The Parousia Effect 2. The conspiracy begins

The Parousia Effect 2. The conspiracy begins

By:  Jime Alexander  Completed
Language: English
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Six years have passed since Dr. Hansen, Joseph, Karen and David escaped from the United States and took refuge in Argentina, where they lead a quiet life away from the memory of the violent events in New York. Peace of mind that will no longer be such, since in that city, an important businessman contacts the now private detectives Mark Forney and Doris Ventura with a very specific request: to locate Dr. Hansen and Joseph, under the pretext of protecting the latter and have reliable information that a recognized terrorist group will carry out a violent attack if the clone child of Jesus is not delivered to them to sacrifice him live before the world. Suspicious, they will accept the order without knowing that after that request a dangerous conspiracy is brewing that will put them in the middle of a conflict on a global scale, with the governments of the United States, Israel, Iran, the Vatican (with the first black Pope in its history) and others, and a very powerful secret brotherhood fighting to have the clone boy under their power. Conspiracy that little by little will reveal the dark interests of world domination by those involved in the conflict. Second book of the trilogy, where the author skillfully handles the birth and evolution of the conspiracy around the clone boy, now eleven years old, who is more aware of his origin and of his role in the world, but without being able to avoid that by his cause occurs terrible acts of violence against humanity, as part of that conspiracy.

