The War of Canneti

The War of Canneti

Oleh:  Ankit Roy  On going
Bahasa: English
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After the earth is rendered inhabitable due to global warming and climate change in the year 3000, humans led by various space explorations seek out new planets to live. A team led by the ISRO land at a white dwarf binary planet T-786, a where the day never ends. 500 years later, a highly successful businessman who has a dark hobby - he is a serial killer finds out abut a fabled object of power being sought by a terrorist group. He has the power and the skill to stop the massacre he know that will happen.

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Indrani Roy Mukherjee
impeccable storytelling.
2021-08-19 22:07:22
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Indrani Roy Mukherjee
waiting for next
2021-08-09 02:40:55
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In the early 3100’s global warming and rising sea levels rendered Earth inhabitable. Governments’ & corporations around the world scavenged for a habitable planets across the vast Space and one group, led by ISRO, settled on the TRAPPIST’s binary system with a red dwarf sun. The planet was teeming with alien life, but most astounding was the humanoid race, now extinct, that were indigenous to the planet. They resembled humans and had pyramid shrines. Refugees from Earth divided in two cultural societies: One that believed the aliens to be Gods and the progenitors of humans on earth – The Ancients and other that believed in the one true God – The nameless God ‘Yesus. Humans took over and made the place their home. The world was built without any boundary, one big nation Annicet land with the capital Canneti. November 26, 3498. Planet R-786 TRAPPIST Planetary system, 40 light years from the sun.
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Dwarf Demands
January, 3505, Planet R-786 TRAPPIST Planetary system, 40 light years from the sun. Twilight crawled in nice and slow over the white dwarf sun and doused the city in orange. A bleak and uninviting breeze picked up pace and drove most of the men inside. Nocturnal beings ventured out. A rectangular hover craft zoomed past the empty city, people unaware of its existence. It slowed down and dived steep towards the deserted street of Canneti and pulled up just in time. The diver relaxed his grip and glanced back with a boyish grin towards a government labour regulations office, a grin stretched out from his scarred face, like remembering something. Seven years ago the monster within him had raised its hood, frightening him to his core. He had since mastered the monster but kept him alive. On the outside he was the chief of one of the biggest slave traders of the planet, inside he was a serpent. Venomous and vicious. Suddenly, he heard a soft voice, "Please" it call
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Monster Unleashed
Kane rode straight to the visitor’s entry of the Ministry of Labour. He fumbled with his comm module for a second and scanned the code on the dilapidated gate. A female voice chimed, Mr. Kane, Registered A class Contractor,-Slave Trade Visitor number 247. A badge with his name and visitor number rattled through a small chute. He picked it up and entered. Not talking to Indrani twelve days in a row had not been a particularly pleasant experience for him. In his school days, Sayan would always be there to talk to. And there were a thousand other distractions if you were a student of St. Louso’s school of Protoplanet Exploration, but this was not school anymore. Kane reached the Atrium. A collosal gold fountain displaying the Ancient Aliens loomed in view on the spot where the Fountain of Lord Luso stood less than a year ago. The Slave Rebellion had eaten up lives of twenty Ancients along with the seat for the previous government. The bi-party system meant that
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The Ministry Of Demiliens
"The trouble with the demilien community," Indrani exploded, emphasising each words with a thump on the polished mahogany round table, "is that the Ministry doesn’t have a complete representation. There's the Demilien’s council and there's a Human Council, and the thing the Demiliens’s call the law. Surprising is the fact that how often it is used as a weapon to choke other creatures! And to what end? To discourage originality and progress?" The Prime Minister, Kingsley Rutherford, moved slightly deeper into the chair he was sitting, sliding from left to right. He saw the newspaper report that Indrani had so vehemently read aloud to the room full of ministry employees. He raised a hand and asked softly, “But my sources confirm that the demilien was just threatened…”“By a tiny dwarf?” screeched Indrani turning towards the prime minister, “Be honest Mr. Rutherford, did anyone of them actually attack or assault the demilien E
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Leader of Dwarfs
