The boss's obsession

The boss's obsession

By:  Sarahy  Ongoing
Language: English
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His name is known and resonates in every corner of the world, he is respected as feared by many. Max Ivanov in an intelligent, dangerous and very lethal man. No one has ever contradicted him, no one has ever challenged him, much less despised him, or that was before he met Kiara Lester. Kiara, a young, curious and brave girl, who fends for herself and is incapable of being dominated by anyone. From the first moment Max laid eyes on Kiara, he knew he had to have her, knew he would do anything to find her and make her his. Max didn't know what he was up against, much less knew Kiara's true intentions. Everything about her screamed DANGER. But danger had always been his favorite dish

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3 Chapters
Chapter 1
Kiara Lester All the girls from the town are gathered in the central square. Some are happy, some are furious, and some are just baffled. The truth is I don't know how to feel, they have taken us out of our homes and forced us to come here. I was only able to take my phone and my identification, since it is not known why they have called all of us. Karla is next to me, we were both at my house when all this happened. I must say that the guards who have brought us"Dragged"to here, did not do it with much delicacy. I still have the fingers of a guard marked on the skin of my arm. "What will this be?" Karla asks me quite alarmed"Why haven't they let our parents come with us? Karla's parents live a few streets away from our house, so they witnessed all the uproar. When Karla's father tried to reach us, a guard stopped him very abruptly. " I don't know Karla"I see the surroundings" This doesn't smell good to me. It's so weird that we're just girls here. Karla gasps and I turn to he
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Chapter 2
One week before"How can you eat all that?" I ask incredulously" Are you a bottomless pit? If you keep eating you're going to empty the cupboard.My friend chews and swallows and then laughs."What can I tell you?"He shrugged, then took another bite of his sandwich. "When you work all day you tend to skip meals, so when I get home the first thing I do is eat everything in sight.I deny.Karla is my neighbor and only friend. When I moved to town I didn't know anyone, so I spent a few days without leaving home.But one day in the morning a nice girl knocked on my door and offered me her friendship along with a delicious strawberry cake.I am honest when I say that I had a certain distrust of her, but as the months went by we became good friends. So much so that now we are always together.Karla is a brunette with brown eyes and wavy hair, she is about 1.60 meters tall and is passionate about writing, which is why she works in a small publishing house where she is in charge of proofreadi
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Chapter 2
Kiara Lester"Sorry"I apologize quickly as I bend down to pick up everything. I am grateful that my phone has not suffered any damage, I do not want to be forced to buy a new one when I buy it recently.While crouching down, I notice that the person I have bumped into is still standing right in front of me. He wears black leather shoes.I swallow saliva and get up quickly without seeing his face."Was a bit distracted and...In a quick movement, he grabs my chin and lifts it up, bringing my eyes to his face.His sudden touch scares me and paralyzes me at the same time. But that feeling is quickly exchanged for anotherMy God!My throat immediately goes dry as my heart pounds.What are my eyes seeing?My eyes can't stop seeing the beautiful Russian man I like inches away from me.He is definitely a Russian, but what a Russian!I dare to give it a quick review. His eyes are two emeralds of an intense green color, his eyebrows are thick and he has long eyelashes. His nose is sharp but pe
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