Chapter 39

Venessa's POV.

Driving back home, my little brain still couldn't register what was happening. Everything's happening too fast. First I met up with Andrew, got myself kidnapped and beaten up and now I'm being dropped off to my home, which is really considerate of them. They could have left me all alone on the streets in the dark but they didn't.

Too caught up with my own thoughts, I didn't realise that Andrew was talking to me until he placed his hand on top of mine making me quickly pull my hand away, making him chuckle.

" would be careful if I were you, Venessa" he laughed but I paid no heed to him.

"But anyways, feel free to come to me though, if Vincent gets tired of you". He added making my head snap towards his direction.

"In your dreams, Andrew. I'd rather die than come to you again. You're the biggest snake, I have ever seen." I spat gripping the papers in my hand so tight.

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