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She is Kitsune. An ancient nine-tailed demon capable of turning into an attractive girl. Born to ruin unwary men. At least that's what those who love her believe. A bittersweet love story for three, flowing into a thriller. A world of heavy music, difficult decisions and even more difficult actions. Welcome to it.

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Seewant Raaj Adhikari
……………………loved it
2022-10-24 09:56:06
76 Chapters
- Lou... hey Louis! Blah, are you deaf?! Tom yelled into his brother's ear. The elder flinched and looked at him with that special look that Tommy just hated. The look clearly said - fall off, not up to you now. At such moments, the youngest began to think that they were children again, and in childhood for excessive annoyance it was possible to slap the neck.Luis has often been like this lately – withdrawn, hovering, hovering incomprehensibly where. Although he is usually the soul of the company, always in the spotlight, loves to laugh and does not like boredom. Tom doesn't know what's going on with his brother, and it infuriates him even more than that look."I was going to call," Tom said."You?"- Me. She wanted to talk to you. And you don't pick up the phone."Not about anything," Luis replied angrily. - We've already talked to hell with everything. A hundred times.- What are you watching? Tom asked, looking at his laptop screen."It's not your mind's business," he cut off, blo
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She is
Lou licked his swollen lip and winced, hurting. And I want to drink. I moved my fingers on my hands. I looked at the ripped knuckles. The bones are whole, that's okay. I touched a simple leather bean with a large bead. Goosebumps ran down my skin.It's already dawned, most likely, he missed the plane. With a sigh, I rolled over the hard hotel bed, searched for a mobile, looked at the time - so it is, late. Fuck... I didn't really want to fly away. Live, though, too. The mobile was sluggish, but Luis shut it up. Not her. So, I don't care who is calling or why. Just don't care. Everything that happened yesterday was in front of my eyes in a series of pictures.A small, cozy, smoky club, barely half full. A small scene. Inexpensive equipment. Someone is playing something there... How good it is that you can smoke! He lights cigarettes one from the other, and his fingers squeezing a glass of whiskey still twitch slightly. She's gone until she arrived.Louis seems to have finally snapped.
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- Hi :) Do you remember me? You left me a card. Here, decide to write.- Of course I remember :) Hello! Very happy... I waited.- Really?- Of course! (God, you'd know how! Two weeks! Two weeks of hell! Fourteen days, and each with twenty-four hours of waiting and endlessly hanging out on social media!)- I'm here to read about you on the Internet, you are a star, it turned out :) Love the latest album – cool! I listen now all the days. Sorry if you don't understand that I'm writing — it's a translator."And I listen to your songs. Don't apologize for you!I was told there was a fight. Are you okay?- Yes, nonsense. Already healed, don't worry :) (God, she's worried! she's wondering like I am!)"What were you doing in our city?"- I wanted to look at you... hear live. (I wanted to fuck you! Pull the fucking mother off your clothes and slowly walk in, looking straight into your eyes. Feel what kind of person you are... How you moan with pleasure, how you bend towards you when you. As t
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Forgive me
He woke up because his arm was terribly numb. Just died. Lou tried to move it. It didn't work. He turned his head and understood why. Some maiden was sniffling on his shoulder, scattering dark hair on the pillow. Deuce... I wonder, and who is it? Although, what difference does it make?! It's not Keith. That will do. Annoyance and excruciating shame covered Lou, and immediately a viscous headache joined them. It was supposed to be so fucked up yesterday and listen to these assholes, and be in bed fucking-knows-with-who... Cheat on her with some first woman she meets...He gently shoved the girl in the shoulder:- Hey... Wake up.She just sleepily muttered something in response and rolled over to the other side. Louis hurriedly pulled out his unconscious hand and tried to move his fingers. Blood, running through the veins, stabbed them with needles. He looked at the palm where Kitty's stylized cat skull was impaled. Hello, Kitty... I cheated on you. And Keith. Or yourself in the first p
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No fairy tales
Flashes... in front of my eyes, in my head, in my stomach... Spots, shots, sweet jolts... Her moist, swollen lips, light moans, a lingering look from under half-lowered eyelashes, a shudder running through her stomach... Her heart fills the room with a bell ringing. Lou is ready to sell his soul to the devil for the opportunity to be there, on the other side of the screen, next to her... He does not take his eyes off, catches every movement of her body... The pleasure grows, reaches some unreal, crazy peak. He never imagined that it could be like this...He was embarrassed, not deftly undressing under her intent, studying gaze. All the ability to behave in front of the camera, all the experience of filming gave way to the modest eye of the webcam. He is skinny, it seems to him that from the whole body he has only elbows, knees and tattoos. How can she like it? But she says - beautifully, and asks to show everything, using a completely indecent word. Where did you hear it?! It's exciti
