The Protégé

The Protégé

Oleh:  Feng Hua Jue Dai  Tamat
Bahasa: English
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The leader of the largest mysterious organization, Dragon Gate, had become live-in son-in-law. Five years later, the assessment is over! You were once humiliated because of me. Now, I'll definitely make you shine brightly...

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Chapter 1
"Sorry, I'm late!"The door of the Tang Pharmaceutical Group's conference room was suddenly pushed open. Yang Xiao walked in in a white denim suit.At this moment, the meeting room was full of direct descendants of the Tang family. When they saw Yang Xiao dressed in cheap clothes, their eyes were full of disdain."Yang Xiao, how dare you come here? It's been five years, and you don't have any performance! I think you're an irresponsible spy of the company. How can the Tang family have such a scum like you?"As soon as he entered the meeting room, Tang Hao, the general manager, let out a thunderous sound, which instantly filled the meeting room with coldness.In the face of Tang Hao's roar, Yang Xiao was expressionless. He had long since gotten used to it. In the past five years, Tang Hao had taken every opportunity to mock her.Five years ago, when Old Master Tang was still alive, he forced Yang Xiao to marry into the Tang family and married Tang Muxue, the top beauty on the Cent
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Chapter 2
At this moment, almost every member of the Tang family looked at Yang Xiao differently, as if they were looking at a monster.Especially Tang Hao. His mouth was shaped like an "O" and could fit five or six big eggs.Thinking about how he had mocked Yang Xiao earlier and looking back at the situation, he realized that this was no less than a slap to his face.Yang Xiao had always had zero performance in the Tang family for five years. The sudden order of 30 million was as loud as a clap of thunder. All the direct descendants of the Tang family were stunned. Even Tang Muxue's eyes were dull in an instant.Yang Xiao's lips curled into a smile as she looked at the stunned crowd.The day's assessment had ended and it just so happened to be the Tang family's quarterly evaluation meeting. Yang Xiao had expected that Tang Hao and the rest would attack him together, so he had already made preparations.The Dragon Gate contained many industries in the world. Now, as the leader of the world
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Chapter 3
After leaving, Yang Xiao took out his phone and dialed a number."Li Mingxuan, make some arrangements. I want to meet the Patriarch of the Qin Family!" Yang Xiao said softly."Yes, Young Master!" Li Mingxuan's voice came from the other end of the line.After the test was over, Li Mingxuan would be stationed at the Central Plains to serve Yang Xiao.The Qin Family was one of the top ten wealthy families in the Central Plains. It had a large property and tens of billions of dollars.In the vast Central Plains city, headed by the Four Great Families and the Ten Great Wealthy Families, the Qin Family was also the best among the Ten Great Wealthy Families.Yang Xiao knew that if he went looking for the head of the Qin Family, he would probably be chased out like a psycho, so she had to ask Li Mingxuan for help.Although the test was over and he was the Dragon Lord, Yang Xiao knew that her identity was special and he could not expose his identity now.Firstly, his current strength wa
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Chapter 4
At this moment, a chill ran from his heel to the top of Qin Guang's head."Many world-class conglomerates are taking action?"The Qin Family's stock price fell sharply?In a flash, the Qin family lost one or two billion?Hearing this, Qin Guang shivered and almost fainted.However, this was just the beginning. Before Qin Guang could come to his senses, the head of the Technology Department broke in. "Chairman, bad news. Our company has been invaded by world-class top hackers. Now the network of our company is full of paralyzed computers and black screens, and all confidential documents have been leaked out.""Chairman, bad news. All our partners accused us of breaking the contract and issued a lawyer's letter warning!" Immediately after, the head of the law department broke in."Chairman, bad news..."In an instant, more than 10 silhouettes broke in in succession. What they said was no less than a heavy blow to Qin Guang's heart.Drip! Drip! Drip!At this moment, the soybean-
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Chapter 5
"Yang Xiao, that good-for-nothing, took over the Qin contract with Tang Muxue. Is it true? Is it a lie?" Everyone looked at the two with suspicion.Tang Muxue stepped forward and said in a cold voice, "I, Tang Muxue, am a decent woman. How can I use a fake contract to deceive you?"Seeing that Tang Muxue did not look like she was joking, the Tang family members were all shocked.Just now, Tang Hao had said that the young master of the Qin Family had agreed to cooperate with Tang Hao. Why did Tang Muxue suddenly have a contract in her hand?"Muxue, show it to grandma!" Old Mrs. Tang said in a deep voice.At this moment, Mrs. Tang's old face was full of doubts. Her grandson, Tang Hao, had always been on good terms with the Young Master of the Qin family. How could Tang Muxue win the contract?In the eyes of Old Mrs. Tang, Tang Muxue was most likely lying. She did not take down the contract at all. It was all Tang Muxue's fake act of making up the numbers.Moreover, this matter of
