Blood Thirst

Blood Thirst

By:  Albert Edison  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sarah is a dominating CEO who has a dark mysterious past. She was born in an unchartered island in Southeast Asia. Having experienced poverty at a very young age, she vowed to be the first female in their place to be successful in life. Lucky enough, a benefactor supported her financially so she can get into college and achieve her dreams. This is where she met Mark, the lone heir to a multi-million dollar company based in the Philippines. Their relationship went sour when Mark got depressed and broke up with her brought by jealousy since Sarah was able was able to graduate and he did not because of his carefree attitude. In spite of what transpired, Sarah continued pursuing her dreams. It is at this time that her past starts haunting her each time there is a blood moon. At nights like this, she transforms into a creature known as a manananggal, a half-woman with the wings of a bat who sucks blood out of her victims. Unfortunately, Mark’s mom and dad became one of them. Mark promised to kill Sarah and avenge the death of his parents. He even went to the extent of hiring a group called the ghost hunters to try and track her down. He also posted a price on the head of Sarah so the bounty hunters would go after her too. In one of their skirmishes, Sarah was captured. Mark devised a plan to save her and was successful. They both ran away into the mountains to escape their inevitable demise. But fate has its way of unfolding. Sarah bore a son out of her relationship with Mark. At first, they were not sure if their son inherited the curse of the manananggal. Their son inherited the curse of the blood thirst.

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5 Chapters
She stared blankly at the blue sky splashed with white puffy clouds that danced on it like minstrels busily entertaining their king and queen with a mug of hot coffee in hand. The cool breeze gently touching her silky skin as she stood on the veranda of her plush condo situated at the heart of Makati."Tweet!... Tweet!" Her phone rang wildly on the coffee table. Sarah casually walked to it and stared at the screen with scrutinizing eyes, trying to figure out who is calling her at these wee hours in the morning! "Such a fool! Thinking that I will give him my valuable time," her mind shouted in vehement protest. " I am the CEO of the biggest Crypto trading company in the country. My time is priceless! And I'm not about to waste it on small talk!"It's Mark, her ex-boyfriend, and marketing executive. Memories suddenly flooded her mind. Reminding her of the times when she felt she was on cloud nine in his arms. They were so contented with their relationship back then. They
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Attack on One of Ours
Mark met with his marketing team that night at a coffee bar in Makati. The place is the fave hang out of yuppies like them, young executives hungry for power and money, longing for attention.He came in a cream suit with a light pink polo underneath. His slightly shaved beard and mustache made him look ten years younger as the lights of the bar shone upon his gorgeous countenance.After he broke up with Sarah, his outlook on life greatly changed. He is no longer the young man he used to be. That man with a carefree attitude is long gone. Mark now has a clear goal in his mind, to become a member of the Fortune 500, an elite group of millionaires. However, unlike Sarah, he is determined not to use others or do anything illegal to get there, for he knows full well that this is against the teachings of the Lord. Unknown to Sarah, he has been a good man since the time he put the Lord at the center of his life. The truth is, he is even more active in their church than before
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Winged Demon
“Now, for the Breaking News! A mythological winged creature suddenly appeared out of nowhere and tried to attack a marketing executive who just came out of a coffee shop in Fifth Avenue Makati. Security cameras in the area revealed that the said creature seemed to be a half-woman with the wings of a bat. As for the motive why the young lady is attacked by the manananggal, the police investigators are not yet able to search for an answer to the question as we speak. The name of the lady is withheld upon her request. This is Angelica Cruz reporting." Mark turns the television off. He slumps into his Italian sofa, throws the remote on the couch, and contemplates what he witnessed the other night. "That winged creature looks familiar. I think I have seen it before when I was younger." There was a full moon that night. Mark is the only one left in their mansion with their Maids. His parents attended an important dinner function at the Moonstar Hotel by the Bay Vie
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No one knows how these mysterious killings brought about by a veiled creature began. Some of the people interviewed by Mark in the past admit that such a being is just a myth, it only exists in one's wild imagination. Yet he believes otherwise. He is a victim of the handiwork of the manananggal. He became an unwilling orphan at a young age because of it. He vowed on the grave of his parents that he will leave no stone unturned in searching for their killer. Before he applied for a job at Crypto. PH, Mark traveled to the United States for his Master's Degree in Business Administration. He enrolled at Mountain View University and honed his skills in crypto trading. After 3 years of hiatus, he came back to the Philippines and was hired as a Marketing Executive. His credentials spoke of how good he is and soon enough was awarded the gold anvil, a testament to his exemplary sales contribution to the company. All these went unnoticed in the eyes of Sarah. She still holds a grudge
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Blood Moon
A blood moon hovers in the night sky, an ominous sign that the manananggal is just lurking nearby. Legend says that when a moon like this appears in the sky, the bowels of the earth would open and release these menacing creatures from the deep.The manananggal according to mythology, is a half-bodied naked woman with the wings of a bat, razor-sharp teeth, and a 5-foot tongue that acts like suction to draw the blood out of the victim's body. The wing is so large that it spans at least 8 feet from tip to tip. To search for its prey, it hovers high above the night sky and through its keen sense of smell detects their blood.It was around midnight when Sarah left the gym. She handed her card over to the receptionist so she could record her session. Upon signing out, she sauntered to the elevator and rode it so she could reach the parking area which is five floors up."Ting!" The elevator bell sounded and the metal doors gradually opened. Sarah alighted and strolled
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