The Twin Alpha's Curse

The Twin Alpha's Curse

By:  Rayden  Ongoing
Language: English
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“I curse you, Cyrus. I curse you this day. Your seed shall turn against themselves. Your pack shall turn to ash. Your kingdom shall go to ruins. Your name will be forgotten. Wiped clean from the face of the earth. As dark as your heart is, so shall your days be.” Those were Yemanja's words to Cyrus. Cyrus, the king of Lakewood Kingdom, and Alpha of the largest and strongest pack of wolves, has committed the greatest of atrocities- And now, he is cursed. His Lineage is threatened. His curse is on his seeds- Darius and Lucius. Twin Alpha's. Darius, the first born twin is cursed- A curse that manifests when he is eighteen years old. A curse which prevents him from taking the throne. Lucius the second twin who is born just as the full moon disappears, carries an even greater curse that is an abomination to the Royal Family. He is sent away to hide in shame, to live as an outcast, away from his people. But every curse has a crack and in this case, the crack may be TRUE LOVE. And then the universe has another card up its sleeve, a card that involves a romantic bond between Yemanja's granddaughter, who is an hybrid witch-wolf and the Twin Brothers. Would their love be strong enough? Read to find out how the power of love can break generational curses.

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cathy knoblauch
When are we going to be getting more updates???
2023-01-14 05:53:53
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Lorraine Summers
How often do u updated
2022-08-13 06:45:00
default avatar
I can't get enough.
2022-03-20 08:48:17
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I love it.
2022-03-20 08:47:48
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Bella Jersey
I just read a beautiful moment in this book. The was ashamed and sure of something she done. She asked her Grandmom be brought to her. Her Grandmom came found in bed under the covers knowing she only does this when she’s ashamed. Basically Grandmom sat on the bed rubbed her head said talk to me baby
2022-02-06 12:27:39
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Gin Mi Vida Belleza
Jush a quick question before I read it states nothing about the other twin so does he not find love or is this a twin thing where they share the same mate?
2021-12-20 10:29:11
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i love it.
2021-09-29 07:42:20
109 Chapters
Mating Ceremony
Darius, the future king of Lakewood kingdom and son to Alpha Cyrus sprawled across the grass. In his wolf form. He ran for one hour straight, no stopping. He had been training for two weeks now. He was training for his mating ceremony. He had to be in perfect shape for it. He was going to rule, just like his father, Cyrus. But first, he had to find a Luna.His friend and Beta, Adolf tried to catch up with him, but couldn’t. Darius gave him a good 800 meters gap. Finally, Darius slowed down and Adolf caught up with him.“show off,” Adolf growled as he descended on his friend. The two struggled and tumbled on the grass, like toddlers. Scratching. But Darius triumphed. He pinned Adolf to the ground with his left paw.Adolf shook rigorously till he was free. He started to growl, then bark, and eventually laughed as he changed into his human form.Darius changed too.“You stink.” Darius ruffled his friend’s hair as he
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She convulsed
“Your Highness,” The king’s groom tapped him gently. Alpha Cyrus rolled on his bed, turning in the opposite direction. His groom tapped him again, “your highness,” this time, Alpha Cyrus got up.He had a devilish look on his face, he was angry. The clock had just struck 3.00 am so why was he been disturbed in his sleep.“What is it, Sule?” He barked, his tone conveying the irritation he felt at that moment.“Your, highness, good morning sir. I’m sorry to wake you up at this time but there is a matter that needs your urgent attention.” Sule curtsied as he spoke. His voice carried a trace of fear in it.Alpha Cyrus sprung off his bed. He grabbed his coat and threw it on his body. What could it be this time? He thought to himself. His kingdom had been suffering some misfortune recently. His farmers were losing crops, their animals were dying, and a neighboring pack of wolves was brewing for a fight
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If word gets out
Cyrus’s wolf, Marcel called out to its pack. He stood at the top of the mountain and howled out. It was 5.00 am. The howl called out to the senior members of the Lake Moon Pack. Marcel turned his head around and howled out a third time. That was the sign. That was the language. The one that said, “get in here for an urgent meeting.” All the wolves, in their various homes, heard, but only the seniors responded. They howled back and within minutes, they had all gathered at the mountain top, where their Alpha, Marcel had called them from.The fifteen senior wolves gathered at the mountain top. Speaking to each other. In their wolf language. The war chief, Dagrin was the first to speak.“Alpha Marcel, this is rather unusual, why have you called us here? Is our clan been threatened?” Dagrin furrowed his brows and paced around Cyrus’s wolf, Marcel.Marcel barked, “we are faced with a tragedy, our future Luna is de
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“Alicia, wait up.” Darius’s wolf chased Alicia down the woods. The cloud was grey and heavy with rain. Alicia had initiated a running contest as if she could outrun the crown prince. Outrunning Darius was almost impossible. He was strong and fast; his family was the strongest and largest wolves in the kingdom and even in neighboring kingdoms.Alicia had been mated to Darius. A week after the death of Rochelle.The news of Rochelle’s death had not gone unnoticed. There had been whispers. Whispers of murder. The market square traders and farmers had carried the gossip. The gossip said that Darius had strangled Rochelle in her sleep because she wasn’t a virgin.To Darius, the claims were laughable and unreasonable. But his father, Alpha Cyrus had not taken it lightly. He had demanded the heads of anyone who dared to spread such outrageous rumors about his son again. That was enough to seal th
