The Reaper CEO - The Legacies Series - Book One

The Reaper CEO - The Legacies Series - Book One

By:  Peyton Iuga  Completed
Language: English
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I am Wyatt Hayes, New York's most eligible bachelor, CEO of Hayes Enterprises. I’m also known as The Reaper, New York’s most feared Mafia Lord. The Reaper is my secret identity, and no one knows I am the man everyone wants to do business with, but will have nightmares about. I am getting engaged with the woman every man has dreams about, except me. She is a business deal. A business deal I will have to break because when I see HER, everything I know about Love seems wrong. She is someone from my past I didn’t see coming. She is a loose end that I have to end or bring into the darkness that is my life. My name is Blake Pierce. I am a promising freelancer journalist who specializes in crime. My friends call me the next Avenger. Bringing criminals to their knees is my passion. I do a better than the police. I am not afraid to bend the law to get the scoop I need. But when I see HIM, I realize that Love and hate walk hand in hand. He is my worst nightmare and the man I have always dreamed of having by my side. Between Love and Hate, there’s only a thin line. Will Wyatt and Blake hate loving each other or love hating one another?

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Mandi Hartman
when will you release Dashs book
2024-03-10 09:45:53
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Mandi Hartman
when will you release Dashs book. I can't wait
2024-03-02 01:07:56
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Christine Owings
79 chapters 2/27/24
2024-02-28 04:13:59
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Siri Mal
Oh this is very interesting and intriguing keep the chapters coming inn!!!
2023-12-15 10:11:59
86 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Wyatt Hayes
Wyatt POV“Come on, man, it’s not rocket science,” Jagger says, and I roll my eyes as I listen to the bickering coming through the earpiece I am wearing.“Yeah, fuck you, come and do it yourself then,” Dash lets out in frustration and I can’t help but take an exasperated breath. They are my best friends and twins. We grew up together, and we went to a university in England. They spent their time sleeping around while I took my education seriously. Sleeping around was never a priority for me.Fuck that, relationships were never a priority for me. Women are a distraction I can’t afford, not when I have so many secrets to hide, and many people depending on me. “Okay, can you two ladies stop the bickering and tell me what you see?” I bark.“I don’t know what you expected, but it’s empty, nothing here, man,” Dash says and I frown. That’s not the information we got. I was told that was the place we could find the hidden supplies. I shake my head, rubbing my forehead as a headache threatens
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Chapter 2 - Blake Pierce
Blake POV“Seriously, Blake, you’re freaking me out,” Emma says as she looks at the wall in my bedroom. You know those walls in horror films where the police are trying to find the killer? The red lines connecting the newspaper articles, and the photos, all the evidence into a gigantic mural… well… That’s how my bedroom wall looks like right now. I look at Emma, offering her an encouraging smile before I refocus on the wall.I am a journalist who specializes in taking down criminals. I have successfully handed over three men to the police who have ties to the Italian mob. I single-handedly do a better job than the police, but I don’t have rules I need to follow. I am not afraid to bend the law to get the information. I just want to give people a great report on my job.I have been trying to take down the man who killed my mother, but everything I try to find out about him leads me to a dead end. It’s all very frustrating. I am good at my job; I am starting to suspect he is figuring ou
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Chapter 3 - Wyatt Hayes
Wyatt POV Today is one of the hardest days of my life. My engagement party is tonight and I unfortunately have to attend and pretend to be having a great time. The problem is that I hate social affairs and I definitely am not happy about getting married. It is a simple business deal for me, and it doesn’t matter how many times I tell Sandrine I don’t love her and I will never love her. She keeps pretending everything is fine and we are the perfect couple. I guess that in the eyes of midia, we are; she is the only heir of the Parisi fortune and I am a self-made billionaire and New York’s most eligible bachelor, according to People magazine. What can I say? I am never really seen parading any women and when I do; I get engaged straight away. Obviously, their mafia roots are well hidden and they have no clue who I really am and why I want to marry her. I know Lorenzo Parisi is the Don of the Italian mafia. I want to take it from him. I want to make him pay for a
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Chapter 4 - Wyatt Hayes
Wyatt POVThe dinner party Sandrine put me through with her family wasn’t enough to show New York’s society that we are engaged apparently, so here I am, sitting in my car as I look at the entrance of the extravagant event Sandrine arranged. “Darling, we’re very important people, and the society needs to know we will be married soon, maybe a spring wedding?” I remember her words as we walked into the dinner event two weeks ago.Agreeing to this has more to do with the business deal I will be making than anything else. If I want to take over her father’s business and his place as head of the Italian mob, I have to put up with this shit. I take a deep breath as I rest my forehead against the steering wheel.A knock on the window makes me frown as I look out to find Dash and Jagger staring at me. They look so much alike, it’s absolutely stupid. They even have the same haircut. Apparently, messing up with people is their main thing. They like that no one can tell them apart except for me.
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Chapter 5 - Blake Pierce
