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Hunter had to take his father's position unexpectedly. He wasn't ready for that.. neither Adriel. Chaos started. Things happened. When Neal picked up the small shiny thing out of curiosity, he didn't know it will lead him to a world he wasn't aware of.

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21 Chapters
The Chain
"Bullet..........head.........don't know..." "Never seen him before""They are searching........" Neal doesn't know what these people are talking about. But he continued his morning routine, jogging. Neal liked running since he was a child. It helped him to maintain a good lean body. But that's not the reason he liked run, he simply loves it. Neal stopped dead in his track when he noticed a group of people surrounding something in front of the medical shop near his clinic.There were police also, searching here and there and asking questions to Mr. Ford, the medical shop owner. Neal walked further to take in the scene before him. There was a expensive car which is now destroyed and its all glasses were shattered. What made him shocked was the man leaned towards the steering wheel. It wasn't a man resting from tiredness. It's a dead body! The man looked about 53, wearing a black suit which is now covered
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Story of the Two
"M―Mafia? Here?" Neal asked nervously. Arjun nodded, taking a tissue. He sneezed and coughed before turning to his friend again. "Yes. And not only them, there are more gangs but you can say Rendells are number one on the top five list. They are known for their cruel way of punishments actually. Do you know what they do to their preys?" Arjun asked leaning forward. Neal shook his head no. "Let me tell you, it is better to get killed on the spot than being just thirty minutes in their custody and getting tortured. They won't kill you easily. They will torture you until they get what they want from you." Arjun thought for a moment before continuing,"I once heard they burned a man alive. I don't know why. They pulled his all teeth and nails before pouring wax all over his body and tortured so many times before setting him on fire. And his―" "Okay that's enough. I think you are exaggerating." He shivered at the thought.
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The Visit
Neal stepped out of the bathroom in his boxers, rubbing his damped hair with a small towel. He went straight to his closet. He picked out his favorite navy blue t-shirt and white sweatpants.  Hearing the notification, he walked towards the table beside his bed. It was a message from Reksha, Arjun's mother.  Reksha : Please be safe on your way. See you afternoon guys. Take care of Arjun. I bet he didn't take the medicine. Just check under his pillow. Love you..  Neal : I will. See you. Love you too.. :)  Neal connected the charger to his phone. Leaving it on the table, he walked out of his room going straight to Arjun's bedroom. He walked to the bed and searched under the pillow. There it is!  Just in time Arjun's sneeze came from the living room. Neal shook his head taking the medicines and exit the room.  He went to kitchen to m
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The Stranger
"How is Leo?" Kaiden asked Hunter as he entered his office.   "Fine. Good." Hunter replied massaging his temples. Drake entered the room. His friends turned to him.   "Did you find it?" Hunter asked his friend who is leaning against the wall with his arms crossed and one feet touching the wall, in a cold voice.   "No." Drake breathed out.   "For God's sake Drake, when are going to stop dropping your chain?" Hunter explode frustrated. Drake didn't answer and looked down.   Kaiden looked between his friends. Before he could speak, his phone rang.   Drake and Hunter turned towards him. Kaiden picked up the phone humming in answer to whoever was on the other side, and hang up.   "Found it
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"Dylan, I need you to do something for me."   Neal said walking towards his desk.   Dylan, who was pacing back and forth stopped when Neal entered.   "What? What happened? Who is that dude?"   "I will tell you later. I need to go now. It's urgent. I will tell you when I come back." If I come back, Neal thought.   "What is it boss? You are scaring me." Dylan asked in frustration. Whoever the man is, he looked so scary and Dylan didn't trust him at all.   Neal give him a forced smile.   "Don't worry. Look, I have to go to a place. So I'm leaving clinic to you. You already have a key, don't you?, " At Dylan's nod Neal continued, "Okay. When you close, go to my place and tell