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Chapter 6
Seeing that Yang Xiao was at death's door and still dared to argue, Tang Hao said contemptuously, "What's wrong? Did you good-for-nothing stuff the donkey hair in your ear? Didn't you hear what Master Qin just said?""That's right. Don't the two of you know what you're doing about the Qin Clan's contract?" The Tang Family's direct descendants had a playful expression on their faces.In the eyes of the public, it was impossible to get a contract with the help of the two people. In addition, Qin Qilin, the young master of the Qin Family, came to testify in person. Everyone believed that this contract was prepared by Qin Qilin for Tang Hao.Qin Qilin stared at Yang Xiao as if he was looking at a joke and mocked, "I've really given you face. How could my Qin Family's contract be given to a good-for-nothing? You two, one is a good-for-nothing and the other is a fallen daughter. It's a match made in heaven! I'll fire my secretary later, and you won't even understand the contract."He had
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Chapter 7
"Patriarch Qin!" Seeing who it was, everyone on the scene was shocked.As the master of a wealthy family, Qin Guang had a noble status. No one expected that Qin Guang would stoop to the Tang Pharmaceutical Group.Old Mrs. Tang's expression changed. She quickly stepped forward and said, "Greetings, Patriarch Qin!"Qin Guang ignored old lady Tang and came to Qin qilin.Old Mrs. Tang didn't feel uncomfortable being ignored by Qin Guang. She didn't usually have the right to greet a big shot like Qin Guang."Father, why, why are you here?" Seeing his father's arrival, Qin Qilin's heart skipped a beat.This cooperation with the Tang family was a private decision of his. He had yet to report it to his father, Qin Guang.Staring at the astonished Qin Qilin, Qin Guang was fuming with anger. He never thought that Qin Qilin would give him trouble at this moment.Perhaps others didn't know how horrible Yang Xiao's means were, but Qin Guang was absolutely clear about it.Could the Qin Fami
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Chapter 8
Dragons Overlapping Against the Scale. Anger was on the verge of touching it!Old Mrs. Tang's actions infuriated Yang Xiao completely. As long as Tang Muxue nodded, Yang Xiao would really give her the entire world.After the assessment, he was no longer a good-for-nothing in other people's eyes. With his identity as the Young Master of Dragon Gate, he could make a phone call to ask Tang Muxue to replace Old Lady Tang."Muxue, it's not a problem as long as you're willing!" Yang Xiao said sincerely.Looking at Yang Xiao's serious face, Tang Muxue laughed at herself. "Mind your own business!"After that, Tang Muxue turned and walked to the office. When she came to the office, Tang Muxue smiled bitterly. Just now, she almost believed in Yang Xiao.The bitter smile on Tang Muxue's face intensified at the thought of what she had just thought.How could he believe in Yang Xiao?Tang Muxue knew very well that the reason why she could win the contract with the Qin Family was that Yang X
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Chapter 9
"Have you heard that the diamond ring of the Angel was bought by a tycoon at the price of 100 million yuan!""I've long heard of this kind of heavy news. Oh my god, I bought a diamond ring with a hundred million yuan. Who exactly is the rich guy who got the Angel-kiss ring?"For a time, countless people in the Central Plains city speculated, and even caused quite a stir in many aristocratic families and wealthy families.After all, anyone who could take the Angel-kiss ring with a huge sum of money was not a simple character.Yang Xiao didn't know that capturing the Angel-kiss ring would cause a huge commotion in the Central Plains.The business in the marketing department was simple. Yang Xiao had been working in the marketing department for the past five years. He touched his pocket and found that his cigarette was gone.As he pushed open the door and walked into the office hall, many people began to discuss enviously."I don't know which big shot took the Angel-kiss ring at al
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Chapter 10
Staring at Yang Xiao, the lobby manager did not hide the contempt on his face. He did not give Yang Xiao any face at all.In his eyes, Yang Xiao was a poor man, an abnormal-minded poor man who came here to cause trouble.For top-notch five-star hotels like theirs, every month there would be some poor people looking for a sense of superiority. The manager of the lobby could tell at a glance that Yang Xiao was not a rich person at all.Being humiliated by the lobby manager, Yang Xiao's face gradually darkened. "Poor boy?"Realizing that Yang Xiao was not aware of it, the lobby manager sarcastically said, "What are you if you are not poor? Boy, open your eyes wide and see if this is the place you should come to? Do you know how much it costs to book the whole place? 10 million! The starting price is 10 million! Even if you can't earn the money in your lifetime."Then, the lobby manager looked at the waitress angrily and said, "From now on, throw these useless people out!""C-boss!"
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