My lungs squeezed from the lack of oxygen entering my body, I didn’t know how much more I could take, but I was determined to deliver my baby before I gave up.

I could hear Devin’s voice offering soothing, motivational words to me, but his voice was slowly being completely drowned out by the increased pain that engulfed my body.

“Come on Alpha, give me one big push, you can do it!” Dr Winter’s voice broke through my haze, heeding her words I drew in the most painful breath I ever took and focussed my energy on pushing.

I didn’t hear the cheers or the cries of my baby, all I could see was the world turn red around me, the last thing I saw was Dr WInters holding my baby upside down, slapping his bottom before the world disappeared.

∞ Dream ∞

“We meet again my sweet Shadow.” Mother Selene greeted with a smile and spread her arms for me.

“Mother Selene!” I threw myself into her arms, I have so many times in these past few years gone to bed hoping that she would appear in my dreams
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