I smoothed the invisible wrinkles on the lilac and white A-line wedding dress.

“Will stop that, you’re going to crease it if you keep doing that.” My mom scowled in a very unlike her tone.

“I’m nervous.” I shot back and she sighed.

“About what honey? You are marrying a man you have been in love with practically your whole life and are fated by Mother Selene to be with. You guys have been through thick and thin in the past year and come out so strong together, it can only get better from here.” She soothed, trying to calm me down from my panic.

“I just- I don’t know…” I sighed, is this what cold feet feels like?

“Is it the rejection on your mind?” my eyes fell, not wanting to admit that I hardly slept last night as the scene kept replaying in my mind.

“Oh Allison.” She pulled me into a hug.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me, mom.” I mumbled into her shoulder, feeling annoyed with myself.

“There’s nothing wrong with you darling, you’re going to go out there today as a beauti
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Melinda Drennan Sams
just nope... Alison is his equal, Devin shouldn't be her Alpha while she is his Luna. either they are both Alpha or Devin is also Alison's Luna..

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