Loyal to Wrath 5.3

“Charlese!” Their father stepped in and pulled her away from Corbin. She turned around and glared at her father. “Why did you stop me? You all agreed that I could say what I want and I am just doing that!”

She turned back to Corbin and smacked him twice across his face, but stopped when her hand throbbed. “You and your fucking face make me so sick!” She said and spat in his face.

“Charlese! What’s gotten into you?” Their grandmother stood up and pulled her away from Corbin before she could do anything else. She went up to Corbin and tried to use her shirt to wipe away the blood from his nose, the corner of his lips and the spit under his right eye, but Corbin pushed her hand away.

His grandmother looked down at him, flustered. She tried it again, but he moved his face out of the way. Pain showed in his grandmother’s eyes, but she left him and went to sit down. “I’ve honestly had enough of this sibling rivalry! All of you have gone far enough and we are the Alpha family of this pack, yet none of you show respect for anyone. You all are supposed to be siblings, but you don’t treat each other as siblings,” Dick said, looking at all his children.

He turned to look at Corbin, continuing, “Just look at what happened yesterday. We were supposed to celebrate yours and your brother’s 18th birthday but you ruined it! You even ruined the party by not showing up on time and then you got into an argument with your grandfather and what’s worse, you threw your younger sister through the glass window injuring her then left, returning now only and you didn’t even come to us immediately and had to put on a show like you always do!”

Corbin stared at his father as hurt built up, but it didn’t show in his eyes. Dick continued, “For an eighteen-year-old, you are so immature. Why can’t you be more like your brother?” He said, pointing to Chris on the side. Corbin looked over at his younger brother for five minutes and saw that he wore a blank expression.

Corbin’s eyes blanked out on his brother for a split second. >How much longer are you going to sit and do nothing?< Cyro asked.

‘A few minutes longer, I guess,’ he answered. His eyes focused, turning to his father. Dick waited for Corbin to answer him, but his son remained silent.

Zander was fed up. He slammed his fist against the table beside him and it broke. Standing up, he walked over to Corbin and picked him up by his collar, holding him almost above him. “You little shit! How much longer are you going to be disrespectful towards your elders?”

Cyro took control for a split second and growled, “You fuc…” but Corbin cut him off by placing his hand over his mouth firmly. Corbin shut his eyes tightly as he fought for control. ‘You’re supposed to work on healing me. Let me do the talking!’

Cyro growled unsatisfied, >I hate this, I HATE THIS; I HATE THIS!< Cyro went back when he felt they were placed down. Corbin let out a sigh of relief and backed up against the wall. He opened up his eyes and looked on at the people before him—they were strangers to him. He sighed again, then looked at his father. “My day was perfect yesterday until I came up here to have breakfast with you all, do you know why?” He asked him. “And don’t pretend you don’t know why. Cyro explained it to you perfectly the last time you two spoke,” he added.

He looked around the room and didn’t wait for his father to answer him. Looking at his brother, he said, “I gave you your birthday present and said happy birthday to you. What did I get? Everyone behaved like they were caught stealing and then I get told that Samantha is your mate—how am I supposed to feel?”

He looked at Charlese and continued, “I walked into the apartment and what did you greet me with? You glared at me, didn’t wish me a happy birthday, nor did you give me a present, but you scoffed and were the happiest that Samantha is going to be Chris’s bride.”

He looked at his kid sister, who was staring at the floor, but said nothing. He turned to his mother and said, “It was my birthday yesterday. A mother’s love is unconditional, right? But every year you force out the word ‘love’ when you say it to me and the words ‘happy birthday’ you never mean. I grew inside of you for six months, but why do you only love your other children? What did I do to you that made you hate me?”

“No Corbin, I don’t hate you,” she said, but he ignored her. Looking back at his father he asked, “Why did you let me leave and only waited till I was in my car for you to call for me? If you really cared you would have run after me and beat my ass up in front of everyone but no you didn’t and you know what the saddest part is, I am standing in front of you all and still none of you bother to wish me a happy eighteenth birthday.”

Corbin took a deep breath in and sighed. He rubbed his nose and closed his eyes, trying his best to calm down and not cry. “And so what if we didn’t wish you? It’s not like anyone here gives a damn about you, you don’t even deserve to have your birth celebrated,” Charlese scoffed with a roll of her eyes.

Corbin opened his eyes slowly and looked at his sister. Charlese wasn’t much younger than him. She was conceived a month after his birth, yet this child was so hateful towards him. The minute they made eye contact, Corbin asked her in a low voice, “What did I ever do to you to make you hate me this much?”

Charlese looked at him as though she was looking at an idiot, “What do you mean what did you do? You went around bullying people for no reason. Made everyone scared. You are a total eyesore and make everyone uncomfortable,” she answered him.

Corbin inspected his sister and asked, “Why aren’t you answering my question?” Charlese rolled her eyes. “I answered your question, asshole.”

A smile tugged at the corner of Corbin’s lips, which made everyone’s eyes widen in astonishment. When last did they see him smile? How many years has it been?

“Who heard Charlese answer my question?” He asked everyone.

He walked over to the chair he had sat on before and sat down. He looked around the room and said, “I asked you what I did to make you hate me, but you couldn’t even answer it. Instead, you said I bullied ‘other’ people. What does that have to do with why you hate me? So your hate has been baseless for seventeen years?”

He didn’t look at her and turned to look at his brother, chuckling as he said, “You and I grew together in OUR MOTHER’S womb, yet she loves only you. I came out first, yet you are treated like the elder brother. Did you tell them how you and your friends would gang up on me when we were younger, teased and laughed at me? You did so much shit and blamed me because you knew YOUR parents would believe you and not their OTHER offspring? I always tried to behave but YOU and YOUR friends fucked things over for me and YOUR FATHER would always beat the shit out of me but who was wrong? And now look at you, you’ve got my girlfriend. No wait, I mean my EX-girlfriend as your mate—why is everything benefiting you? Maybe I was just born to be hated by everyone around me, but whatever, I’ll survive, I did till now and I will until I die.”

Corbin’s eyes turned red in front of everyone, but he looked down at the tiled floor. “I left yesterday because what was the use of staying around people that don’t give a shit about me? Cyro and I have been suffering in this family and this pack for so long. How much more do you think we can take? We’re strong but are aggressive in others’ eyes. All we wanted was to be accepted, but what do we get? We’re scorned, traduced, and mocked. We can’t turn to the people we love because it’s only one-sided. Both of us did nothing to you people. Doing nothing got us on your bad side.”

Corbin looked up at his father and said, “I am only aggressive because no one will protect me and I have to do it myself, something that you, as my father, were supposed to do but ignored me and protect your other son.”

Continuing after pausing briefly he said, “I arrived late to MY party and guess what, no one cared and continued on without me. How could you allow this as my father?”

Corbin rolled his eyes, making his tears fall, and scoffed. “How can I ask that? Excuse my rudeness, the party was arranged for Christopher, not me, and that is why the pack members partied with YOUR son at the centre.”

He looked over at Charlese and said, “And the one person I invited to the party was told that he is disgusting and a liar. All pack members are to attend the parties we host because we are one big happy family—no wait, the party was hosted for Christopher, not me, and I should take the ‘we’ out of it cause I’m not part of this family.”

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