The Red Dragon's Lair

The Red Dragon's Lair

By:  scribbler.katkyle  Ongoing
Language: English
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An orphan girl who was bullied in her childhood, grew up in the slums along with her brother seeing the underbelly of the city full of crime and greed. Her brother intervened when his friends were trying to teach her a 'lesson' and was killed for it. That night she decided she was never going to be weak again and she would be the nemesis of crime. Her most recent case leads to a face off with a drug lord who works in multiple countries and runs human trafficking rings. Will she survive the dangerous drug mafia who stop at nothing? She got in touch with a social organisation and got herself into schooling. One step at a time she completed her education and became a cop. She meets Andy when he visits her police station to file a complaint against Sushant for assault on Mia, his best friend. Andy is an IT professional working with a multinational company. Mia and Andy were best friends since high school. A good looking athletic guy with the best brains, he soon loses his job to office politics. Takes it as an opportunity and creates the most successful startup of the country. Anya is an integral part of his journey. Andy's start up funder is a woman connected with film and drugs industry. What will he have to give up to realise his big dream? His money and Anya's job brings glamour, decadence and dangerous liaisons into their lives. They come together to create a volatile mixture of passionate love, ruthless crime, base desires, human degradation, death and devastation; where his life hangs on a thread. How much will she go through before she breaks?

