The Tragedy Of Us

The Tragedy Of Us

By:  Ann Noan  Ongoing
Language: English
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Mia, a beautiful and innocent girl, is running away from someone. When she stumbles upon a city, she's determined to have a fresh start. But it isn't as peaceful as it seems to be, as mysteries and murder lurk just beneath the surface. Even more so when she becomes entangled with two men, both hiding something. When the bodies begin piling up, who is to blame? It would seem Mia has never gotten away at all.

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Phoenix Storm
Interesting content, though it needs to be edited for tense and some minor grammar issues. Keep up the good work. :)
2021-08-14 08:01:59
10 Chapters
If she were to die tonight, this must be the best way to go. Mia held onto her seat. The tattered seatbelt lays useless by her side. Despite everything, she felt scared. Scared for both of them. It was the first time she thought about it. It was true what they said, when you're nearing the end, you only have your regrets to keep you company.  He pressed down on the gas harder, going way over the speed limit. She felt like throwing up. “Stop the car, Lucas.”  Her trembling voice got carried over by the rushing wind from the open windows. Mia closed her eyes tightly. “Lucas! Please!” “Shut your mouth!” He snarled at her. The car went faster, throwing her back on the cushion with knocking force. She couldn't help
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CHAPTER 1- Never Had Anyone
She loves the rain; the way it erases traces of everything. For her, it's a symbol of a slate being cleaned; a new beginning. And that is what keeps her alive. For now, at least. Standing outside a cozy bar, she lets the downpour soak her from head to toe, making her white dress stick to her like a second skin. She has nothing except a tattered small black sling bag. Her long black hair hangs around her face like a wet curtain. After a moment of staring through the glass doors, she finally steps inside. As soon as she walks in, heads start turning in her direction. Despite the disheveled appearance, she exudes an appeal that is even more magnified by her drenched figure. She goes straight to the bar and tries to order a gin and tonic. "Uhm, do you have an ID?" the bartender eyes her small stature, attempting so hard not to stare at her see-through dress. "I don't have it with me right now," she mutters under her breath. The bartender gives her a look.
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CHAPTER 2- Never Been Welcomed
MIA’S POVIt is already half past three in the afternoon when Mia wakes up. She pads toward the empty living room and finds that Roman has left her a note. 'Went out for a while. Don't go anywhere. Call if there are problems, 09xxxxxxxx' How can she go out when she doesn't even have anywhere to go? She doesn’t even own a phone. With nothing else to do, she decides to have a look around his place. It's minimalistic and neat. Something she wouldn't expect a guy to design their place with. There’s nothing remotely interesting either. It looks like the place of someone who's not planning to stay for more than a year. There must be something around here, she thinks to herself. Mia begins to check every corner of the cabinets and drawers, knocking on every edge for possible shallow compartments. A girl of her upbringing already knows just where to look for this kind of thing. But when she comes up with nothing, she was about to give up. A row of
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CHAPTER 3- Never Had A Home
MIA’S POVWhen Mia hears the sound of the shower running, she finally gets up from her bed and thuds toward the kitchen to make some breakfast. Last night, she was not able to sleep a wink without feeling ashamed. Ava’s words have kept echoing in her brain making her feel worse about herself. Even though Roman has told her not to take her words seriously, she knows she was just spitting facts. Whatever the history between the two, it was not of her concern. She is leaving anyway. Between the hidden handgun and the crazy girl best friend, she decides it is better not to get entangled in their affairs. “What’s this?” Roman comes out of the bathroom, drying his dripping black hair with a towel. He glances over the table with interest. It is laden with a plethora of bacon, hotdog, fried rice, eggs and toasts, and coffee. "Just a little thank you. I know it’s not much but it’s all I can do for you, for now.” He looks at her amusedly as she immed
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CHAPTER 4- Never Been Asked Out
