The Treacherous Billionaire

The Treacherous Billionaire

By:  Jocelle Niña  Ongoing
Language: English
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"You're the Billionaire's Obsession. The Billionaire Mafia Boss." "Wife of the Infamous Mafia Boss." "Dance with me in the middle of a war." "Once you touched me, You are mine. Mine alone," he said in possessiveness. "Dare to love me and you'll be in danger," a threat. "Always there to protect my baby," the Mafia Boss sexily said. Crizette Muller, a college top Journalism Student of a great State University Major in Feature Writing, with a low and mysterious profile. She's a god friend and a person to everybody and she'll be there running to her friends when they need help. And because of an interview, the low and mysterious profile of the young lady will change after accidentally bumping the Snob, Man of few words, Perfectionist, Perfect decision maker and The Hottest Downright Gorgeous Adonis. The most Eligible Bachelor Billionaire with a hidden dangerous Identity and Treacherous personality, Mr. Ezekiel Duke Wolkzbin. Crizette will be the Obsession of the Treacherous Dangerous Gentleman, Ezekiel.

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The Treacherous Billionaire is a romantic and CEO novel, written by author Jocelle Niña and its readers claim it is a seductive story. Its protagonist is Crizette Muller, a college student who preferred to live in the shadows and with a low profile, until due to an interview, that sexiest single billionaire with a hidden identity in town set his eyes on her. Crizette had become Ezekiel Duke Wolkzbin's new obsession, and untangling herself from his dangerous clutches will be no easy task. If you're looking for a novel with unexpected twists and sizzling scenes, you must read this one. The Treacherous Billionaire.

