Chapter 3536

Alex realized that he was trapped.

He had ants in his pants. Dorothy, Phoenix, Shelly, Grand Emperor Rowan, and his family were outside... Since he was trapped here, they could be in danger.

“Break it!”

He grabbed the Phanes Ax and struck forcefully, but to his surprise, it was as if he was hitting cotton—he could not exert any strength.

“Calm down! Calm down! No hurry!

“This is Phanes Banner, an existence on the same level as the Phanes Ax. It won’t work if I strike it forcefully...”

At that moment, the huge grindstone kept moving in the diffracted universe, and countless living beings were ground into flesh and blood. This time, the living beings on Earth could no longer withstand the grindstone and were continuously sucked into it.

Currently, the entire diffracted universe was going to end in deadlock, as if the final result had been predetermined.

Death and extinction seemed to be the final way.

“Ah—! That’s right. I understand it. The three thousand great spells and the c
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