An ornate gold label read : Mordant Financial Services: Make Stoners the Goblin Way!Broot pushed in the door that creaked just before reaching its breadth. Inside a goblin sat in his executive chair reclined back, legs over the table. The office was not a shabby affair likes of which flanked the Kayfaith alley. Its furnishings were rich and opulent that shone off the glow of the nautilus shell chandelier. The gold and black of the thick carpet glowed in the soft pink light. On the wall behind the table hung a huge portrait of him shaking hands with another man with long black hairs and a beard that had a streak of silver running down the chin. Below the frame was a brass plate saying ‘Mr. Mordant, Director M/S Mordant Financial Services with the Twentieth Prime Minister of Annicet Land Mr. Pious Simmons.’The Minister in the portrait looked uncomfortable like trying to hide himself but a greedy looking Mordant pulled him forward with a wide grin. The cha
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The Unknown Fire
Thin curls of smoke rose in the air to fade away and gave rise to more, like a dragon lapping at the wind. The dome engulfed in flames, each glowing ember caught fire as the instants passed. A face stared down flat against the glass window with eyes that pleaded help. The face struck as an odd embellishment in the whirlwind of smoke, fire and death. A woman on the ground pointed the face to the nearby men, “Look!”, she exclaimed, “there are people there!” The crowed acted like one big organism and took a sharp in-breath. “There’
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Kane's Day-out
The day as dazzling as ever. Diamonds falling from the sky, splintering the white sunlight in a hundred shades. The white star cool as ever, flooding the streets with its bright white light. Kane wondered why the word sunlight stuck to this star. It was not the sun. Nor could it ever be. From what he had learnt in history, sun was a young star for the planet Earth from where the earthlings hailed. It didn’t matter. At-least not to him. He had accepted all things earth. The magnetic roads, the concrete dome houses, clothes, the internet. Even their school of thought, Socrates and Plato and the lot. They, the aliens on their own planet, were few in number and the ones left were mostly
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Effie's home
Kane packed all his things in the engineer’s car and drove it to the middle of the swamp and killed the engine. He saw the hovercraft settle down. Kane was starving! The rain had lost its ferocity and he too was done cleaning up. He drew his overcoat tighter, turned up the collars and shoved his hands deep inside the black trouser’s pocket. He had a long walk ahead, back to his hovercraft at the abandoned cabin, a couple of miles at the least. Diamonds crunched under his feet and hissed as they dissolved into the air in a curl of smoke. He felt better now and somewhat exhausted. The avenger in him took the back seat and the slave trader Kane, the Kane with one billion net worth came back again. He walked slowly, head pushed down, thinking what he must do next. He did not want to face Sati. She would jump on any excuse to fight with him. ‘You should spend more time with me together..’ Or ‘You are never there for me…’ and the worst of all, ‘I don’t think It’s working anymore’ .He
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The Fountain Maker
Fire on R-786 were strange. And disarming! Blue flames fanned by the methane fumes from the cracked diamonds in the atmosphere lapped up in its demonic tongue everything in their way. Wood, metal, stone. Everything. Kane felt his eyes water with the heat as he saw the singed building in the bright light of the TRAPPIST white dwarf. Death had never bothered Kane. He enjoyed it. But fire was like a grotesque reptile that couldn’t be stopped. A flame big enough would send his head swimming, legs twirling and nerves shaky. He had twice fallen victim to this bane of his existence. Once at her mother’s funeral pyre and once when his brother had set himself on flames and fallen off the roof of their dome, thirty feet into solid rock. Anyways, it was a bright new day. The storm had passed and the star was flashing hot again. They reached the scene after the area had been cordoned off. Peacekeepers were rolling up their shirt sleeves, grabbing bottles with water for the humans and li
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Mordant and Kane
“It’s that goblin Mordant again”, Kane slammed his fist on the table with a loud thud.“Honey, are you sure?” said Penelope with a weak smile, “You have been in a lot of pressure lately.” She caressed Kane’s neat hairs and ruffled them slightly. They were in Kane’s office. Penelope was sitting over his desk, his stuff carelessly shoved in one corner of the ornate oak furniture. “Remember how I knew he was a poacher and nobody believed me?” Kane ran his fingers to sort his hair.Penelope jumped down the desk and stood in front of him with her arms crossed. She pouted and said, “Really! That’s your reason?” She clicked her tongue and moved slightly away from him “You are the Head of the biggest slave trader of the planet that’s your justification to summon him to your office? A hunch?”“It’s not a hunch” Kane raised his right arm and continued, “He was the chief contractor assigned for the job. He probably bribed the every member of Planing office.”“Things could g
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