Almost every day for the past six months I have trained, with and without the guy's assistance; I have found solace in the physical power that I possess.

In the beginning it was tough; motivation was hard to come by, but that all ended one night five months ago.

I woke up screaming, tears were pouring down my face and my breathing ragged. Memories of my parents being dragged away from me were fresh in my mind. The feelings I felt as an eight year old girl; alone and afraid in a dark cold room where Alpha Austin interrogated me about their disappearance, haunted me.   

I felt betrayed, sad, helpless and downright terrified.

The dangerous look in his eyes terrified me and when he slammed his fists on the metal table, my entire body shook with fear of being struck.

An immense sadness weighed down my heart, it had been a while since I dreamt of that night and every time I did; I woke up drenched in sweat, screaming. That fateful night was no different, but thankfully the rooms were all soundproof so I was assured that no one woke with my screams.

I hated that they still affected me, I was far away from them, but still the memories haunted my subconscious mind.

The more I laid awake thinking about it, the more my sadness faded and was replaced by a burning rage for my tormentors, I wanted to fight back.

I didn't want to be helpless. I loathed that feeling!

I threw the blankets off my body and ran to the gym; the moment the door was shut I began throwing punches at the punching bag that hung in the middle of the room.

Memories flashed through my mind which fuelled my anger, I could feel a hot burning sensation in my eyes, but paid no heed to it. I needed release; I needed relief for all the anger and adrenaline coursing through my veins.

Each punch and kick I delivered was fiercer than the one before, threatening to tear the bag from its mounting.

I faintly heard the door to the gym burst open, but I was far too gone to care. All the years of Physical torture and helplessness was being released, the bag danced violently from my onslaught.

Suddenly the bag was gripped and my arms held back, I was seeing red, nothing could restrain me. I tore myself from my captor and continued my assault on the bag; the voices of Alpha Jamie, Jake and Dristan were breaking through my walls pleading with me to stop.

Their pleas sounded so much like my own when I begged Alpha Austin to believe me. My resolve was weak, until suddenly it crashed. I stopped punching and fell to the ground in sobs.

Alpha Jamie gathered me in his arms and held me as I cried; something no one had done for eight years. For the first time since I lost my parents, I had someone to hold me and wipe away my tears, someone to ease the pain.

“Shh, don't cry. It’s okay, it's all over. They can't hurt you now.” He continued whispering soothing words in my ear till my body grew limp.

I sat up, wiped my tears and looked him in the eye. His gasp echoed through the room as he pulled me up, his eyes were wide, they held mixed emotions which confused me greatly. I looked to Jake and Dris for answers but their reactions were identical to their Alpha.

“What?” I asked shakily looking between them.

“Your eyes, they- they're glowing…Red!” my head snapped to the mirror that made up one side of the gym walls only confirming their words.

I stepped closer to the mirror to observe the strange sight. Red dominated my Iris but I could see the faint baby blue rings that surrounded them, the rings seemed to be invading the Red, we watched closely as my eyes changed from the bright burning red to a soft transparent icy blue colour. I had noticed in the past few weeks how the shade of my normally ice blue eyes changed shades, at first I thought I was imagining things, but now it's confirmed.

“Come on, let's talk in the office.” He led us to the office and proceeded to sit on the L-shaped couch and we followed suit. I know they wanted to know exactly what happened tonight, so I told them.


Since that night I had learned to channel my sadness and pain into anger. When I suggested the idea they were hell bent on me not doing it, but with a little bit of persuasion they agreed and helped me learn to control it. At first whenever I became angry my eyes turned red, but after a lot of practise and help from the guys I was able to control the changing of my eye colour.

My body has also changed drastically in these past months; I'm no longer the skinny, undernourished girl that joined the pack. I look healthier and feel stronger than ever.

My strength has increased tenfold, I am now ranked first amongst the pack for my strength and agility and the only person that I am yet to beat is the Alpha himself.

Two months into my training, I started working on my mental abilities.

I found that I have the ability to manipulate water in any form, that ability came as a shock to me- one morning I was free from morning training, but Connor and Brad decided to prank me by throwing iced water on me to wake me up. I heard them before they reached me, but pretended to be asleep, my eyes snapped open when the sound of swishing water came from above me. A bubble of water was suspended mid-air. The two stood frozen, wide eyed before they shrieked like girls when the water was dumped on their heads. I was so stunned that exactly what I had imagined happened that I dismissed it all as a dream and went back to sleep. It was only until hours later when I woke up and noticed the whole pack acting strangely and the twins pouting at me that I realised that it was actually reality and one of my gifts.

Each one of my gifts came to me in a different way and each had their own purpose, it was interesting to learn more about them and I was always excited to see what more I could do.

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Omolori Halima Anave
awesome book
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Susan Matthews
interesting. but because I have to pay to read more, I won't be continuing. Goodbye.
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love that she's getting stronger and more confident

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