Mated to the Young Alpha (BXB)

Mated to the Young Alpha (BXB)

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Sold to an Alpha Lord at the young age of seventeen, Zhane Bradshaw, an omega was doomed like any other male omega on the planet. But he was determined to fight his fate, even if it meant going down a dark path and killing the man he was sold to. With a mark on his neck there was no way he could ever end up with someone unless he had a fated mate, and according to the legends an omega will always be paired with an alpha. Zhane was determined to kill his fated mate no matter what and was prepared to lead a lonely life, wandering around wherever the road took him. His plans hit a wall when at the age of twenty five he met an innocent little twelve year old boy, Mark McCain, who not just smelled like Forest Dew, but also was his fated mate. Not to mention the kid didn't even know he was a werewolf! What will happen to these two? PS: There will be no explicit scenes as long as Mark is 12 (Minor).

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Interesting premise, the omega isn't a pushover
2022-03-24 13:18:00
10 Chapters
Z's POV Staring ahead, I could hear the rumbling noise of the engine as I sped up on the empty roads. One would think I was excited to reach my destination, while the fact was I was running away from my previous residence. Running away from my past.In my life, if there was one thing I excelled at, it was running away. Ever since I was seventeen, it was the only consistent thing about me. I made sure I never stuck around in a place for more than a year. No, I am not a Vampire hiding amongst humans, but I am a werewolf. I am an omega. My name is Zhane Bradshaw, and I am one of the rare breed of werewolves, male omega as they called us and werewolves like us were forced to hide, finding different methods to blend in the crowd in order to survive this brutal world. Unfortunately, I barely even got the chance before I was sold to a merciless alpha by my own big brother in exchange for luxury. What did I do after that? Of course, I ran. But t
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Mark was a boy who was genuinely interested in keeping up with his grades, so when he sneaked out of the back of his school, it was no doubt that even the teachers were alarmed regarding his behavior, as they have received nothing but good words regarding this kid. What caused him to act out like that in the first week of middle school?“I am sorry, we got here as fast as we could.” The woman, amongst what appeared to be a couple , spoke. “What happened to Mark? Are you sure he sneaked out”? Anxiously she asked. Who was she? She was Mark’s mother, Mrs Megan McCain.  She had a genuinely good reason to worry for her kid missing out, something she can’t quite convey to the teacher.“All we know is that he asked permission to go to the infirmary, but he never showed up there”? The homeroom teacher, Mrs Lawrence, shrugged.“What about the CCTV footage?” Her husband, Don McCain, asked the teacher.
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Don and Megan decided to head out and wait for their son to come out. While they still had an hour left till the school gets over, it was the same time that it took for a trip back and forth from the McCain household to the school. Sure, the couple could let their son take the bus as usual, but things weren’t as usual around here anymore.“Let’s go to the bar. I need a drink.” Megan huffed as soon as they left the school. “You sure? It’s the middle of the day.” Don paused, worried for his wife. He was also worried about his son as no matter what he did not want to introduce Mark to alcohol at this young age, even if it was just a smell coming out of his mother’s mouth.“I’ll have like one shot. Please.” Megan begged. “I am already worried about that little kid, I need some booze in me.” she sighed.“Alright then…” Don sighed. Unable to say no to his lovely wife
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You are a Kid?!?
Zhane packed the things he liked to call ‘weapons’ and put them in the tiny space below his oversized shirt. Despite his tremendous practice and exercises, his overall size could be considered skinny. He was ripped, for sure… but he was still a bit skinny. Therefore a bit oversized shirts looked quite charming on him.He exited the bar after his shift ended and kept a lookout. If his mate were locate him here, it would be hard to murder him, given the exponentially increasing crowd at the moment. Finally, he walked up to his pick up truck and drove closer to a nearby ally, which was relatively emptier. Zhane didn’t take suppressants this time on purpose and hoped that the lingering scent would draw his mate, but after waiting for hours no one came for him. Is it possible that his mate didn’t want to interact with him as well? Or perhaps his mate caught onto his idea? Or perhaps simply lost his trail? He wondered.In any case,
