The Vampire's Kiss Goodnight

The Vampire's Kiss Goodnight

By:  Jay   Completed
Language: English
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On a late night stroll near a hotspot for local ‘sightings’ Milo (a vampire enthusiast) comes across everything he’s waited for. Foolishly, he offers himself up to a vampire named Lyle. But he’s not just any vampire as Milo soon finds out he’s a king of the Rosario territory. And, his brother Silas is out for his throne. Rumors say he’s the one LEADING a resistance. Tension rises in the house of Rosario as the council leaders of Nero threaten their existence if the resistance continues.

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Sequel Out Now! . . . To Be A Vampire’s Mate Centered around Silas! Who is Silas’ Soul Mate? Find out now!
2022-08-03 09:04:40
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Updates daily!
2021-07-31 01:48:30
125 Chapters
[C1]The Vampire
Milo's Point of View:  I rolled my wrist, popping it as I finished up the last sentence in my latest book, Find Me At Midnight. I smiled and saved it on my computer before I sent it to my editor, just making the deadline then sighed, getting to my feet. Just in time for my nightly walk too! Maybe I'll run into a vampire. I held back a shiver of excitement, wondering if tonight would finally be the night as I picked up my travel mug of coffee and practically ran towards the door, snatching my jacket up off the table by the door then slipped it on as I disappeared outside to head for the park, sipping on my coffee. It's been so long since I've become obsessed with the supernatural, but I still haven't found any hard evidence that they exist.... My family calls me crazy and a shut in because I constantly write, but my hunt for them is my inspiration for all my books, and people seem to love them. I've been best seller for four years! Ha! I brought my jacket closer to my bo
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[C2]Death Bite
Continuing Milo's POV: As the meeting went on, I could hardly understand half of what they discussed. I did learn that the vampire who brought me here was a king, like most sitting at the table. His name was King Lyle Rosario. He was apparently very important, most of the vampires in the room had their attention focused on him and his views of the situations they talked about. The meeting seemed like hours before it actually ended. Lyle was the last to leave the room, looking towards me with a small smile on his lips. He rushed to my side when we was the last ones in the room and he grabbed my wrist, pulling me out of the room. He tugged me downstairs to a waiting vehicle by the door. A man stood with the door open and Lyle shoved me into the limo before getting in with me.  "Sorry that took forever," Lyle told me and sighed. "They wanted it to go longer but... dawn is approaching." I looked towards him with wide eyes and then around the limo.  "U-u
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[C3]First Awakening
Continuation of Milo's POV: I stirred a little as I felt a sudden sense of safety rush over me, waking me as I opened my eyes and looked around. I couldn't feel any pain anymore... just an intense burning hunger in me. It's like the car never happened.... I sat up slightly and then looked down at Lyle, blushing as I saw his face. He's my maker huh? I looked down at him and then felt a small purr rise up in me, tickling my throat before I started to get up out of the bed to go look for something to eat. I heard a small voice talking outside the bedroom door. A small chuckle coming from the voice.  "So, he's suddenly a maker and forgot to mention to us he was coming back with a fledgling?" I heard a male ask softly. I widened my eyes then stopped walking. Are they talking about us? I blushed. Oh man, they're right outside.... I looked towards the bed then quickly ran back over to it, jumping up into it to Lyle's safety. "He even came home late and woke up Esther.
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[C4]The Siblings
Continuation of Milo's POV:I followed Lyle into a modern living room. There was two boys waiting on one couch already. I expected them but on a separate couch there's another boy and a girl.  One of the boys got up quickly, he was sitting on the all males couch. He narrowed his eyes at Lyle. "What the hell is this?" He asked, walking up. "You of all people bring home more outside trash?" He hissed, exposing his fangs towards Lyle. "I already have to deal with you being here, and you don't even belong here!" I widened my eyes and quickly grabbed Lyle's arm, getting closer to him. The boy looked towards me in disgust then looked at Lyle in hatred. Another boy got off the couch and started to walk up. "Silas, how many times do we have to tell you that Lyle is not outside trash. He's our brother," the boy mumbled, tugging on the first boy's hand to try to get him to come away, but Silas yanked his hand away, glaring at the boy. "Everest,
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[C5]Past Bedtime
Continuation of Milo's POV: I somehow managed to finish all the books before he was done and rolled off the couch, feeling hungry again as I got to my feet and bit my bottom lip, slowly inching towards the door curiously as I looked around the room. I'd come back to check on him....  "Where are you going?" I heard him ask me from the desk. I froze up and then looked back at him before I blushed. Caught.  "N-nowhere," I told him, giving him a nervous, innocent smile.  "Don't lie," he told me firmly. His eyes were like daggers on me. "I'm your maker." I tensed up and then nodded quickly.  "Y-yes sir," I whispered, my body trembling slightly as I felt like he was going to get me. His eyes softened as he watched me.  "Well... where were you going?" He asked and motioned for me to sit back down. I hesitantly walked back to the couch and sat back down.  "To explore," I mumbled, watching him. 
