The Only Way Is Up

The Only Way Is Up

By:  Mika_mba04  Ongoing
Language: English
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Morgan Drake is a 2nd year resident at Sangela City Regional Hospital grappling with depression and addiction, following some recent stressful life events. Disillusioned with his work and current life situation, he is forced to take a trip where he encounters a mysterious s woman: the strong-willed, beautiful and intimidating Maddison Silva whom he is immediately drawn to. An introspective look reveals that he is inadequate for her, which leaves him with two choices: give up on her or put the broken pieces of his life back together. Which option does he choose? If its the latter, who is he changing for? More importantly, if he can get his life together, will she accept him?

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user avatar
The storyline is commendable. Nice work. keep it up, author. ❤❤❤
2021-02-20 11:31:19
user avatar
Anderson José
Please, go on with your good work, never give up!
2021-02-18 21:47:51
user avatar
Whooa! This story will blow your mind! I love doctor's stories. Thank you!
2021-02-18 19:21:21
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Jason Boyce
Absolutely fantastic. From the very first word to the last punctuation, this book grabs you and holds you. 100% would recommend.
2021-02-18 06:20:19
user avatar
A wonderful read! Looking forward to the updates!
2021-02-18 06:11:50
user avatar
A slow build but it's definitely worth the read.
2020-09-25 15:45:19
19 Chapters
Chapter One
 I wasn’t always like this.These were Morgan’s thoughts while he stared at his reflection in the mirror on the bathroom wall. The twinkle in his eye that he once held onto throughout his childhood and adolescence was nowhere to be found. If he had to be honest with himself, it had been gone long before today but he continued to look for it, everyday, in the hope that it would someday return to him. The hollow feeling seemed to grow in power, daily, consuming every ounce of life and energy from his body.
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Chapter Two
 Maddison Silva was not your typical accountant. Her insatiable appetite for success had led her to be the youngest senior accountant at the Braccio Accounting Firm, the biggest accounting firm in the region. An intense desire to live life to the maximum led her to early morning workouts two to three times a week at the local gym down, dieting, attending church every Saturday, self-defence classes and reading many self help books on how to get the best out of life. The result of all this was a toned five foot eight inch frame, staunch religious belief and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. While most of her friends and colleagues were either in long term relationships or married, she had no desire for such companionship. A traumatic and abusive past relationship quickly saw th
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Chapter Three
 Sangela City Regional Hospital was located on the outskirts of the city, precisely ten kilometres due west. Sitting on three hectares of land, it was the fifth largest hospital in the country and the largest in the southwest region. Founded in the early nineteen nineties by a group of local businessmen trying to make inroads into a growing private healthcare system, the hospital had steadily grown over the last two decades. Apart from an increase in the bed spaces from three hundred to just over two thousand, there were also a variety of specialist services included and thus it was one of the foremost medical centres in the country.
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Chapter Four
 Morgan arrived at Pop’s diner thirty minutes past noon, taking a moment to marvel at the building’s longevity rather than its feats of architectural brilliance. The diner was opened a decade before the hospital and very little had changed over the years, at least that was what he was told by many of the senior nurses and other staff members at the hospital. While many of the other smaller businesses around it had been bought up by well funded corporate entities, the little restaurant continued to stand in defiance as the last remaining symbol of a bygone era. The brown, wooden logs and gray stone combination gave the exterior a distinct rustic look. Simple and earthly colours of gray, brown and taupe decked the interior, providing unpretentious and organic warmth to
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Chapter Five
 Though it had been a long and arduous day, largely due to several creditors taking action against one of the firm’s biggest clients, Maddison’s colleagues wanted to grab a few drinks after work to celebrate their successful triumph over this accounting emergency. She took a rain check instead and headed home. Driving along at a steady pace, her thoughts started to drift. Maddison was part of the team that initially handled the books and though she was very good at what she did, she was not perfect. Her superiors informed her that only the most seasoned professional would have spotted the small errors that she missed which did little to comfort her.
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Chapter Six
 “Crap!”The week had flown by and though it was usually a good thing, Morgan was less than happy on this particular occasion. Much of his week was spent on getting his affairs in order for the trip; a little extra shopping and packing an adequate amount of clothing that were at the very least presentable, getting a much needed haircut and shave, arranging his travel documents, going through the programme for the conference and making sure his apartment was spotless before he left. On the day of his departure, Morgan begrudgingly loaded his luggage into his hatchb
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Chapter Seven
 She opted to drive all the way rather than fly, adding as much as thirteen to fifteen hours to her journey. Maddison was positive she could cut it down to ten if she put the pedal to the metal. The SUV she hired for the trip was certainly capable of doing the job. Her day-to-day vehicle, a convertible, was in the garage undergoing servicing and would only be ready by Sunday for pickup. Embrace the journey, not just the destination.
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Chapter Eight
 The flight was relatively unremarkable, with the exception of the last twenty minutes when the aircraft encountered some turbulence. It was not enough to wake up from his nap but when combined with the grumbling of concerned passengers in the cabin, he silently protested by uttering a few curse words in a low voice when he awoke from his slumber. The pilot shortly made an announcement reassuring his passengers that nothing out of the ordinary was happening, nevertheless, there were still a few pockets of dissatisfaction. Twelve minutes later, the large airliner began the banking sequence before initiating its descent. The smooth landing was greeted with audible sighs of relief from a few sections of the cabin.
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Chapter Nine
 Maddison managed to talk her way out of getting a ticket which inherently made her feel guilty because she generally kept things on the straight and narrow. A total of four stops had been made during the course of her road trip and currently, she was hurtling away from her fourth and final stop several kilometres out of the city of San Valentino. Apart from refuelling and using the facilities, she also stopped for meals. On more than one occasion, she fought off the urge to buy coffee or energy drinks to keep her going and instead relied on good old willpower to get her through. The sun was beginning to set, prompting her to lower the visor so she could maintain her visibility. She turned off the radio, letting the grunt of the V8 engine take its place. Motor vehicles were a sec
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Chapter Ten
 The first day of the conference took place in the enormous and tastefully decorated lobby on the 8th floor. No fewer than 100 delegates ranging from students, healthcare practitioners, well renowned researchers and entrepreneurs had come from all over the country. Several of the attendees were students and faculty members from sister institutions outside the country. It began at nine in the morning with an opening statement by the chairperson, which lasted exactly ten minutes. This was followed by a forty minute presentation highlighting the challenges faced by t
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