Mommy, Please Spare Daddy!

Mommy, Please Spare Daddy!

By:  Gem Lynne  Updated just now
Language: English
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Karina's world shattered when she discovered her husband's infidelity and his desire for a divorce, leaving her adrift and unsure of her next steps amidst the judgment of his family. Summoning her courage, she signed the papers and departed, her destination uncertain. Fortune intervened as Karina reunited with her long-lost family, inspiring her to embark on a journey abroad. Six years elapsed before she returned, transformed into a formidable woman unrecognizable from her former self. As Karina embraced her fresh start, fate intervened once more as she unexpectedly crossed paths with her ex-husband. Would this encounter stir up old emotions, or would it unveil an unforeseen twist in the tale, leaving her adversaries stunned?

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155 Chapters
Chapter One
On a beautiful yet unbalanced spring morning, Karina hurried into the vestibule of the alluring manor, tears cascading down her cheeks. She had gone to pay a visit to her spouse, Aidan, and share the elating news of her pregnancy. However, upon arrival, she witnessed him in a vehement intimacy with a fair-haired woman. Consumed by heartache and unable to even catch a glimpse of the woman, she fled, her emotions in disarray. How could he have betrayed her so heedlessly? Strolling over to a settee, absentmindedly, she closed her eyes and reminisced on the look on his countenance when they first met. It was a mixture of vexation, irritation, and surprise. She could have never fathomed that he would be unfaithful to her after all these years of wholeheartedly committing herself to him. After a moment of suppressing her tears, she composed herself as she heard the sound of a vehicle. Aidan had arrived and she was hoping for a plausible explanation for his actions. She turned around as s
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Chapter Two
Aidan lunged forward, instinctively attempting to intercept his mother's impending strike aimed at Karina. Despite his swift reflexes, he was a fraction too late, watching helplessly as the slap landed with a resounding thud against Karina's cheek.Karina recoiled slightly from the impact, her hand rising instinctively to the stinging mark left in its wake. Yet, to the astonishment of those gathered, a faint smile graced her lips, her expression one of disbelief and defiance.Straightening her posture with a quiet resolve, Karina reached for the divorce papers, her movements deliberate as she swiftly signed them before returning them to Aidan with a measured calmness."You are now officially divorced, Aidan Algernon," Karina announced with a sense of formality, locking eyes with him in a silent exchange that spoke volumes. The room fell silent, everyone taken aback by Karina's unexpected acquiescence."Woah, you actually signed them?" Wally's incredulous remark punctuated the stunne
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Chapter Three
As Karina wandered through the streets for hours, feeling lost and helpless, she eventually found herself settling near a dumpster. The sky grew dark, and rain began to fall, drenching her in its cold embrace. Looking up at the heavens, she cried out in despair."Why, God? Why do you let me suffer like this? I have no home and no family. Just when I thought I found a new family, everything fell apart." Tears mixed with rain streamed down her face as she poured out her heart. "I gave everything to a man for three years, only for him to cheat and leave me. Now I'm back on the streets, alone and pregnant. How is this fair?"With each word, her voice cracked with pain, and she sank to her knees on the wet pavement, overcome with sorrow. Lost in her regret and agony, she suddenly heard the sound of an approaching car. Startled, she stood up and shielded her eyes from the headlights. But before she could react further, her strength failed her, and she collapsed onto the ground, just as the
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Chapter Four
~~ Six years later ~~ As the plane's door swung open, a woman descended the stairs with grace, her every step exuding elegance and sophistication. Her chestnut brown hair cascaded in soft waves, perfectly complementing her flamboyant attire that bespoke of wealth and classic taste. With sparkling eyes and a radiant smile, she held onto a cheerful little girl who mirrored her mother's grace and beauty, dressed in a matching outfit.As they stepped onto the tarmac, the little girl's eyes widened in wonder, taking in the sights and sounds of the bustling airport. People stopped in their tracks, their gazes drawn to the pair as they made their way down the railings."Why do everyone keep staring at me wherever we go, Mommy?" the girl asked, her voice filled with curiosity.The woman chuckled affectionately, removing her sunglasses to reveal sparkling daunting brown eyes. "It's because you're so pretty, Sophie, my darling," she replied with a smile.Sophie giggled in response, her infecti
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Chapter five
Aidan could not contain his involuntary blinking as he fixated on Karina, who commanded the stage with her ethereal presence and left the audience in awe of her divine appearance. As Karina dazzled the audience with her stunning appearance, Aidan felt a rush of conflicting emotions. His heart raced at the sight of her, while his mind struggled to comprehend the transformation before him. It truly was Karina, his ex-wife, but she appeared otherworldly. She was far from the woman he had last seen six years ago. She radiated like a golden goddess, with an enviable beauty and a figure that could seduce just by staring at her dazzling face framed by perfect hair. Suddenly struck with a sense of suffocation, Aidan excused himself and hastily made his way out of the hall, desperate to escape the suffocating atmosphere. Amira's gaze followed him, her expression a mix of frustration and disbelief. "Gosh. This has to be some kind of sick joke," Amira muttered under her breath, her jaw clenche