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The Coup
They say that the enemies of a man are the members of his household; No truer words could ever have been said about Cyrus and his household.As soon as the news about Alicia got to the palace, Gedoni had ridden fiercely, without any stops to the enemies clan, the Rosewood Clan. They were a pack of wolves that governed a rebellious territory. A territory that had stood against Cyrus for years, threatening to take over his throne.They had been waiting for an opportunity and Gedoni, just like his father was ready to give them one. Gedoni’s father had failed at the coup he planned, but Gedoni had no intention of failing. He wanted the throne and the news of the death of two future Lunas was enough for him to overthrow his brother.Gedoni had served his brother, rebelliously for years, waiting for the perfect opportunity. And it had simply fallen into his laps.“Gedoni,” The leader of the Rosewood moon pack barked out his name, immediately
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Inner Chambers
Alpha Darius called on Sule and Adolf. Sule was his father’s beta. He had stood and fought majestically with Cyrus, but Gedoni’s army was too strong. They had taken Cyrus into their custody. They had come for blood and had gotten it.Crowned prince, Darius was in a state of confusion when he summoned the men to the inner chambers. The chamber was where the king held his inner meeting with his trusted advisors.Now, the Lakewood kingdom was without a king, they needed to swear one in immediately. The kingdom was bound to fall apart if there wasn’t a defined leader. Gedoni’s men had retreated but they were coming back. Darius had to prepare.There was one major problem though, one that couldn’t be overlooked. Darius didn’t have a mate, which caused issues on two levels.One, he needed a mate to lead the Lakewood moon pack. The wolves couldn’t submit to an Alpha leader who didn’t have a Luna.Secondly, he couldn
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Your Twin is Alive
“I need you to answer me, Sule. What is it you are hiding?” Darius stood eyeball to eyeball, facing Sule. He was desperately trying to restrain himself. His temper was fast-rising and his wolf was threatening to burst out.Sule noticed, so he took another inch to the side, away from the prince’s side. Then he spoke up, “I believe a series of events have happened. We ignored them when they started but right now, I am pretty certain it’s the curse.”Darius grunted and clenched his fist and then Sule continued, “I believe the curse affected your late mother. Our queen and Luna. She died while giving birth to your twin brother and yourself.”Darius processed the information, and shook his head vigorously, “common Sule, my twin and I were too large, and we pressed her at the same time. Birthing us would be a huge task for any wolf, curse or not. I don’t believe it.”Sule nodded. And then he continued,
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Emelda joined her grandmother, Yemanja in the living room. Yemanja was seated by the fireplace, her legs wrapped in a huge duvet. Emelda had just gotten back from the woods but had told her grandmother something different. She had lied to her grandmother about her location but by the look on Yemanja’s face as Emelda approached, she could tell that her grandma had already caught her in the lie.“so how was your visit to Calista?” Yemanja eyed Emelda. Calista was Emelda's friend, she was a wolf, not a hybrid like Emelda.“It was great. She sends her greetings. She could have come with me but she had to shop from the market.”“so you truly believe I don know where you are coming from?” Yemanja raised her eyebrows, “I don’t need to be a witch to know, your dress is a mess, and I can see some dirt in your hair.”“I was with Calista, I promise.” Emelda smiled. She was saying the truth, she had been
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Seize Her
Emelda raised her eyebrow, her grandmother had just called the crown prince by his first name. Did she not realize the gravity of such a level of disrespect? In her thoughts, Emelda secretly wished that the prince had not noticed.“I have come for you, Yemanja. You are to answer for your crimes. Seize her.” Alpha Darius backed and the other two men that had come with him moved towards Yemanja.Yemanja laughed, her voice loaded with arrogance.Then Yemanja screamed out an enchantment, her fragile voice sending waves around the house, “LUCIDIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA,” One word and the three men including Alpha Darius were on the ground.They sprung back up and charged towards Yemanja who was still sitting on her chair, her legs raised.Emelda ran to stop them before they could reach Yemanja. Emelda stood in front of her grandmother, she raised both hands and started out a series of incantations, inching towards
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Mother's Ghost
“Throw her in the dungeon,” Darius commanded his men. They had reached the palace minutes after leaving Yemanja’s house.The men dragged Emelda through an underground opening and into an abandoned part of the palace. As the men dragged her in, Emelda could smell the place, it was covered with the stench of wolves. It was an old smell but she could still pick it. The smell carried a mix of blood, sweat, and tears.Emelda scanned the quarters as the men yanked her through the hallway. The quarters had several rooms and most of them, looked scary. the rooms had heavy gates mounted at each entrance. She could see stones, cuffs, and chains. It looked like a torture house and fear gripped her. What was this place? And what was it used for?The two men holding on to her threw her on the floor and her body scrapped the bare floor. She winced in pain but they didn’t seem to notice and even if they did, they didn’t care much. They closed the gate o
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