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[C6]Morning Lectures
Continuation of Lyle's POV: I felt him stirring against me as the sun was going down, waking up a little early as he sat up in the bed beside me. He yawned a little and then started to crawl off the bed, taking it slow like he was trying not to wake me. I opened my eyes and glanced his way. "Where are you going?" I asked him curiously. He froze up and then sat down, looking towards me then purred, crawling back and laying down beside me. "I was going to take another bath," he told me sweetly, looking up into my eyes from my side innocently. "You can do that," I purred and looked him over. "Are you hungry yet?" He looked thoughtful then nodded towards me, blushing slightly. "A little," he admitted to me. "I'll have a maid bring us some blood, go pick out some clothes from my closet and take a shower. We'll see about your clothes later tonight." I sat up against the headboard and picked up the phone on the nightstand. He nodded
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[C7]Dance Lessons
Continuation of Lyle's POV: It didn't take me long to find Everest, directing some maids in the dining room. He looked at me and raised an eyebrow before he sighed. "Lemme guess, the gardens?" He asked me and then put his hands on his hips. "I was planning on having a small private ball out there, but okay, I can get the musicians to move their equipment to the actual ballroom." "Whichever works for you," I told him and smirked. "Milo wants to go out into the gardens though." Everest glanced me over and then looked at Milo in consideration. "Well... if we had them dance in the gardens, they might accidentally injure themselves and ruin it.... I'll send out the new orders. We can get this done," he told me, his eyes flickering back to me. "We should probably start it off outside rather than end it outside. It's safer inside the house, and if the dancing was to last longer than expected, the sun might catch us or cause a panic. It'll be safer and more controlle
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[C8]The Nero Family
Continuation of Lyle's POV:Esther looked over as we entered the room then smiled huge. "Brother! You made it just in time! Everest just went to go fetch Silas, isn't that right Sylar?" She asked, looking over at Sylar sweetly. He nodded his head in agreement."Is that the same human from two nights ago?" I heard Primrose asking her siblings as they all sat on the same couch, waiting for me. She looked Milo over and frowned, looking towards Jason. "That's his first fledgling?" She asked. Milo blushed slightly and hid a little more against my side."I hope he was turned willingly," Jason said coldly as his eyes judged me with harsh daggers. His arms wrapped around his two sisters, Primrose and Emily."You're correct, this is the same human except he is my fledgling now Primrose. I wouldn't dare take his life from him if it was by force, Jason. Let me introduce you.... This is my fledgling Milo Tomas Young. Less formally, Milo. Milo, these are council membe
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Continuation of Lyle's POV: I eventually found Esther wandering the hallways, humming softly. She stopped when she saw me then smiled. "Oh hey there," she said sweetly and walked up. "Had enough of them already? How's your cheek?" She looked towards it in worry, gently touching it. "Let me heal it for you, my sweet big brother," she mumbled, her touch numbing the slight pain in my cheek and jaw and I felt her healing powers working on me to fix what Jason did to me. "I wish the dinner went better than it was planned. Where's Milo?" I asked her curiously. "Everyone is meeting in the ball room in a hour." She smiled and rubbed my cheek as she finished. "Well, he used the restroom, but he didn't want to go back to the table, so I decided I'd let him eat in the safety of the night room. He almost didn't accept the blood I got for him," she told me. "He's eating though, so I think that's good enough." "I should made him stay in my study all night i
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[C10]Life Threat
Continuation of Lyle's POV:  Everest was already in the ball room, giving Emily a dance as he seemed to be carrying on a pleasant conversation with her as the musicians played. Primrose was dancing with Silas, but they both didn't seem to be happy with it. Esther looked towards me and walked up with a sweet smile.  "Is he asleep or something?" She asked me softly, taking my hand as she started to pull me towards the dance floor, not taking no for an answer as she didn't even ask. I started to lead her into a dance.  "He passed out. You know little fledglings can't stay up full nights." I told her with a small laugh. She laughed and nodded.  "That's true. I'll just have to get my dances from him when he's older," she purred to me and followed me in the dance. "You know... you should get his first official dance as his maker. It'd be cute."  "Well I could have had his first lesson but someone stole that from me," I sighe
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