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Chapter Six
Amira's narrowed gaze bore into Aidan's, filled with a mix of incredulity and fury. With a sharp jerk, she wrenched her hand from his grasp, her voice laced with barely contained anger as she addressed him."How dare you interfere?" she seethed, her teeth gritted in frustration. "You know perfectly well—"Her words faltered as Karina's mocking laughter reached her ears. Turning towards the sound, Amira found herself met with Karina's icy stare."Patience is a virtue, gentlemen," Karina remarked casually to her bouncers. "There's no need to waste time on insignificant nuisances."Amira's cheeks flushed with humiliation, her fists clenching at her sides as she fought to maintain her composure.Karina's threat hung in the air, igniting a fiery determination within Amira. She took a step forward, her mind racing with thoughts of retaliation.But before she could act, Aidan intervened, his voice tinged with resignation as he addressed her."Don't escalate the situation, Amira," he urged
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Chapter seven
Karina stood her ground, her confidence undiminished. "I need you to continue playing along for a while," she stated firmly.He leaned in, his curiosity piqued. "And why is that?""Forget about the why," she dismissed with a playful smirk."Then I'll assume you want to use me to manipulate some situations," he surmised.Karina chuckled softly. "You could say that. I have big plans to pull strings and render people worthless. I just need a little assistance from you.""Alright. What's in it for me?" he asked, intrigued."Well, future lucrative deals and valuable connections," she offered."Interesting," he mused, considering her proposal. "But isn't it risky to strike a deal with someone you barely know?""I'm no fool," Karina assured him confidently. "I presume you're someone of significance. I'm Karina. Everhardt.""Ah, your reputation precedes you. I'm Lucas Salvatore," he introduced himself, taking her hand and giving it a firm shake.Their eyes met, and a silent understanding pass
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Chapter Eight
Aidan hesitated, his silence speaking volumes. Just as he was about to speak, Amira interjected, her voice tense with emotion. “Aunt, don't ask him that. You know he hates even hearing Karina's name. I'm certain he feels nothing for her. His heart belongs to me," she asserted, stealing anxious glances at Aidan. Xander couldn't resist a taunt. “Hey, Amira, you could have let Aidan answer instead of assuming he'd explode." Amira snapped at Xander, her frustration evident. “Shut up. Don't provoke me with your nonsense!" She turned to Cruzita with a pleading look. "Please, Aunt, ask your nephew to show some restraint.” Cruzita nodded and shot a stern look at Xander before stepping away from Aidan. “I wish I had been at that party. I would have put Karina in her place," she declared, her voice filled with disdain. “To heck with your bitterness," Grandma Lila scoffed, her voice tinged with emotion as she thought of Karina. “She's back. I hope I can see her again." “I hope she stays out
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Chapter Nine
The Everhardt MansionKarina, engaged in lively conversation with her grandfather and Aunt Zora, stepped into the mansion. As they entered, they were met with dim lighting, causing them to pause in surprise.“What happened to the power supply?" Zora inquired, scanning the surroundings.Karina lowered her gaze with a smile just as the room burst into glittering lights, illuminating the beautifully decorated space.Sir Lawson looked around in amazement. “Who did this…?”"Surprise!” Sophie's cheerful voice rang out as she emerged from a corner, eliciting gasps of astonishment from Zora and Sir Lawson.“My dear child is here!" Sir Lawson exclaimed with joy as Zora rushed to embrace Sophie, lifting her up in her arms.“Hello, Aunt Zora, Great Grandpa, are you guys thrilled to see me?” Sophie beamed."Yes, darling,” Zora replied, planting a kiss on Sophie's forehead."Our adorable one, I missed you,” Sir Lawson chimed in, then turned to Karina, who wore a mischievous smile.“So, you deliber
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Chapter Ten
The Algernon MansionSeated around the dining table, the members of the esteemed Algernon family quietly indulged in their dinner. Suddenly breaking the eerie silence, Cole spoke in a commanding tone."The company has not been faring well ever since I made you the CEO, Aidan. This is far from impressive." The lines that formed on his forehead showcased his obvious disappointment as he gave Aidan a piercing gaze."I understand, Father. I will ensure things are handled properly," Aidan replied, his tone filled with determination.However, before Cole could press on, Amira made her entrance."Good morning, everyone!" she greeted cheerfully, receiving warm smiles from Cruzita and Wally. She hugged Aidan from behind while Xander gave her an indifferent look, quickly pecking his cheek. "Hey, baby. Did you sleep well? I missed you," she said with a beaming smile.Aidan simply nodded and continued to eat, trying to mask his displeasure with her presence.Amira took a seat next to him, giving
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