Blake POV“Blake, I have your first assignment,” my boss says and I smile as I stand from my cubicle after putting down the phone that connects my little office space to hers. Tara is my new editor. As soon as I got to New York, I made sure to find a job. Obviously, I didn’t look for something that would take a lot of my time, but something that would get me some money and would leave me some time to investigate The Reaper.I found this job as a part-time writer for a wedding magazine, apparently is a very prestigious magazine and everything that I have done before helped me nail this. Obviously, I know nothing about weddings and I will have to do a lot of research and ask idiotic questions to the bride and groom, but hey, to live is to learn.Since when I have become such a cliche? I shake my head as I stand up, grabbing my little notepad and pen before I walk to Tara’s office. I am an old school. I like to write things with my hand first, and like this, no one can hack into my thing
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Chapter 6 - Blake Pierce
Blake POVI look in the mirror and I barely recognize myself. The sage green dress hugs all of my curves all while the shapewear I am wearing softens all the bumps and curves. I have never felt so sexy in my life. The slit of the dress is on my left leg and it goes all the way up to the middle of my thigh.The makeup is dark with some pops of green while the red lipstick covers my lips. I smile as I turn around and look over my shoulder. The shoes I am wearing are so high I am afraid I am about to fall on my face, but I love what I see in the mirror.“I know the dress is a little small, but I wasn’t made aware we were going to have someone to fit today and most of the girls I need to fit are a size two or four,” she says, and I nod. Way to make me feel shit about myself. But unfortunately for her, I really don’t care. I look hot.I hear a whistle behind me and when I turn around to see who the author is; I smile as Trent walks to m
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Chapter 7 - Wyatt Hayes
Wyatt POVI watch as Blake walks away from us, and I immediately pull my hands from Sandrine. This type of public display of affection is not my thing. I don’t need to pretend to enjoy her touch anymore. I know that this is a show for everyone, but I prefer to keep my distance from touching her. Sandrine furrows her brows as she follows my gaze and then crosses her arms in front of her voluptuous chest.“Enjoying watching her? Aren’t you ashamed?” She says and I raise one eyebrow as I look at her and immediately her eyes soften as she takes a deep breath. “You could at least hide the drool on the corner of your mouth,” she says, and I can’t help but smirk at her remark.“Jealousy doesn’t look good on you, Sandrine, and what were you thinking? Talking about our personal lives?” I say as I shove both my hands into my pants pockets and Sandrine looks down at her hands and then at me as she shrugs.“I have to kill people’s idea that I am pregnant as if I would ever allow that to happen. T
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Chapter 8 - Blake Pierce
Blake POVWalking away from Wyatt Hayes turned out to be the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, and I have done some incredibly hard things in my life. The way his two colored eyes watched me, as if he was drinking me in, as if he was committing me to memory, watching my every move to make sure he wouldn’t forget anything.As I find Trent in the middle of the room, he smiles, passing me a glass of champagne that I gladly take and empty without thinking twice. “Wow, take it easy Pierce,” he says and I nod as I hold the glass between my trembling fingers.“Are you okay?” He asks as he faces me, his fingers brushing my skin as he moves a strand of hair that fell in front of my eyes. I nod, biting my lips as I remember the heat coming from Wyatt’s body. I swear I smell like him now. His jacket smelled so much like him, I bet I smell the same now.I wish I could just sniff my arms, but it would be embarrassing and I
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Chapter 9 - Blake Pierce
Blake POV“Do you need help, Love?” I hear someone say and then I realize the cab driver is leaning in the window next to me. I shake my head, pushing Wyatt away from me, but he doesn’t move, not even an inch. His eyes are murderous.I hear a whistle, and I look over his shoulder to see Dash and his twin brother. They stand the same way, both with their hands in their pockets. The only difference between them is that Dash is smiling and his brother Jagger looks serious. The way he is looking at me makes my stomach turn.“Let me go, Wyatt, go back inside, I bet there are some people wanting to talk to you, or your fiancé, she might be looking for you,” I say and when his eyes move from my eyes to my lips and then back up I realize he is touching me. His hand possessively resting on my waist, keeping me in place.I look down at his hand and I have to say I feel bothered by his touch. The heat that comes from his touch me
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Chapter 10 - Wyatt Hayes
Wyatt POVIt’s been exactly five days since the engagement party and Sandrine has been clingier than ever. I guess that the display of affection I pulled on her made her think things changed and I wanted something to do with her. I pinch the bridge of my nose as the seventh message of the day flashes on the screen of my phone.“Her again?” Jagger asks and I nod as I turn my phone off and shove it into the back pocket of my jeans. I am tired of her shit and if I didn’t have so much to lose, I would honestly tell her to fuck right off. I hate the way she talks to me, and the way she thinks she can have any say in my life.“Wouldn’t want to be you,” Dash says as he looks at me over his shoulder while Jagger drives and he sits on the passenger seat next to his twin. I am in the back of the SUV with my laptop while we try to connect to the sound system of the car in front of us.“They will be realizing we are fol
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