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catchy and worth the read
2021-10-04 00:31:19
user avatar
Shine CL
the story is awesome. Blurb and prologue is interesting... keep up the good work author
2021-09-30 19:19:52
user avatar
Teddy Bear
The blurbs and chapters is so interesting... keep it up author
2021-09-30 05:16:41
user avatar
I do like the error-free punctuations, and that the author is.precise with her writing, giving in more understanding. the prologue is on point, and other chapters as well.
2021-09-29 14:19:55
user avatar
awesome, story! can't wait for more! .........
2021-09-29 10:01:02
user avatar
Authouress preshy
wow. nice blurb. I like the fact that her brother was her muse ............
2021-09-29 09:32:00
37 Chapters
She ran as fast as her feet could carry her.  She was on the docks, the dark oily sea lapping against the steel pilings on one side while the abandoned warehouses with their broken, mangled structures lined the other end of the wharf. They looked like rickety monsters, with their glass eyes shot out, sporting a toothless hollow grin, dwarfing her.  Her red, ornately embellished wedding dress, slowing her down. Her red dupatta  (stole paired on an Indian dress) sweeping the ground, wet and heavy with the slick and rust. With her service Glock 17 handgun, cradled in her sweaty hands, she was quite a sight to look at.  She looked around for a sign. Her trained eyes scanned every nook and cranny. She saw a scrap metal plate lying broken and bent by the side of one of the warehouses. With swift strides, she walked up to it and used its sharp edge to cut the lower half of her dress unevenly. The hem now hung just above her knees.  S
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Where it all began
 Anya Mithra “Anya! Anya! Your brother is calling you. On the little hill outside the basti (slums).”  12-year-old Anya was washing utensils outside her tiny shanty in one of the biggest slums of Mumbai. Dharavi.  The one-roomed tin shed with an asbestos sheet for a roof was their only possession left behind by their parents. Her brother, Dada, as she called him, was 8 years older and she loved him to the moon and back. She didn’t remember much about her parents. They had died in a fire at the mills compound where they worked.  Anya was only 6 at the time. Her Dada had brought her up. He had managed to do odd jobs and bring in money. Enough to keep their shanty and to bring in food at least once a day.  There were some days when they would go without meals. Those were few and far between and even at that time, her brother managed to get a deep-fried bhajji (fritter
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A new case
Anya 12-year-old Anya ran, dreading for her life. The overgrown shrubs must have grown bigger. They were almost reaching her waist now.  Her worn-out flip flops were broken, so she left them behind and ran bare feet. Thorns pricking the soft soles of her feet. Pain shooting through her legs and her stomach cramping up with hunger.  She couldn't remember when she had last eaten. She fell down and tried to get up but Tatya was at her side. She sat on the rocky ground, terrified. He poured a bucket full of warm blood on her. The warm blood soaked her clothes, turning her little hands red, reeking of death. No, No, No, stop... "STOP!!!" Shouting, Anya woke up with a start. Hyperventilating and disoriented, she looked around her, anxiously.  She was in her one-bedroom apartment. Heaving a sigh of relief she checked the time. Her mobile phone on the bedside table said 3.00 am. Feeling frustrated, sh
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Andy and Anya
Anand Gore (Andy) Andy received a call early in the morning. His best friend Mia was crying hysterically. “Babe! What happened? Why are you crying?” “He tried to rape me,” she managed to splutter through her sobs. “What the fuck? Who? Where are you?” She was his best friend. They were together in junior college. After 12th grade, Mia had decided to become an Ayurvedic doctor while he had taken up Engineering in the Information Technology (IT) field. “I don’t know. It is some road near Sushant’s house,” she said. “The bastard did this to you?” “Yes” Andy cursed, “Babe, listen! Are you in a safe space? Is he following you?” “No. I broke a vase on his head. He is knocked out.” “That’s my girl! Now walk towards the police station. I am on my way.” He rode his Royal Enfield motorbike like a maniac and covered a distance of 30 mins in 10.  Mia was still sobbing when he found her. She hadn
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AnyaThe girl Mia was clearly in distress and it only triggered the anger inside her. Such cases affected her a lot. They increased her nightmares and she felt like beating the shit out of the assholes who tried to sexually assault anyone.Bloody motherfuckers! She totally hated the rapists and people who attempted rape. According to her they were the scum of this planet, lowest of the low!!Once Mia’s medical report was in, they arrested Sushant. The guy was pissed off. Apparently the guy’s dad had some very strong political connections. Bloody rich assholes!!She needed Mia to come in for some questioning. She called the number given on Mia’s file but the phone was switched off. She called Anand (Andy).“Hi!” Said Andy.“Hey! Is this Mr Anand Gore?”“Yes!”“PSI Anya here. We have caught the culprit.”“Wow! That was quick. I thought our cops were sl
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Money and Connections
"Time to go babes". Andy sat ready on his black Royal Enfield classic bike with an extra helmet.Since the day Mia had stumbled across her boyfriend Sushant fucking one of their seniors a few months back, Andy had remained a solid support for Mia. They were best friends since their junior college and nothing could stop them from being there for each other. He knew what a fuckwit Sushant was. He would give Mia a lot of grief over continuing to be friends with Andy. Her personality had changed into an introvert but this is one thing that she thankfully did not give up. She stayed in touch with Andy, albeit in secret without letting Sushant know. Whenever Andy recalled the latest incident, he would feel like bashing the bastard up but he controlled himself knowing that the case was in the hands of the cops.Mia came out of her parents house looking as beautiful as ever in her blue denims and a yel
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New Relations
AndyNext morning when Mia came downstairs her eyes looked tired. “Hey babes, how are you doing? You look terrible.”“I feel terrible,” she said massaging her neck instinctively, “my head hurts and I haven’t been able to sleep properly in spite of medicines. I hate this. Hate being a weakling.”“I know. It’s a lot to face your attacker everyday!”Mia sat down next to him and took the mug of coffee that he offered. “What do I do Andy? I can’t carry on like this. I have 3 whole semesters to go and my work is important for me.”“I know sweetie, but he is a senior, isn’t he? He will be gone doing his internship after his finals in O
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AnyaShe reached Andy’s college a little after the event had already begun. Unlike the horde of students milling around, she was a professional and had a job. A last minute case had held her back. She had to wrap up her work and rush to the college in a tuktuk (a yellow and black three-wheeled motorized vehicle used as a taxi in India). After haggling with the tuktuk driver and paying an obscenely inflated fare she thought to herself, 'I really need to get a vehicle for myself. This daily haggling is a pain in the ass. Once the EMI (Equated Monthly Installments or mortgage) for the gym equipment is done, I should look for a motorbike.'
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Pink Cat
AndyThey walked to a restaurant that was frequented by the college students. It was a pocket-friendly place with a warm vibe to it. The walls were painted yellow and the place was decorated with cheap roadside paintings. Wasn’t very well lit, but the tables and cutlery were clean.“This place isn’t much but the food is good,” said Andy, a little embarrassed by his choice of restaurant.“It’s perfect! It's nearby too! Let’s order,” said Anya. “What would you like to have?” she asked, checking the menu out.“Paneer tikka masala (cottage cheese curry with spices and veggies) and roti (Indian flatbread made out of whole wheat flour),” said Andy, happy that Anya wasn’t stuck up on material
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No Contact
AnyaHer phone showed a few unread messages and missed calls from Andy. She had put her phone on silent mode during the fest and then forgotten about it. She scolded herself. Thankfully there were no calls from the station.<Andy> 12.05 am Hi. Reached safely. Sorry to leave in a hurry. <Andy> 12.20 am Sleep well. Good night :-) (smile emoji)<Andy> 2 am I have beaten up the bastard since you didn’t attend your call. What should I do next?She immediately dialled his number. He attended the call in the first ring.“Hi. Thanks for calling, “ he said. He sounded angry.“I was asleep
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