The Romanov Sisters

The Romanov Sisters

By:  Sveta  Completed
Language: English
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The whole world has changed. In the year 2054, the human race is no longer the largest population on earth. The global invasion of a new yet not quite new species has forced the remaining people to hide in fear. Just like the other war survivors, Avery Pierce tries to escape death by hiding from them. But when she reaches seventeen, her life is doomed. She is sold as a slave to an old powerful family. Living in a beautiful mansion, she has to serve her owner, the mistress of the house. Will she be treated as a mere slave or maybe something more?

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Angeline Wanjiru
Awesome story
2022-10-24 18:37:11
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Author Ann Grace
this is crazy, .........
2022-09-21 03:11:53
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Missy Martin
Very good read. Read it 5 times now!
2022-06-01 03:16:38
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wendy torres
omg.. this one is perfect
2021-07-12 13:27:51
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Leanne Robertson
Wow just wow! Loved it until the very end!
2021-06-25 16:23:15
user avatar
God I'm hooked! Can't wait to read more!
2021-06-23 15:25:17
49 Chapters
Chapter 1
The apocalypse did happen. But it wasn't the end of the world. It was the start of a tyrant world ruled by a superior race—the bloodsucking kind. I had been running away from this nightmare-come-true for four years. Our family hid underground from the global chaos that went around the continents. The global domination was led by the newcomers. In fact, the newcomers were not new but rather ancient. We remembered learning in school that Homo sapiens were not the only species to walk the earth, and we were right. There were the Other Ones living among us. Almost every culture has a mention of these beings. Since the ancient Mesopotamia, Greece, China, and India, t
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Chapter 2
I found myself sitting in a black SUV the next day. There were two men in black suits sitting at the front. They wore sunglasses and had com units in their ears. Several other black cars drove ahead of us. After a while, I saw a glimpse of an iron gate appeared from the distance. The stone walls stretched far into the dark green forest surrounding the area.The automatic gate opened. We drove through a massive courtyard with manicured gardens and overgrown oak trees. The smell of flowers seeped through the tinted windows as the cars kept crawling on the pebbled pavement that snaked toward an enormous mansion.The building looked like the mansions in Florence. Those colossal sculpted pillars, statues, and marble fountains could be seen from afar. When the cars stopped, the door at my seat slid open.
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Chapter 3
I looked around the enormous chamber. It was too dark and too cold. I felt as if I had just stepped into a mountain cave. All the windows were closed. There was no one in sight. I tried the door again, but it was firmly locked.The crested furniture lay around the sitting area. Another room led to a separate hall. I could see massive bookshelves from floor to ceiling and an elegant black piano by the balcony.I decided to walk a few steps further into the room. Then I thought I heard a sound as I waited for something to happen. It was like a whistle of the wind.At my right was the bedroom. The door was slightly ajar, revealing a canopied bed. There were sheer hanging and heavy silk curtains hanging from the four posts.
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Chapter 4
AnastasiaIt was maddening.Something about the rattling sound inside her veins, the intoxicating smell of her skin, I couldn't stand one minute without wishing to taste her warm blood. And that's what I hated about myself. My predator instinct was unforgiving. Who was this girl?—an innocent human with a deadly charm? I held my breath the whole time I was near her. All details of her features stuck in my mind. Those big brown eyes that stared back at me. Her pale lips pressed together to hide the pain. A mass of dark brown lock whirled around her slender body. Of course, she wasn't perfect like most of us, but I couldn't shake the urge to make her mine. Yet I knew she would never be. Her wrist was cut like a cat's claw. I knew right away who did it. My sister was her
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Chapter 5
I jolted back in surprise, but my mistress kept a firm grip on me and pulled my body closer against her. It was almost too hard for me to breathe. The more I pushed her away, the tighter her hold became. It was of no use. She was a vampire. She was too strong. All I could do was fidget in her arms like helpless prey. Once you're in the hand of a predator, you cannot escape.Anastasia stepped towards us. Her face was so intense; it almost looked pained. I had no clue what she was thinking, but I already felt disgusted with myself."Morning, baby sister," Alexandra said without turning her face away from me. "You want to join the breakfast with me?" Her eyes still lingered on the area of my throat. She smoothed my hair like I was her adorable pet. My mistress was enjoying her little show she was creating with me. I l
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Chapter 6
AnastasiaI turned around to my sister after Avery left. Her annoying smirked made me want to slap it off her face."I happened to sense something strange here," Alex said with a teasing tone. "What makes you so stupid to turn down my offer? Oh, wait...but I already know—""Stop it!" I spat. "It's none of your business.""It's not?" she said. "Well, then make sure it remains as such with mine as well."She looked at me like I was still a pathetic little child. I knew Alexandra wasn't someone you wanted to cross. She was stronger and faster than me. It was because she would never think twice about killing people for blood. I loathe
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Chapter 7
Many days passed in a seemingly peaceful succession. I had gotten to know some other slaves in the mansion. One of them told me about how she was separated from her brother, who was put into the human farm. I wondered what it was like living in the factory, but then again I didn't want to find out. This morning things were quite the same. We got our wrists cut as usual, except me. Then the vampire, who we first met, came up to me in the kitchen. He dressed in his elegant clothes as I had remembered.For a moment, his violet eyes seemed to linger on my face longer than necessary."You," he said. His pale stony face held high. "From now on, you're assigned to serve whenever my mistress sends for you."My heart sank further than it usually did. What could I say about that
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Chapter 8
I was in my mistress's room again. It was colder than I had remembered, or it could be just my own instinctive fear that made me shiver all over. Alexandra pulled me inside after she locked the huge heavy door.I glanced around in panic, but as usual, all the windows were tightly shut. No escape route anywhere. I felt like a trapped rat waiting for the cat to gut me alive. Alexandra turned her perfect figure to look at me again. She smiled with a glint of wickedness in her eyes."Don't even think about —"I ran to the small library as fast as my feet could take me then slammed the door shut and locked it."Wow, you must have been a marathon runner," Alexandra mocked from the other side of the room. I saw he
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Chapter 9
AlexandraThat's funny.Why do I even bother to think about it? It's not like I have never killed before. Avery Pierce is just an inferior and stubborn human girl. She deserved to be punished. I don't see why I shouldn't torture her. The sound of her screams delights me. Her blood whispers to me. But then there is something I couldn't wrap my mind around. Why did I feel like there were insects crawling inside my stomach when I saw her and my sister together? And why of all the whys, why do I want to have Avery more than anything now?~*~AveryI woke up to the bright sunlight shining throu
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Chapter 10
Anastasia Avery's big brown eyes shone with a deep longing that I couldn't refuse it. We walked hand in hand back to the bed and sat there facing each other. I kept staring at her doll-like face, so innocent and so adorable. My gaze made her blush bright red.She looked down, hiding her eyes under those long black lashes. The wind blew through the windows. Silk curtains flicked gently, making the only sound in the room.Then Avery looked up again and moved closer until our knees touched. She swallowed hard before reaching her hands over to unbutton my shirt, but I knew she was nervous. Her hands were shaking so much; I had to grab them in mine.
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