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Alexandra Yılmaz
when will there be Updates???
2021-09-18 23:07:28
9 Chapters
Synopsis/ SNEAK PEAK
What will happen if the simple yet comfortable life of yours will be ruined because you fell in love with an Infamous Mafia Boss and suddenly You became his only Obsession?  Will you run and hide or Stay with the Dangerous Treacherous Billionaire Infamous Mafia Boss? Running and Hiding is not an option for Crizette Muller, after the accidental bumped with the Most Eligible Bachelor Billionaire, the owner of 'Wolkzbin Monarch Enterprises, Mr. Ezekiel Duke Wolkzbin. She knows, she badly knows that she can't hide. Because whenever and wherever she goes, she will be found of the Great Treacherous Ezekiel. He is the most powerful man after all. Crizette thought that Ezekiel is just a businessman but everything she knows about him is not enough. He's a Famous Businessman and an Infamous Mafia Boss in the underground world. Loving the Treacherous Mafia Boss is
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The darkness has now finally covered the sunset. The darkness wins against the Sun now. Of course, this time will come. There's a time that the Sun will beat the Darkness and on this point of time, Darkness beat the Sun.  I ran while my heart is beating erratically, the beat of my heart is like a thunderbolt ranging the whole place. I did not stop from running until I saw the place where I could hide.  I hide inside of a small compartment in this ship. The smokes are covering the whole place and the loud shots of guns didn't stop even earlier. It all started maybe a half hours ago and until now, it's not yet done.  "Ah!" I shouted in shocked. I saw dead peoples on my way. Actually, there's a lot of dead people in any way of this hallway. Fear and worries consumed me thinking that I may not survived and the most precious person in my life.  The chances of being alive after this bat
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Powerful "Being a professional Journalist is an honour but also dangerous. We write everything that the people should know about even if it is against politics and politicians. Even also in some companies, mostly we have to make our brands or articles better than anybodys. On that, they'll put an eye on us," I remained still and focused on what my Prof. is explaining while writing my notes. He keep talking and discussing some important part of being a typewriter and professional journalist. I sighed as boredom covered my whole system. I'm not so bored on studying my area but this day is different. I feel dizzy and not comfortable at anything, even the discussion and lesson can't stay on my mind. I can't even understand the whole lesson. I yawned and unfortunately my professor saw it making him frown.  I sat up straightly and acted that I'm listening to his discussion really well when the truth i
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Research I feel asleep while doing my research about the man that my Professor told me. I don't even have a single photo of him. But, based on some previous workers on his company, he is really ruthless, snob, man of few words and a perfect man. But in my opinion he isn't perfect. No one is perfect. He may be a great leader but he fires someone who just made a little mistakes. I've also read that he really hate stupids. If you did something in front of him, expect the end of your career. And that's what happened to some of his employees and to Ayen. I heard that Ayen stumble while asking him the first question and just because of that he made sure that Ayen will be kick out from our university. How cruel, right? Just because she stumbled that man will destroy her life? What if I'll do the same? What if I will also fail? Does that mean, I will lose my scholarship and he will destroy my life and future
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Accidental Bumped  I didn't mind his question because I'm still amazed of him. I don't know who this man is but he made my world stop as if my whole system is just for him. I can even feel and hear the loud and pounds of my dear heart as our eyes met.  The word handsome and Gorgeous is not enough to explain how perfect his  face are.  He frowned and cleared his throat dragging me back to reality. I stood up straightly and look at him with a professional look, but, I still can't focus. Am I insane? What is this man doing to my whole system? Did he just caught me off guard?  "Who. Are. You?" He said in a scary tone. Now, I forgot my admiration foe him. He look perfect but it seems that his attitude is bit filthy. 
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Beg "Then why are you here?" he asked again. "I'll talk to his secretary. Ahm, the girl one. Because you told me that he'll hate it when I talk to his Guy secretary," I stopped when a tear jerking question crossed my mind. "Wait? Why would he hate if I'll talk to his Guy secretary? Is he jealous?" I asked. Is Mr. Wolkzbin a gay? "Hmm. Kinda, I'm not sure," he said. "Oh? Why would he be jealous? Will he be mad at me?" I asked. I really should take his advice not to talk to Mr. Wolkzbin's Guy Secretary. Because if I would... Maybe, Mr. Wolkzbin will hate me to death. Probably, He'll also destroy my life like what he did to his previous employees and Ayen. Oh, holy!  "Why the fuck he will be mad at you?" he asked just like a gossiper.  "Coz you said he might get jealous if I'll talk to his guy secretary. That's means, I shouldn't t
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Mr. Wolkzbin  I'm seriously dead now. I don't know what the hell did I just do. It's a fucking mistake. Why did I talk to that man? "Argh! You're a fool, Crizette! If you just keep your silence and didn't entertain him! What the hell!!" I shouted and slap my face. I covered my face up using my pillow and roll down on my tiny yet comfortable bed. I stopped from my stupidity and calm myself down. "Omy gosh, Crizette!" I said. I don't know how many times I already said that but I keep on saying that. If I just shut my mouth and didn't talk to that man. Is he gonna destroy my life too? He looked pissed to me on the elevator. I said many stupid things about him. Is he gonna give the punishment tomorrow? "No way." I lool from nowhere as I remember what happened earlier in the morning. "She'll have
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STARES  "Good Morning," I greeted Mr. Wolkzbin's secretary and she just gave me a look. Somehow acting like a bitch.I didn't mind her actions. She stood up then lead the way to the CEO's office.I can't h
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PERSONAL ASSISTANT   I was busy listening to our prof’s discussion when the nosy questions of my friends distracted me. I put down my pen and glared at them. They were smiling at me as if they want me to tell them what happened to me last night. I rolled my eyes and tried to focus on the man in front of us but they kept on bugging me. Seriously, what’s wrong with them? I accidentally slip my tongue earlier and tell them what happened to me last night. The traumatic thing happened to me last night. I already told them everything from the first happening up to the last. I told them about the bad guys was about to hurt and do something harmful to me and someone saved me. But, I didn’t drop the name of the dangerous man who saved me. Why would I? In the first place, I know that they won’t believe me if I say that. Why would someone like Mr. Wolkzbin will save me? He’
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