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I spin your galaxy
Louis pressed his forehead against the cool glass. The bus trembled on the move and this vibration was given in the whole body. He just called Kit, but she didn't answer. Maybe on stage... or already sleeping... or just busy... But I really wanted to talk. Hear her voice. Their conversations, of course ... Lou says something in Russian, she laughs, corrects. In English, he has to build phrases as if he is communicating with a small child. And she doesn't understand half of it. And yet, wonderful. Without another dose of this dope, Louis missed.The guys were still awake, but no one was in Lou's room. Everyone was already aware of his great love and high suffering. And since he is sitting - eyebrows with a house, sadness in his eyes - the girl does not pick up his phone. And it's better not to joke about it. For some reason, Sparks' sense of humor at such moments completely leaves.Louis was more sad, then took a picture of his sour face and sent it to her. Let him see how bad he is wi
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my river
After finishing the autograph session, Louis decided that now he could relax, hide Kit's small hand in his and dump away from everyone. But it was not there. They didn't want to let them go. Especially after he finally took his beloved by the hand. Flashes, microphones under the nose:Is this your new girlfriend?- How did you meet?- How long have you been together?- What is her name?“Tell me, does Lou have a tattoo on his penis?” (this is Keith).She laughed in response, and then said:Yes, and not alone!And stuck out her middle finger at the aimed cameras.Louis admired the compliment and Kit's resourcefulness, quickly and almost politely kicked out stupid questions and whispered in her ear:- We're running. And they won't leave...Jeff, the clever one, took the fire, and they quietly crawled back, dived into some passage, turned another and another, crawled under some structures and ended up in a field behind the stage. Technicians, quarreling, slowly dismantled the equipment.
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shall we pray ?
“Kitty is a kitten, we have to go…” Louis decided to say, touching her hair with his lips. They had several hours to sack this city, and the time was running out. Kit sighed, lifted her head, muttered something in Russian, and dropped it back. It could be “yes, of course”, “I don’t want to go anywhere” or “go to hell” - his choice. She was, of course, tired because of the night flight and the sex marathon they had arranged. Lou, too, would gladly send everything away and would not get out of this bed for another year. But - it is necessary. It is necessary, it is necessary, it is necessary ... Jeff already called, sarcastically wondering where the devils are.Lou kissed her again and stroked her back.“Baby, wake up… You’ll sleep on the bus, okay?”When Keith, in response to his question, for how many days she flew in, raised her fingers spread out, he squeaked like a youngster at the sight of Justin Bieber: “Will you go somnoyKit?!She nodded.Five days! For five whole days! Lou tho
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Planes, planes... Tears. What is it?!
There were six of them, these baubles-notches, on Louis' hand when she said she would leave him. And nine when he decided to get rid of them.After a few wonderful days together on the tour bus, Lou yearned for Kit to death. Lived from call to call, from sms to emoticons in Skype. The rest of the events were a foggy annoying background.As soon as he had free time, he immediately flew to her. Kitsune met him at the airport. Lou almost ate it on the way home in a taxi. The driver looked sideways in the rear-view mirror and grinned. He didn't give a fuck... he inhaled the scent of her body and shook with passion. They barely made it to her door. The shaggy red dog Kitty only barked in surprise and was immediately sent to the kitchen.The sex was fast, greedy, hard. Tenderness will be ... later ... but for now - to drink each other in one gulp, choking ... Kit scratched his back, the stripes from the nails burned. And bit her lip. Louis felt the coppery taste of blood in his mouth. And t
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He cuts the lettuce. Drives a knife along the green elastic stems. No thoughts in my head, no sensations inside. Or does it just seem so? He's so drunk that he can't feel his fingertips. They were numb. What the hell is he cutting? Forgot. Probably it should be.Baubles Whale. Dangling on the wrist. One, two, three... Nine. He may not count. Knows exactly. He remembers how she tied - fastened each of them. He remembers every meeting from the first to the last second. There was another one, the tenth ... Instead of a bauble, he received something else. Instead of a commemorative notch - a fat dot. All. End. Finish. Apocalypse.He looks at them and realizes that he intensely hates these harmless trinkets. It's like notes from heaven, pages from the diary of happiness, which are pinned to your chest with hefty nails before they kick you in the ass. So that when you fry in a damn frying pan, you, bitch, do not forget for a second how happy you once were.That's right... gotta get rid of t
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