend.   " Try again. You didn't convince me and right now, I am almost on a plane heading to you. " Betty said.   " What about your family. " Maisie asked.   " They will understand, they always do. " Betty replied and Maisie could hear some shuffling in the background.   " Tell me you are joking. " Maisie pleaded.   " Well, I am not. "    " Everything is fine. I can handle it and did you forget what will happen to me if you come to visit me. "    " I am not coming for a visit. I am staying. " Betty told her.    " Be serious. " Maisie snapped at her friend, already at the end of her limit. Her apartment was a dump and she had j
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     Maisie collapsed on her bed as soon as she entered her apartment. She let out an ugly sob, her day was horrible, and it was the worst day of her life. They didn't plan to make use of her brain. All they wanted from her was to stand in a corner and look pretty like an ornament.    At first, she had thought that they planned in using her as a secretary but apparently, they were not even thinking about that. She must be a dumb bimbo to them, she asked about the boss. The person who wrote to her about her employment but the news she had received was disheartening. He was in a coma and as a well-known womanizer, the only reason he could give a job to her was because of her figure and not her brain.      She wasn't sure if she was glad for the job now. Maybe she should have taken her chances and applied for other job interviews, she might have gotten a firm she would be happy in. In
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   Maisie entered her apartment slowly, she was in a good mood today after she was given the case, nothing could have spoiled her mood even when she heard some bitchy women at work who were saying that she had already opened her legs for Mr. Huggins and that was why he gave her the case.      Maisie would have been angry, but she knew that they were just jealous and irritated because they knew that within a short period that she is going to outshine them. Now the bubble she was in while she was in work has slowly faded away, each step she took to her apartment was filled with dread, but she refuses to back down. It was her apartment, and something was wrong with it. Or so her senses tell her, but she would be damned if she is forced to leave her apartment because of a mere feeling.     First, if she does leave the apartment, Betty will either be as worried as possible and come to stay wit
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When Maisie was at work that day, she made some points about what was happening to her apartment. It seems illogical that someone will try to freeze her on her apartment. But she couldn't deny the knowledge that something was sure going on.  And when she reached her apartment to see if she could stay there that night or at least make sure she had a proper attire for the next day of work.  She just snapped when she felt the usual cold. What she didn't expect was to see the most beautiful man she had ever seen appear in front of her.     She stood frozen as she tried to assimilate what her eyes were seeing. A man appeared in front of her.   " Hello. "the ghost, man thing said and in reply, Maisie's eyes rolled up and she fainted.   ****    When she woke up, Maisie wasn't sure what was happening, but she knew
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   " Hey leave me alone, you brute. " Maisie said angrily as she stomped back into her apartment two hours after she had taken off. Zach had made sure that she was not taken seriously and when she tried to admit herself into a psychiatric hospital, he had made sure that the doctors didn't believe. Instead, they told her that she must have been too stressed lately and she should take a couple of days off to recuperate. And when they told her that if she chooses to stay that it will show up in her records, she calmly went home.   " Do you believe me now? Nobody can see me apart from you and I am not a figment of your imagination. " Zach said as she glared at him.    " Why me? " Maisie asked angrily. " Why not torment some other poor person? Why does it have to be me? "   " Beats me if I know. " Zach replies. " if I could have chosen who will see and hear me, you would not
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 A month later, Maisie was thanking her luck for meeting Zach, his suggestion about her handling her boss worked perfectly well, and he was turning into a close friend... Okay, he was already a close friend second to none except Betty and that reminds her. She needs to call Betty; the girl has started suspecting that something was going on that her best friend was not telling her which was true.  How can you tell your best friend that there is a ghost that lives in your apartment and you are friends with the ghost? Especially when this best friend knows that every male in your life who had shown kindness to you, you ended up falling for the person. No, Maisie agreed again with her former thoughts, there was no way she would tell Betty that she was sharing her apartment with a ghost and besides she isn't dumb enough to fall for a ghost. No matter how much he gets her, or how amazing his brain is, or how he manag
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  Four months later  Maisie pov   I love Zach, I don't know how that happened, but I just realized that somewhere along the line I have fallen for him. Oh God, I was supposed to know better than to fall for a ghost. I was supposed to know better than to stay with a ghost and I just realized this in my office when my gaze fell upon my picture on my desk, in the picture was my apartment but what people don't see is that Zachery was in that picture.  I remember the day I took that, we were trying to see if I could see him through the lens of a camera so I took a shot and I didn't see him through it but I knew he was there and that is why that picture in on my desk and I am grinning like a lunatic as I look at the picture.   Four months and I am still in the same firm, things have gotten better. I have a group of colleagues that I hang out w
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  Maisie arrived at her apartment eager to see Zach, she made up her mind while she was in work that it was time they got serious with looking for Zach identity, she had to let him go no matter how much she loved him, that was what true love was all about. Zach needs to know about himself.   " what's with the face. " Zach asked the moment he saw Maisie face.  " Nothing. " Maisie said but Zach was not convinced. Something was going on with Maisie and she was determined to hide it from him. He could try to find out what it is and he would succeed but he decided to give Maisie the space she was indirectly asking for.     " So how was work. " Zach asked.   " it is getting weirder. Remember that case I was telling you about, apparently, it is bigger than I expected, and I feel like executives are among. " Maisie tells Zach as Zach nods.&nb
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    The next day at work Maisie was still feeling down about Zach's girlfriend. She knew better than to hope that while he was alive, he was single and still these thoughts didn't improve her mood.    She went through all the motions at work and before she knew it, it was closing time but she wasn't ready to go home yet, so she stayed behind with few of her colleagues as she works on her case.   " Maisie can you go and get us some paper from the copying room. " a female lawyer who has always been mean to her said in a sickly-sweet tone.   " You are closer to the door. " Maisie replied in a naive tone although she knew what was happening. It always happens in all organizations, where the new employees are treated as if they are lesser by being made to do all sorts of odd jobs and the bulk of paperwork. She would have been stuck under mountains of paperwork if
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