The Princess' Golden Cage

The Princess' Golden Cage

By:  Thalita Lima  Ongoing
Language: English
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"You need to learn to respect me, girl. It is already decided and done. Get ready because your fiancé will be here in a few days." My eyes filled with tears that mixed my despair with the anger I felt at having my hands tied, but I did not lower my head, and although the tears fell in abundance down my face, I looked at him with a defiant posture. Caroline Andermier is the princess of the kingdom of Tresoria and the only heir to the throne. Everybody believes that her life is perfect, but her parents are forcing her to get married so the prince consort will reign in her place. Unhappy with her future, Caroline meets a brave soldier that is going to change her way to see her world and also her heart. Will she be able to be a fair queen to her people and also with her heart?

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blessing friday
2022-03-22 11:14:34
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Gina Bañares
Great Job. Looking forward to have an adventure with our brave princess
2021-06-23 12:29:43
54 Chapters
Caroline’s POV: I woke up in that morning to another common day in the palace. I did not need an alarm, because there was always someone to wake me up, and normally this someone was Lucille, my personal servant, and best friend. Lucille was 20, two years older than me, and this made me consider her as my older sister. She was tall, with strawberry blonde hair that was always stuck on a bun at the top of her head, and covered by a maid’s hat. Her hearted-shape face and sweet eyes were always alert to my needs, and she could read me better than my parents. This time, my best friend was opening the curtains of my room, letting the light in. “Urgh! So early!” I said, hiding my face. “I am sorry, Your Highness, but it is time already.” Your Highness? That always means that she was not alone. She was allowed to speak freely when there was just the two of us, but every morning there was a small army of maids invading my room - too early in my opinion - to prepare me
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Caroline’s POV:I ran back to my room and put aside any princess’ behavior convention, ignoring all protocols of how an heiress to the throne should hold herself. This was not normal my usual manners, so I realized that all the servants that I passed by looked at me in amazement and easily got out of my way. I silently thanked the heavens for this posture because I am sure I could not hold back the tears any longer if someone decided to stop me in a corridor and ask me what was going on.I opened the door to my room and threw myself on my bed, where I knew I could finally cry without being disturbed. The tears had been blinding me since the beginning of the corridor that took me to my rooms, and because of that I did not realize that there was anyone else in my room.That someone was Lucille, who was polishing my jewelry. It was still early, so there were too many tasks ahead of her to-do list. She was more startled by my sudden arrival than I was wh
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Caroline’s POV:"Can all the maids and jacks, please leave us alone?" My father, the king, asked everyone in the room. I knew it could not be good. My father almost never wanted to be alone with us. There was always some witness to his actions.All the people who were not of our family made a small bow and left through the several doors that gave access to the dining room. When all the noise of movement was over, my father turned to me, took a deep breath, and decided to start the conversation:"So, Caroline, I heard you had afternoon tea with your Mom yesterday, and the conversation between the two of you did not go very well, right?" He asked me."With all due respect, Dad, no, the conversation did not go very well, but it seems to me that the words my Mother said yesterday did not come directly from her. Do you know anything about it?" I replied. In a way, having woken up and decided that I was going to stomp on this issue gave me a little more c
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Caroline’s POV:The two weeks following my father's official announcement to my family were perhaps the quickest I have ever lived. I had the impression that there was a feeling of acceleration of time in the air, as when we do not want something that is in our future to happen to us. It seems that fate is running to find us faster. I do not know if that was the feeling or the fact that there were really many things to be decided before my mysterious fiancé’s visit, so my head and hands were always busy.The day after my father's announcement, my mother and I started to work at the reception for the entourage. My mom always brought Madame Tremblay to our meetings, so I brought Lucille with me, and when my mom asked me why Lucille was there, I told her that she was there to learn from Madame Tremblay as much as the princess was there. to learn directly from the queen. My mom
