Loyal to Wrath 5.2

I look at him and grumble, “I’m quitting school. I’ll join the humans, join me!”

Kaeden shakes his head. “I can’t be a burden to my mate!”

I scoff, “I’m sorry Kitten, but this mate of yours isn’t someone to be trifled with. I became a multi-billionaire under the noses of those Crimson bastards,” I say and his eyes widened.

“Really?” he asks and I nod. “It’s a loss for the Crimson Moon Pack. I decided this morning that I won’t be the Alpha after meeting you. Cyro and I are permanently taking over and starting anew so that I can buy you everything you need.”

“And what if I told you that the only thing I need is my mate?” Kaeden asked me teasingly.

My eyes widened. “And what would you say if I told you, you weren’t my mate, and I was only taking advantage of you?” I ask in return.

Kaeden looks at me, unamused. “I wouldn’t believe you.”

I dig my fingers into his sides and tickle him. “You’re my mate and don’t forget it, okay?”

I took Kaeden to my room and placed him in the centre of the bed. He crossed his legs and followed each one of my instructions. I spoke to him through the process of completely masking himself, and he finally did it without struggling when morning came.

Tired from the lessons and emotional roller coaster, I let him sleep while I got ready and left for work.

“Welcome Mr Silver,” I get greeted by the receptionist. I go about doing my work and phone Kaeden on the house phone at noon. “Kitten, did you sleep well?” I ask him.

“Mn, but where are you?” He asks, sounding tired, “I’m at work. I’ll be done at three, then we can go shopping and celebrate my birthday properly, okay?” I inform him.

“Mnnn k, enjoy work,” he says to me and we end the call after speaking further. Looking out the window, I realize I can’t leave a sixteen-year-old all alone, I’ll have to take him back home tonight after dinner but I don’t know what I am going to do, facing the pack members, especially my family.

I’m quite pitiful, strong but alone, surrounded by many but not liked at all. I have no friends and no one that I can trust besides my mate and Cyro. >If we have twin girls, we have to name them Claire and Theresa< he blurts.

I smile at the thought of having twin daughters. “They’ll be beautiful like their mama,” I say and hear him growl. >But my Kitten is a man, he can’t be their mama,< he says.

“Omega males give birth, so why not? But that’s up to our babies to decide. >Fine, the twin boys will be Kyro and Khristian with K’s not C’s<

“Kyro and Krypt,” I interject. He growls lowly dissatisfied, >Why name my son after that bastard?<

“Because we love them,” I say and see him nod his head, >We used to get along when we were kids. What happened?<

I exhale. “Did you forget? No one wanted to play with us and Chris left me to get bullied and laughed as they teased me.” Cyro whimpered, >And because of all our hardships, we became stronger, leaving everyone behind. I wish I was never born.<

I close my eyes at the heartache these memories bring, “But then our mate would have gone to someone else,” I say. Cyro jumps up at my words and growls as though he is about to kill a rogue >NEVER! HE IS MY MATE!<

“Then be glad that we are alive, but what will you do if we only have one child and not twins?” I ask him to ease the tension. He grumbles for a bit, >We need to breed with him when it’s a full moon. I can guarantee that he’ll give birth to more than one pup!<

“So you want to kill him?” I chuckle, >He’ll handle it and we’ll be there to help.<


After a long day at work, I arrived back at my apartment and found my mate wearing a set of the clothes I bought for him during the afternoon of yesterday. He was thrilled to see me but didn’t show it since he was so shy.

We bought takeout and cake, then I took him to the beach where we swam and had fun. From the beach, we went back to my place and had dinner. I told Kaeden that it was best to tell everyone that we were friends instead of mates. I also told him I never planned to tell him and wanted him to find it out on his eighteenth birthday instead.

We also saw each other monthly since I didn’t want to hinder his studies, although I was going to miss him like crazy. He blushed when I told him the names of our future children that Cyro decided, and he refused to look at me.

We arrive at the gates of the pack house and my hands shake. ‘Don’t worry, I’m here by your side. Just think of holding me and it will calm you down,’ Kaeden mind linked me. I looked over at him and smiled. Winding down the window, the warriors saw us and let us in.

I drive up to the house and see Mr. and Mrs. Gates run over to the car. Kaeden looks at me and quickly pecks my lips, then gets out and runs to his parents. They both check to see if he is okay, but he just laughs it off, well at least my mate is dressed properly, but I miss him already.

I start up the engine and make to leave, but the warriors block my way. My father’s Beta rushes over from the house and stops in front of my car. “Corbin, your father and grandfather, wishes to speak with you,” he says, making me groan.

I switch off my car but don’t get out. Locking myself in the car, I lay my seat back and unbuckle the seatbelt. I lay back and make myself comfortable. “Corbin?” My father’s Beta calls out again, but I ignored him.

One minute, three minutes, five minutes passed, and he went inside. From inside, I can hear them all call me immature, a bastard and so forth… don’t they all know that their words hurt and no one can grow immune to it? Especially me… their own blood relative.

Wiping the corners of my eyes, I sit up. Fixing my car seat, I see Kaeden walk up to the car. He knocks on the window and orders, “Go inside.” I sigh and look at my mate, who looks very irritated. ‘I don’t like how ill they are talking about you. Go inside and show them it hurts and that you are not made of metal. Go show them your heart beats just as theirs do!’ He mind links me. I smile and sigh, then get out of my car.

He gives me one look and can tell that I cried, ‘You cried again?’ He asks and I nod. I walk past him and head inside, ignoring everyone as they look at me scornfully and with contempt. I hand my car keys to Kaeden and tell him to get the painting from my room and a few things and place them in my car. He nods and does as I ask of him.

I make my way to my parents’ place on the first floor and unmask my presence. The door swings open and I get grabbed by my collar by my grandfather. He drags me upstairs with a furious gaze and when we reach the top floor; he throws me across the room.

I land with my face hitting the wall and hear Charlese laugh and say, “Thank you, grandpa.”

I immediately feel that a few of my ribs broke, and my lungs punctured in a few places. My face hurt and my nose was broken. I force myself not to cry, fight back, scream or yell at them. I slowly get up and place my nose back in place for it to heal.

My bones break and the regeneration kicks in. Wiping the blood from my nose onto my jacket, I turn around and look at them all, hah they look surprised. My grandfather especially, I guess they are in for an even bigger surprise.

My parents, my siblings, grandparents, father’s brothers, everyone that is blood-related to me is here—is this an intervention? Oh look, Samantha is sitting beside her mate comfortably, well it didn’t take her that long.


Corbin hugged his aching body as he took in deep heavy breaths because of the pain he was experiencing from the regeneration. He sat down on the closest chair, leaning back in the chair, his head dropped back and his eyes closed.

“How does it feel to have your bones broken, haaa?” Charlese asked in a snobby tone. Corbin heard her words but didn’t answer. He was used to the pain, but it didn’t matter right now. He came to listen to them and would not bicker like an idiot.

Charlese and everyone were waiting for his comeback. Despite that, after a minute, there was no answer from him. He wasn’t asleep, nor was he unconscious. What was happening? They wondered.

Charlese couldn’t stand his silence and went up to him. She grabbed him by the collar and slapped him across the face. “How dare you act all mighty in front of us and injure me!” She yelled.

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