The Other Face Of Desire - The Rise of Queen Mafia

The Other Face Of Desire - The Rise of Queen Mafia

By:  Wan_Marte  Ongoing
Language: English
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She suffered a lot because of her uncles' greed, but in a twist of fate, she became the queen of the mafia and returned to take revenge. Sammy was a girl with a past marked by tragedies, but everything she went through made her strong to face the biggest challenge in her life. Someone forced her to undergo plastic surgery, making her face identical to Susan, a woman who caused the wrath of dangerous people in the mafia, including the wrath of her husband, a cruel man known as the King of the New York Mafia. Now she will have to race against time to unravel all the mysteries surrounding this change of identity and what her past has to do with the New York mafia.

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6 Chapters
1 - The Dark Face Of Desire
Fireworks go off outside and today is January 1st, my birthday. But while people celebrate, I can only hear the music, the screams and the laughter, lying on the ground, without the strength to get up. I haven't eaten anything in three days and I'm so hungry that I'm starting to feel delirious, imagining myself eating a huge piece of birthday cake, with lots of whipped cream. A tear falls from my eyes as I imagine myself eating without stopping. Suddenly, I see my mother smiling, encouraging me to eat more and that's when I woke up from my hallucination. I look at the dusty ceiling of this attic and no thought crosses my mind, maybe they are not just weakening my body, maybe they are also managing to weaken my hope of leaving here. I wake up to a bucket of ice water being thrown in my face. It's so cold that I start to shiver and try to keep warm by curling up, while my tormentor looks at me, she is my uncle's wife. "It's morning Sammy, what are you doing sleeping until this ti
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2- Am I Still Me
I feel so weak… the beeps make my head hurt, the smell of cleaning products burns my nose. I try to open my eyes and the light blinds me and makes my eyes hurt "Where am I? What kind of place is this?" are questions that come and go in my mind as I try to fully regain my senses. After getting used to the light, I look around and realize I'm in some kind of hospital room. This makes me even more confused. Wait? I'm sure that big guy who took me from my aunt and uncle's house said I wouldn't survive, so he shouldn't have taken me to a hospital, right? Did they take any organ or part of my body from me? As I wonder, I feel my abdomen and investigate my limbs, noticing that I don't feel any large scars on my skin and realizing that all of my limbs are here. However, when I feel my face, I see that thick bands surround my face. My heart stops beating for a few moments. The thought that they could have worsened my scars, leaving me even more disfigured makes me panic. I start tear
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3 - Once Again, Trapped
I wake up coughing, my neck is sore. I try to see something around me, but I can't, it's too dark. I smell dust and the hard, cold ground beneath me. No air currents pass me and unfortunately it doesn't make me all that uncomfortable. It's sad to say, but I've gotten used to being stuck in an unhealthy place. I breathe and let out a moan of regret, I wanted so much to be free, but it ended up being trapped again. And worse, in a place that reminds me of my captivity before. I manage to get up and feel the air, trying to find something to support myself and maybe a way out. I stay silent, I'm not stupid enough to draw the attention of whoever threw me here, I'm not so naive to think they're not watching me. I keep trying to find something, feeling around in the darkness, until... "Ouch!", shit I stubbed my toe on something. I put my hand over my mouth, trying to swallow the tears. I think it was bad, because it hurts a lot. I sit back down on the floor, bite one of my hands, wh
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4 - I Keep Resisting
But the doctor is unfazed and removes the needle, letting go of my arm. "Take the blood again, now." "I won't, Connor. And I know you can't kill me, I'm the only one who can take care of your mother." “Okay, you’re right.” Connor goes to the doctor and looks at him threateningly. “I can't do anything to you, but that doesn't stop me from sending someone after the people you love." "I don't have anyone, I'm alone.", the doctor looks back at him, unfazed, "Why do you think I work for people like you? I have nothing to lose. Feed her and ensure I can continue to provide quality care for your mother.” The doctor leaves, Connor snorts and says, turning to me "Don't think you're unlucky, damn you. You're still going to have a terrible life in this house. Come on, get up!" I drag myself, trying to get up. I fall a few times and he continues to stand there, not helping me. I crawl and climb the stairs until I reach the door. I lean on the doorpost and manage to get up. I take a deep
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5 - Evil Susan
I desperately approach the mirror. I have to find the scar. I turned my hair from side to side and I didn't see anything. Oh my God, I… found it! I found it, there's something behind my ear. Tomorrow I'll show it to Cristina and she'll get me out of here! I barely slept, dawn breaks and Cristina appears. "Look! Look behind my ear, there's a scar here! They gave me plastic surgery, I’m not Susan!” I scream, full of hope, but Cristina doesn't move, looking at me seriously. “Here, put on these clothes. It should look more presentable today.” “Aren’t you going to look at the scar? Please, Cristina, believe me?” “Stop lying, Susan. Everyone knows that you have already undergone plastic surgery, your beauty is not natural.” I breathe out, discouraged… My God, what can I do to make people believe me? “Get dressed soon, Susan! Mr Marshall is waiting for you.” I nod, lowering my head. I put on something that looked like a maid's dress. It was clean, white and smooth, different from
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6 - My little Defender
I stay frozen for a few moments, my thoughts are confused, how do I have the same blood type as this Susan? The doctor pushes my chair and puts a tourniquet on my arm, tightening it, then inserts the needle again and collects my blood. “Susan is smart, doctor. She wouldn’t try to do anything stupid right now, with Connor here.” I look at my knees, thoughtfully, then look back at Rita and say: “Yes, Connor is here and there is a big clock with a countdown on my forehead. So I have nothing to lose. Maybe I don't want to suffer the humiliations I've been going through anymore and maybe death isn't so bad for me. Maybe I think breaking up with you, Mistress Rita, is a good idea. Without you, I would no longer have a reason to be alive.” Rita looks at me speechless, the doctor also looks at me. I stand firm, of course I don't intend to kill her, but I want they to understand that I'm not that scared. “Where have you been when you came back with all that attitude? Why aren’t you now b
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