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"Wait... do you want to die? Are you here to commit suicide"? Mark asked the young man, or as Mark would like to call 'Old Man', in front of him.Zhane stared with bafflement in his eyes at the innocent eyes of the young boy. All Zhane needed to do was convince this kid to never come near him, perhaps like that Zhane could go ahead without ever killing his mate. "Why are you staring at me"? Mark asked, and moved his hand in front of Zhane's eyes."Mr. Old Man, you don't have to kill yourself. Whatever it is it'll pass. It will be alright." Mark comforted Zhane. It was ironic how Zhane didn't care for anything Mark blurted, and yet hearing those words come out of Mark was oddly...comforting."You are an idiot." Zhane mumbled."I get the highest scores in my class. I am not an idiot"! Mark argued with the man in front of him. For some reason Mark felt safer with this strange man more than he ever felt safe around his own classmates, typically the regular bu
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  Zhane didn’t know how to convince Mark that he was dangerous, without alarming the kid to an extent where he goes around telling his parents. In that case, Zhane would have to leave this place as soon as possible.  But perhaps telling the kid’s family would be good? Maybe they will stop Mark from hanging out with Zhane?Oh who was he kidding, the mate bond, that too the fated mate bond was one of the purest forms of bond regarded as the werewolves. No wolf would ever believe that as Mark’s mate, Zhane was capable of hurting Mark at all. In fact, they might even push them together, something he would absolutely hate. As the older one, Mark could become his responsibility, and no matter what he didn’t want to get dragged in.Amidst the silence a noise of crackling hit Zhane’s ears. Upon focussing he h
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After managing to escape the parents of the kid who was supposed to be his mate, Zhane went back to serving his customers for the night. Even so, he couldn’t help but be distracted from time to time as he kept on recalling what had happened. When it was close to sunrise, aka the end of his shift, he finally went back to bed.Unfortunately for him though, he couldn’t fall asleep. He just got here, and he was seriously considering running away once more. He had been worried about finding his mate forever, but never did he ever imagine a scenario like this. For some reason he had always assumed his mate would force him or something, but seeing that his mate was a harmless kid… it was crazier.Of all people in the world, why did he have to find his mate? And why on earth did his mate have to be a little boy? He groaned. Having spent nights on high alert when he took down a group of rogue wolves, Zhane could function well enough with low sleep. So, the next morning, he
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"You are supposed to be my..."
"Because you are supposed to be my mate." Those were the words that hit Zhane harder than any punch he had ever received in his lifetime. This kid didn't know anything about werewolves a day before, and suddenly he was an expert? Did Mark deceive him, or did his parents explain to him?"That bond means nothing to me." Zhane spat."Bond"? Mark frowned. "So you know everything as well." "What are you talking about, kid?" Zhane frowned. Of course he knew. He was a grown up werewolf after all."You asked me if I assume myself as a human. I am guessing because you could tell who, of what I am. I'm guessing you're the same". Mark declared. Taking a deep breath, Zhane approached Mark. "So what if I do? What if I am who you think I am. You should know that means I am more dangerous." Zhane threatened. "For a guy who claims to be dangerous, you keep coming to my rescue a lot." Mark mumbled. "Well, clearly that was a mistake." Zhane scoffs. "Move"
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We are werewolves
  Why the hell did Zhane allow Mark to get the best of him? How could he let that kid convince him to tell his name? No matter what, Zhane couldn’t help but curse himself for being played by a little pup, when Zhane had taken down multiple, big bad alphas.  Zhane didn’t hear or get bothered by little Mark for the next week, but that didn't stop his mind from wandering here and there about what happened with Mark. On one hand he couldn't help but try to convince himself "Good Riddance". On the other hand, he was worried.  He was certain Mark would somehow show up again, bothering him especially when he dropped the supplies in the school. For some reason not only didn't Mark approach him, Mark was nowhere near to be found. Not even a flicker of scent. As if Mark hadn't
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Our Situation
  With every passing day, Zhane started to feel worried. There was a sense of uneasiness that made him wonder about what the hell happened with Mark. Zhane hated that the mate bond made him feel stuff like that, anxious for no apparent reason. Zhane never thought that when he did find his fated mate, he would need to worry this much. Why was fate so twisted for him? Zhane increased his trips to the school, taking over extra shifts for delivery just so he could catch a sniff or anything that would point towards his presence. Any conversation related to Mark in between the kids or the students, but apart from a single mention that he was under the weather, there wasn’t much info that he could find. Almost after ten days, he caught the scent of Mark, while he was on his way to the school. But there was so
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