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Lub dub lub dub lub dub It's all Neal can hear now. He felt like his heart is going to explode. Is this the feeling when a normal person meet a mob? He doesn't know. He was breathing hard. His nails dug into his palms as he fisted them. Hunter's cold eyes scanned Neal up and down and moved forward causing Neal to step back. The back of his thighs touched the armrest of the couch. Neal startled from the sudden contact, he let out a squeal before falling back. But before he fall Hunter caught his left arm and pulled Neal to his chest. Neal's eyes widened from the closeness. Their faces were inches apart. If he isn't wrong, the man's heart is beating like crazy just like his. He can feel it under his palm which rested on Hunter's left pec. Being this close, Neal started to notice every single thing on the man's face. Hunter's thick black brows knitted together, his slightly parted red lips and the very small mole on the left side of h
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Tell me
Neal rubbed his cheeks with his palms. He is doing it since Hunter walked out of the room. Not only his face and ears are red as tomato but his whole body too. He felt so hot. A man kissed him. A man! Neal doesn't know what to feel. No one ever kissed him like that other than Erika. Neal wouldn't say he is straight because gender didn't matter to him. This is his first experience with a guy. It would be lie if he said he didn't felt tingly inside. Neal touched his lips thinking about Hunter's soft lips and sweet kiss he gave him. Although Neal feared the man, his presence and touch brought goosebumps all over his skin. "This is what you need to do from now on. What did he meant by that? Should I kiss everyone in this house from now on? Isn't that sexual harassment?" Neal talked to himself. He looked at his watch, 6.15 pm. "What the hell?" He is sitting there for hours and no one came to check upon him. He is hungry. He
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Flashbacks - The First Meet
16 months ago "Don't panic Hazel, stay calm. Please.." Hunter whispered as he squeezed his sister's hand as they neared to the labour room. Her face showed how much pain she is in. She gripped the edge of the stretcher with the other hand. "Hunter..." She called out when the nurse said Hunter to wait outside. They stopped. Hunter leaned down to hear his sister whatever she is going to tell. "If....If I don't make it, p-please give my child a normal life. I don't....i don't want my child to have a life we lived. I don't want these chaos in my baby's life, do you hear me?" She asked through pain but her voice was firm. Hunter's eyes welled up, but he blinked them back and nod with a hoarse 'yeah'. "Promise me." She breathed out squeezing his hand. "I promise. Don't worry." He said and squeezed her hand back. Hazel smiled at her little brother. "Take care. I love you." She said with a smile. "Lov
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Indelible wounds
"WATCH OUT!"August steadied his best friend who tripped for the fourth time on the steps.They were celebrating the return of Ryan after a whole month of business trip. And now August is trying so hard to take care of his drunken friend."I'm ok..I think I need one more drink." Ryan slurred trying to get back inside the bar."You had enough." August scolded his friend dragging Ryan with him."I won't talk to you. W-Whenever we go out you only drink soda. IT'S NOT FAIR!!" Ryan whined loudly earning few glances from the passing people, embarrassing his friend even more."Hold still man! We both know our alcohol tolerance, so shut up. I don't think you can drive like this." August hold his friend close with one arm and took out his phone."NO! I can. I will call you tomorrow. BYE!"Ryan shoved his friend slightly and bid farewell to hi
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New informations
"If you can't do this my way, we can end the deal here." Hunter barked at the person on the other side of the phone, startling the individuals present in the room. They were in conference room. A huge rectangular table made of mahogany was placed in the middle of the room. Right side of the room was occupied by shelves with organized files. On the wall on the other side, hung a massive painting of a calm but fierce lion with sharp features. It was bright inside because of the numerous lights. The room was on the top floor so if you looked from there you could see the whole place. The cold gust of wind from the half opened window filled a comfortable chillness inside. "I heard Boss kept that guy here?" Caleb queried quietly, leaning slightly to the side so Kaiden could hear him. Drake was engaged in a serious conversation with Oliver and Ian. Brad was organizing the files Jeong just handed him, and Kaiden was on his phone as usual.
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