I'm the Immortal Business Tycoon

I'm the Immortal Business Tycoon

By:  SATOU, D.  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Days that you need to change back isn't that impossible with a Time Machine." Bold letters were written from the machine itself....One day I got lucky! I found a time-travelling machine! No one knows where this time machine came from. So I did was to try this machine. At first, I don't believe it but it worked! If God sent me this heavenly machine then I won't eat noodles again! Never ever in this life anymore!I can be the best of all!To be continued...Satou, D.

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67 Chapters
CHAPTER 1: I TIME TRAVELLED"00/00/2,000,000"A man with a sobber face looked at the mirror. 'This time I will change myself!' Purple hair, purple eyes, good looks and handsome face."02/20/2020""I'm Luis Park, 27 years old, a full-time bachelor." Luis Park doesn't live with his parents anymore. His family did not even call him or text him. He was treated as nothing. Until he met his Girlfriend, Suzy Min-Jae. A woman with a caring heart and loving soul, she really loved Luis Park. At first, both of them are strangers, "We are just passing in a bullet train."They meet on the same train and at the same time, but what he didn't expect she said yes! "She became my Girlfriend!" "I have a girlfriend!" Luis Park shouted without hesitation but the people on the train look at him ridiculously. "Stop it. Haha!" The woman with laughing eyes giggled.Suzy Min-Jae was happy for him. Because that time she told her feelings. When she developed something for him, she really wanted to confess.
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A man with "out of this world self" was yelling in the plains of the jungle. "AHHHHH!" Luis Park can only yell his happiness. Because this is the "The past where he can do anything!""I'm going to change myself!" He shoutedd. His life back then isn't that worth interesting. His life, his heart, soul and mind.. Is no longer a human. He is deprived! It is because that world, no that he'll, that he can't only appreciate. "Fuck that world!" He yelled. He was treated that badly! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! That life changed him already that he turned to someone shameless! "It seems that this gift was heaven sent! I couldn't believe this is true! What will happen to me then? Maybe I can build an Empire? No! I'll change this world! I will rule them out and will be the handsomest man on earth!"Luis Park was very happy and overjoyed so far. Actually, he is shameless and self-conceited person because of his past.His personality sipped into his mind already. That he bec
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1 hour later...A man with purple hair was lying on the grass uncaringly, full of black hues and red hues on his face and to his body.'The grass, it was a bit pointy yet perfect for the mood. You may guess what happened, right?' He thought.That man is Luis Park. "I fought, I beat them, I lost. Sigh...After that, I did not get anything but this sorry state. I was like the villain. I did not miss them. They messed me. So I messed them up. And that I became a villain.They did not even give me some sort of information about this world or so. And so I curse and curse and cursed them.They have no even respect for a handsome man like me, sigh... Just they don't know who I am. What truly I am!Don't they know how many hours did my parents almost made me? My mom suffered for almost 1 year! Not 9 months! Are they my parents to beat me? Just like that?""My parents did not care about me. They just
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  Inside the cave, there was an animal. This animal had a chicken fox all over its body.   Note: A chicken fox allergy not the real chicken or fox!  Idiot! The animal looked at his cauldron. He watched something from it. It looks like a movie on a screen. It was in HD.  Clear and Defined. Plok(2x) - a short story. The title of the movie appeared on the cauldron surface. This animal is watching this Plok(2x) Clip. Note: This story is the best reliever for those who just broke up just this month. The best fighting play you will like and replay it many tim
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  "Fuck! That machine tricked me! After all of these efforts and this is what I got!? That gave me a shit!" "I better not calling him again! Ever!"  Luis Park promised to not call that useless time machine again since that scammed him and almost choked him to death!  And what made him this angry, is because of that 2 idiots! Gary and Ray! They equally shared the prized item! The most precious game ever created!  The l*st of us! He stopped thinking and calmed down. *cooling fan 'It's okay...' Luis Par
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 In the cave where darkness is present. God was snorting... Yet a shitty smell permeates the air The smelly shit and that disturbing noise. "FooOood!" That mindless Luis Park made a creepy sound! *creak The Animal God dreams faded. o.O "That smelled like shit but...."  "Is this a God or something?"  Then this God flashed hi
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Status: Proud/ Excited "Oh! God! Don't you worry about the food? We will do our best!"  "HAHAHAHA! YES! YES! THIS GOD IS HUNGRY! I NEED THE MOST DELICIOUS FOOD EVER!" The Forsaken God never felt this proud. He can feel the reverence of his follower. "I WILL TELL YOU FROM NOW ON!"  "I'M BUTT! THE BUTT YOU CALL FORSAKEN GOD!" He shouted in a deep voice!  "KNEEL!" He let his wings flapped! The wind is in turmoil! "Ahh!" 
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  2 Hours later. A guy with a bloated stomach is thumping happily. "Whew~" "I almost died from eating!" Status: Full and Contented Then he thanked his saviour, "Whoever you are or are you! I thank you! This handsome will pay off your magnanimity someday! You don't how happy I am! To eat this delicious food! No, the most delicious americano capricano africano marino ever! And I don't know what to do if I faint...thanks to my spirit! sigh... I almost died from hunger. I still have many things do in life! I have still don't know what is this past!"
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  "Tit" The System Interface beep. 'A hope!' He thought.  In the midst of the crisis, the heaven-sent a hope for him! 'The heavens did not pity me! This Time Machine, Oh God! It was a lifesaver! No! My real friend and Hero! I will cherish it. Forever!' 'I wouldn't mind taking this machine as a pet.' He thought. Then... ~Host is hungry~ Please recharge~ "....." "You!!!!"
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  Then the bat moved in the corner and opened something. 'A secret vault!' Then... "o.O" "GRANDMA!" He muttered.  When he saw the treasures. He can't move his mouth!    "I can't believe this!" He called. It was all glittering, shining and shimmering! His mouth was swagging all the way to the floor! Then...his hands move slowly.... he moves it slowly.
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