Chapter 45

Venessa's P.O.V

Opening my eyes, I laid still in my bed watching the sunrise through the window. My thoughts drifted back with my conversation with Vincent, I thought he would call back but unfortunately; he didn't. I don't exactly know what I want, but I wanted him to call back and force me to talk about what's bothering me.

Dragging my body towards the bathroom, I looked at myself at the mirror tracing the bruises I got from Andrew and Leonardo, they're slowly fading away and it is not as dark as it was before but it was still visible, if you would look closely enough.

After taking a quick shower, I got dressed and headed downstairs as quietly as I can, since Lynda and Mario are still sleeping. It's still pretty early but I have to go early as I'm opening the diner and also because I can't even go to sleep no matter how hard I tried.

Putting on my coat, I head outside and suddenly get slapped by the c

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