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Caroline’s POV:When the car doors were opened, I had a small panic attack that left me speechless for a few moments. Luckily for me, I did not do anything wrong, I just stood there, staring at the tall, slim, imposing young man who had stepped out of the car. To my relief, there was a short flight of stairs and a few yards between the incoming entourage and our position, and I used those moments to compose myself. I absolutely did not want to embarrass our country in an event that had as much weight as this one. If anything went wrong, it would be seen as some more ammunition to Lord Deveraux and my father's other advisors who told him every day how unfit I was to take the throne.Last night while I was unable to sleep, I decided for myself that I would not do anything wrong today. I would be a perfect lady who would stay away from the entourage, but still be polite. I wanted to show my 'fiancé' that I was superior to him, and th
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Caroline’s POV:"So...?" Lucille asked me as soon as she locked the bathroom door behind her.“So what?" I pretended to not understand her. Lucille looked at me with an air of displeasure, as if she was saying 'stop playing with me’. I laughed at her irritation, which made her even more irritated."Spit it out, Care. What is he like? What is his name? Where does he come from? What are your first impressions of him?" She told me as she quickly worked undoing my first hairstyle to create a new one.I sighed and then turned to her and said, "Oh, where do you want me to start?""From his appearance, for sure!" Lucille asked me eagerly. I had to laugh at her excited attitude. She was excited about this whole story and was an incorrigible optimist and an incurable romantic. Sometimes I would love to borrow her pink glasses with which she used to see life through."Well
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Caroline’s POV "Then we will have the first ball in five days and another one on the eve of your departure. There will be lunch with the lords tomorrow, a press conference on the tenth day, a party for women, a sporting event which we will all attend and the press will cover, an exclusive interview for a magazine, and two charity events at nearby institutions where your presence will be required. In some cases, only Henrietta will be required to participate, for men it will be optional. The 'future couple' should be the focus of attention, with the presence of the groom's parents optional. It’s all there in the memos that are in the folders you’ve received. If there are any questions, both Caroline and I or our personal housekeepers can answer your questions." "Wow, it looks like a pretty busy schedule. I am even a little dizzy," Stephan commented and then chuckled with his little joke. My mother laughed a l
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Caroline’s POV:I had survived the shock of the early days of being engaged to someone. Although no engagement was announced, my family expected this to happen at the end of the Reicharts' visit. Until now I had survived ten days of the visit of my fiancé and his family. The downside is that there were still another ten days, and with them several events where the press would have access to our activities.The three weeks of visit, however, seemed to drag on slowly, as if time were laughing at my face. Most of the time I was kind of obliged to talk to my fiancé, which after a while started to feel like a boring chore. I did not know any more if it was my personal nagging against him or if it was really the fact that we were not all that compatible. My tastes were completely different from his, and there was jus
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Caroline’s POV:"I am glad Your Highness obeyed me last night," Lucille murmured in my ear as she did my makeup in the morning. Not that there were official engagements during the day today, but I was the Princess of Tresoria, and I had to present myself in the best possible way at any time. Sometimes I missed looking at myself in the mirror without makeup, as if all cosmetics were a mask for the world, but it was not in the right tone and I would be highly disapproved of by my mother and Madame Tremblay if I were not in my best, especially while Stephan was visiting. Morning makeup would be light and quick, because today there was so much to do, so the last thing I had to worry about right now was my outfit and grooming.I had breakfast in my own room, as I had arranged with my mother, and as soon as I was ready, I went to her private tearoom, whic
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Caroline’s POVThe ball's dinner was an exclusive event that reporters would not have access to, save for a famous and influential columnist for the country's largest media outlet (and a friend of the royal family), who, according to my father, would portray the private event in a candid and discreet way. In other words, my father or probably someone in his staff would review any material about the dinner before it was published. He always did that. The "freedom of the press" that he claimed our country had was actually restricted to what he wanted to be published. However, the lack of cameras and reporters made me a little more comfortable. Stephan was certainly the main guest of the evening and drew more attention than his own parents, who actually held the noble title of his family. Sitting next to him and being introduced as half of this couple brought me some attention that I wasn't used to. Knowing how to behave was one thing. Carrying my
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