MIA'S POVMia is seven years old when she learns that her parents are drug dealers. She has no idea at that age what that meant. It was when she turned thirteen that she finally realized it wasn't normal to hide small packets of drugs on her body whenever she and her parents went to somebody's house. Mia wanted to run away from that life and that is when she met Lucas. He saved her, only to bring her to another kind of hell. At least her parents never hit her. "Why are you helping me?" Mia blurts out. Roman is taken aback by the random question. "Because you look like you badly need it." When Mia doesn't seem satisfied, he asks, "Should I have another reason?" "Well, for all you know I could be a serial killer." "You?" Roman gives her a once-over, his lips twitching in the corners. "What? I could be." "Yeah, sure," he chortles. "For a guy who—" Mia stops herself. "For a guy that what?" Roman r
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CHAPTER 5- Never Been Saved
MIA'S POV"I might be a little late later," Roman says, reading messages on his phone. It pings again for the 10th time over breakfast. Mia eyes his vibrating phone. "You don't have to pick me up every day." He looks up at her. "Of course," he says stiffly, putting his phone down. "Plus, I picked up an extra shift. So, I'll be done by 9," she says, avoiding his eyes. Mia feels the need to lie about her date with Killian. It's not like they're in a relationship but for now, her guts tell her to leave it out of the conversation. "I should be able to pay you enough by the end of the month." It is good news but Roman doesn't think so as his lips form into a thin line. "I wished you'd stop seeing me as your landlord." "How should I see you, then?" His mouth works but no words come out, caught off-guard by her straightforwardness. Roman clears his throat. "A friend." He seems embarrassed saying it.
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CHAPTER 6- Never Been Selfish
MIA'S POVIt is almost midnight when Mia arrives in the apartment. She expects that Roman is already asleep but as she turns the light on, she sees him sitting by the windowsill, idly playing with the leaves of the fake plant. His eyebrows quirk up at the sight of her. “You alright? You seem shaken.” “I’m fine.” Mia manages a weak smile, her eyes darting back to the fake plant. “I saw what happened back in the coffee shop.” The air between them suddenly crackled with tension. Mia subconsciously reaches for her left arm. The dark expression on his face disappears as he lets out a sigh. “Come here.” Roman already has a first aid kit ready by his side. He rolls her long-sleeves upward revealing violet lines of healed scars all over. Bright red lines stand out among them and Roman puts a band-aid over it. “Not something I can’t handle,” she says as his eyebrow furrows at her scars. He doesn’t let go of her arm and traces
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CHAPTER 7- Never Been A Liar
MIA'S POV Mia has not asked how he is going to help her. Killian is a university student and the president of their central organization. He has better things to do than to snoop around some unidentified crazy motorcycle rider. By the end of the week, she hopes it will be out of his mind. As long as that criminal stays out of her business, her past will be safely tucked to where it belongs: in the past. But not only is the criminal up in her business; Roman as well. She has not seen him since their awkward conversation but she can feel that he’s bursting at the seams with questions. What she is doing right now is only delaying the inevitable. This morning, Mia works alone. Ava studies at the same university as Killian, only she is a freshman and he is a graduating student. Still, she finds herself envious of Ava that it makes her consider seriously en
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CHAPTER 8- Never Good
AVA’S POV“It would have been bright red,” Mia says, her lips curl up in amusement.When Ava opened the bathroom door, Mia's lower body was drenched in blood. So, it is just natural that she has acted in fright and thought of the worst-case scenario.Turns out it is just paint. The paper bag she brings with her contains art stuff and it just so happens that the little container of mahogany watercolor has leaked. And now Ava, a psychology student, feels dumb right in front of Mia.“Yeah, you’re right. Sorry, I’m being stupid.”“No, you’re not. You’ve just been through a lot.” Mia washes her hands, her long-sleeves drenching in the process. “I’m sorry
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CHAPTER 9- Never Been A Killer
MIA’S POV “Is this your brother?” Mia asks, holding the photograph up to Roman. He looks disgruntled at being woken up just as he is about to fall asleep. The drowsiness on his face disappears as his eyes land on the picture. “With Killian?” Mia prods on as he doesn’t say a word. “You went through my stuff?” “I bumped into your books and it fell.” She shifts on her feet. “Why do you have a picture of them together?” He tries to sit up but the small effort brings discomfort to his fresh wound. His nose scrunches up in a grimace. “Remembrance. My brother’s dead, you see.” “I know. Killian told me.” 
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