The Moon Goddess And I

The Moon Goddess And I

By:  Dolly writes  Ongoing
Language: English
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A shattered kingdom, a fallen goddess, a defeated alpha, the moon is down, the wolf pack is no more. Alpha Ken, after a brutal fight against the coven of witches, fails miserably as he is over ridden and forced to flee and go into hiding leaving his pack and kingdom in the ill fate of the witch queen Zaria. Ken needs to find his mate to build a strong bond and strengthen himself to take back his pack, but what happens when darkness is overshadowing the earth, and it seems like the moon goddess has turned her back on her people?, who will pick a mate for him?. When all seems lost, only hope remains.

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Enahoro BHB
dolly... this is awesome
2022-10-01 21:29:46
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Stranger 🌹
interesting book keep up the good work Author
2021-06-19 00:44:22
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Dolly writes
thanks for everyone checking out my book🤗❤😊
2021-06-16 20:10:05
7 Chapters
Episode 1
Kendrick stared out to the moon once more, his fingers forming an oval shape on his forehead as he bowed down slowly and payed his respects to the half moon hanging In the sky.The other villagers also did same, after witch Queen Zaria took over the mid lands, everyone ran for their lifes. Although not all of them could escape, his family was still under the evil rule of Zaria, but with the few that fled with him, they had formed a small town in the middle east where they lived and survived by hunting daily.The villagers bowed to the moon goddess for the third time and straightened up, this their custom, this was what they did every morning, they prayed to her every day hoping she would hear their plea and save their pack, she was their only hope for survival now."Take care of everyone, we will be back." Kendrick instructs Rolland his beta, as Roland pulls the black hunting cape above Ken's head.
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Episode 2
"My name is Myra." Myra says plugging out her dagger from the guy she has stoned it to earlier and placing it back into her shoe boot after cleaning."What where you doing out here alone?, the woods is a dangerous place to be." Kendrick folds his arms and straightens his cloak. He wondered what a maiden would be doing here alone all by herself. He wished to know her more and where she was really from. "Who are you?" Myra raises a brow at him. She was Certain about one thing, the man that stood in front of her had high ranks. She hoped that he didn't see her use her powers earlier to confess that witch. This wasn't a place for Myra, and she knew it, only that she had created the war, hatred and confusion between packs, clans, covens and other species under her rule, and she had to sort it out herself."I do not disclose my name to strangers." He gazes at her and turns over to leave."Alpha Kendrick of the emerald moon pack," Her voice is sure, wh
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Episode 3
Myra was formed out of the hope of the people in the full moon, and she needed them to believe the moon goddess was still alive and still cared for them.The more they believed in her, the more powerful and stronger she got.****"Who is she?." Most of the villagers that gathered around the entrance of the gate whispered to themselves as Myra and Kendrick, with the other hunters walked into the safe house where Kendrick and his pack stayed for safety."Follow me." Kendrick whispers slowly to Myra keeping his head high as he walks. Myra was shocked, at first as she walked past the eyes and whisper of the people as she passed. He heart was slightly broken, she could see how much the people who had looked up to her where hurting and she could do nothing about it.The door closes as she steps into a small room, there was a middle table with some carvings and a small sized bed."
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Episode 4
Myra crosses her arms tightly, The prophesy had said something about the alpha being chosen for the journey."Kendrick, could you excuse Myra and i?, i would like to find out something from her." Rolland pleads. Although Kendrick is not satisfied with the reasons, he still let them have privacy by leaving."Are you ready to tell me the truth?. I mean the real truth." Rolland crosses his arm and stares hard at Myra.She didn't see any need to lie anymore, besides they where all going to find out what she really was anyway."The entire world is in danger. That's why i had to come in person." Myra stood up from her seat and walked towards Rolland."Oh, so you are she?. The woman that appeared in my dreams to save me?" His expression changes to soft.   Myra just nods slowly smiling. "Are you going to tell Ken?, i think he has a right to know." Kendrick sighs. "I will tell him. But just not now, i don't think he's
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Episode 5
He was in his room at the safe house. The hunting earlier had been stressful that he had slept the whole day out till the next day. The door to the front room stood shut. A chair waited next to the bed, empty. He sat up, pushing the covers down, and saw that he still wore his dirty clothes. A short stick held the window open a few inches, letting in fresh air and the sound of Myra's laughter, his wolf ears could bear things that where far away. She must have been in the council room.Rolland must be telling stories, he thoughtA tub of bathwater, soap, and clean towels sat in the center of the small room. A clean outfit of his black cape  was folded and stacked neatly on the chair. The bathwater looked deliciously inviting. He dipped his hand in and found the water warm. Rolland, his beta must have sensed when he would wake. Knowing how careful Rolland was, it didn't really surprise him.Ken undressed and slipped into th
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Episode 6
The Moon Goddess And I Episode 6 The horses ran through the bushes, Ken had led the way with Myra and Roland behind. Of course he would have preferred to be in his wolf form, but unfortunately, Myra wasn't a wolf and he was yet to find out what specie she was.  "Which way now?" Myra sighed as the horses came to a stop at a dead end, the town below was utterly destroyed, smoke on every side.  "Work of the witches." Roland groaned. They are stared at the burning town, it was a small one but yet had so many houses.  "They are taking things to far, what's Zaria's deal anyways?" Myra rolled her eyes in annoyance.  "To take over, everything!." Ken sighed. "Come on, let's go." He ordered jerking his horse back to life by a kick on the groin as it groaned.  Myra stared at him in disapproval, he was going forward into.the
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Episode 7
The moon goddess and I (7) Episode  7 They walked through the desserterd and once vibrant town, Ken observing everything as they strolled through.  "I don't think anyone would be here, if they actually where alive, perhaps they must have fled" Roland sighed staring over at the damaged houses and dead bodies around.  "Maybe we should go straight to get the costumes, we need to be out of here before night fall, I perceive danger if we stay here longer." Myra said with all honesty, her mind was afloat, it didn't seem right to be here, considering the fact that they had no idea how dangerous this town they had just walked into was.  "Halt." Ken ordered lifting his hands in gesture for them to pause their horses, they obeyed accordingly. The road ahead was foggy, more like a the witches had burned down that particular area intensely.  Ken halted his horse as he stepped down carefully, Myra and Rolland follow
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