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37 Chapters
Chapter 1
Buenos Aires, Argentina. The flight had departed around midnight the day before and despite being sleepy they couldn't get much sleep. The journey went smoothly despite how long she considered it had been. Only when they were passing through the Amazon did they feel some turbulence, and that made the girl a little uneasy. She told her that was normal when they traveled by plane and she calmed down. As always, Julianne gave her the security and confidence she needed when she was feeling uneasy or worried about something. Despite not being her mother, she raised her as if she were, especially when her brother strongly asked her to do it for him. She considered herself his mother, having had her under her care practically since she was born.And to Marianne she was her mother.The captain announced over the loudspeakers in English and Spanish they were approaching the airport and began the descent maneuvers for the landing, ordering the passe
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Chapter 2
The Vatican, Vatican City State. He was about to go to sleep when he heard a knock on his bedroom door. Lazily he went and opened it, finding a man in his late sixties with an expressionless face. He was just like him, in pajamas and slippers."Cardinal Agnello," he greeted him, intrigued. “I was about to go to bed. What can I do for you?”"May I come in? It will only take a few minutes ...”He stepped aside and the newcomer entered the room. In the middle of it he turned to look at him, still with an expressionless face. After several seconds, which seemed like an eternity, he began to speak:“Cardinal Nitti, I have just received very important information and I didn’t want to wait until tomorrow to communicate it to you. It is important we make a decision tonight.”“And what information is that?”"It took a while for our investigator, but after so long we finally
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Chapter 3
New York, USA. The Bentley pulled up in front of one of the great buildings on Fifth Avenue, near the Metropolitan Museum. They got out of the car and entered the building. The man who had always spoken to them entered the elevator with them, while the other two who accompanied him stayed in the car and continued on their way. They came to a large entrance hall to one of the apartments, with marble floors and walls covered with some paintings that they supposed must cost a fortune. A butler greeted them and led them across the hall to an office which looked more like a library, judging by the number of books. The butler asked them to sit down, while the other subject told them he was going to look for Mr. Richmond, leaving immediately."Can I get you something while you wait?" The butler asked them."If possible, a soda," Doris asked, somewhat embarrassed. The butler nodded slightly."And for the gentleman?""Just water, than
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Chapter 4
Buenos Aires, Argentina. Julius and his sister spent most of the night talking and reminiscing about some of their childhood memories. David and Karen joined them once the children had fallen asleep, and shared with them part of their lived experiences throughout the years. Julianne was surprised by the number of families David had gone through when he was orphaned, but he assured her despite everything he had learned many things from each one. When he was a teenager, he did not give them the importance they deserve or appreciate the sacrifice they made to have him, which is why he ended up doing military service when he could. Now that he could think about everything with the necessary maturity, he was willing to go back to each and every one of them to thank them for their efforts and willingness they dedicated to him over the years."It’s a debt I owe them," he said melancholy. “And someday I will. Also, they should know that I&rsq
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Chapter 5
The Vatican, State of the Vatican City. Night was already beginning to fall when Cardinal Agnello received a WhatsApp message on his phone. He opened the app and looked at the images he had just received, along with a message that said, “The target is the boy in jeans and a light blue shirt. At his side, in the first photo, the father, and in the following with the protector and some of his friends.” Agnello detailed the photos, in some of them a boy of about eleven or twelve years old was seen, accompanied by an adult man, in others with a younger one, and in the last one with other children of the same age. Agnello recognized Dr. Hansen’s face from the reports of the investigator hired to locate him, but he never presented any of the boy, so he assumed that the one in jeans and a light blue shirt that the investigator mentioned must be him. He looked like a normal child, who shared with his friends and was happy.He was sittin
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Chapter 6
Washington, USA.  In the oval office of the White House, President Sean Martin Collins was reviewing some papers regarding the trade agreements that the United States had recently signed with the People’s Republic of China. He had literally fought a real battle with the chinese president for his intention to raise export tariffs on US products, especially cars, which was affecting local businessmen and unleashing unfair competition. When he arrived at the White House, his main objective and electoral promise was to review the trade agreements and treaties signed between both nations to try to improve the ailing US economy, and he was doing that when the intercom located to his right rang.“Yes?” He asked, without even touching the device, the communication had been activated by the sound of his voice."Excuse me, Mr. President," replied a female voice from the other end, "but here’s General Goodson.""Tell hi
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Chapter 7
Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was already late afternoon when Joseph’s friends went home. They had spent the whole day telling their adventures and anecdotes to Marianne, who enjoyed their company and looked happy despite language barriers, but with Joseph as a dedicated and efficient translator she could understand everything they said to her.They were alone in Joseph’s room, and they began to talk about things at school and their daily lives. After a few minutes of lively talk, Marianne is speechless, staring at Joseph. The latter, realizing it, also looks at him for a few seconds, after which he says:"Come on, let it go. Ask at once.”"How do you know I want to ask you something?""I just know. It’s something I can do since I started talking to my Father. There are times when visions come to me and I see things that at first I don’t understand, but then He clarifies them for me when He speaks
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Chapter 8
New York, USA. The two people had surprised him at home earlier that day, when he was still sleeping. They had him lying on his back on a chair whose back had been removed, his hands and feet tied together underneath. At first Samuel Talbott had refused to speak, holding the pressure on his belly, but when a towel was placed over his face and a full jug of water was emptied, he felt like he was choking, and he decided to say everything he knew.The two Mossad agents listened carefully to what he said, while one of them put the silencer on the 22-caliber pistol. The woman looked somewhat upset, and her partner pointed it out to her.“Is something wrong?”“Nothing,” she said. I thought it was going to be more difficult.“I’m afraid, dear companion, that you like blood a lot,” he finished adjusting the silencer. “And that may bring you problems in the future.”Samuel w
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Chapter 9
Buenos Aires, Argentina. After two days of investigation and bribing a staff assistant at Caece University, Mark and Doris finally had the address of Dr. Hansen’s home, aka Andrew Farnsworth, and were heading there to meet him. According to the worker, he did not teach that day, so he should be at home. It was almost noon.“How do you think he will get when he sees us?” Doris asked Mark, who was driving a rented Ford Fiesta.“Remember we helped them escape. They shouldn’t be happy that we have found them, but neither do I consider they should be angry, especially with the news we bring them.”They went on for a few more streets until they reached the indicated house. They got out of the vehicle and walked the few meters from the street to the front door, rang the bell and waited.In a few seconds the figure of Dr. Hansen opened the door and stood undaunted, watching them, not believing what
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Chapter 10
The broadcast of the video on the part of the Al-Jazeera channel made the whole world relive the "clone child effect", which had been totally appeased over the years, when there was no more news about him.Going viral, the video was on all social networks, as well as in most of the world’s newscasts, and all of them reviewed the threat that loomed over the United States and its allied countries, despite the fact that the Islamic State was considered almost extinct and with little or no attack capacity of such magnitude.In any case, the threat triggered alarms in the governments of Europe and the Middle East, who began to implement their protocols for the prevention of terrorist attacks, and in turn developed plans to search for the clone child in their territories, despite the short time that they had for it.For his part, President Collins had ordered the activation of security protocols for terrorist threats, which included special action plans for the
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