A Submissive For The Beastly Mafia

A Submissive For The Beastly Mafia

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“Why do I make you so uncomfortable, kitten?" His voice was low and husky, but I blinked fearlessly and answered, "Your reputation?" His eyes darkened, "I have a reputation?" Was he joking? "There are speculations that your methods and theories with women are a bit–" "Spooky?" He completed with a smirk. "And complicated." I added in one breath. He stood up, leaned closer so that our faces were just inches apart, and whispered, "But do you think I'm spooky, kitten?" I gulped, and stared fearlessly into his ocean green eyes, "Certainly not." "Then why do you look like you are about to drop dead?" Nothing of course, except the fact that I am about to sell my virginity to you for three million dollars. ** ** ** To the world, he is the enigmatic Capo of the Cosa Mosino, a ruthless killer machine, very organized and controlling. For five years, he has sculpted his life meticulously after a near death trauma, leaving no rooms for mistakes. But sometimes, a man with cravings as absurd as his own can only hope for so much. Allesia has been a sheltered princess all her life, until she witnessed a murder that left her in the wanted list of the Region Mafia Men, an encounter that left her father dead and left her mother suffering from a weak heart. To help her heal, Allesia and her family move to a different city to start a new life. But one encounter with the devil is about to leave her life completely changed forever.

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Mercy Ashquill
Your blurb is giving. it's going to be an interesting read
2024-02-03 14:24:17
user avatar
Mafia plus Bdsm ✓ following till the end>>>
2024-01-21 01:55:26
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Eenah's writes
The blurb is giving… tell you it’s going to be a spicy ride.
2024-01-18 03:31:22
user avatar
Elena Rolland
Russel Mancini is quite the catch, an alpha male in all his glory. Can’t wait to see how Allesia will take him.
2024-02-07 19:46:51
40 Chapters
Chapter 1- Never Tell A Mafia He Can Never Find You
⚠️BEFORE YOU READ⚠️This book contains extreme 18+ contents in most chapters, it is a dark romance book for a reason. ~~~0~~~Chapter 1RUSSEL"Russel Mancini," Carlo Iverson drawled my name, "I was beginning to think you were too afraid to meet." I leaned back in my seat, squaring my shoulders to match the man's icy stare, "I'm not afraid of anything or anyone, Carlo." I told him frankly, "I was just biding my time." "Biding your time? Whatever for, Capo?" I gave him a light smile for his use of my title, "I hear you've expanded your interests. You started your own Outfit, congratulations. But the last time I checked, none of your plans were brought to my notice."Carlo had made himself comfortable, so he poured himself a drink from the bottle on the table, "It's a big city, Capo. Surely you must understand that there's enough room for all of us to grow and–""And I see that your interests are exceeding your boundaries, Carlo." I cut in, "I've sent a warning before, but I think yo
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Chapter 2- The Special Guests
Chapter 2 ALLESIA What kind of man offers a girl such an outrageous amount of money just to get under her pants on their first meeting, a professional meeting at that? Of course, it had to be a crooked billionaire like Russel Mancini. And so it was hate at first sight between us, I had sworn never to see his impassively stupid face again and I hope to God that our paths never cross again. I mean, on my part, he'll never see me outside the four walls of this place so where else will he get the chance?He can go to hell and shove his dirty money up his ass! I returned to the bar where I work later that evening, still sulking. I scoffed as his name found it's way back to my mind. Russel Mancini was the kind of danger I was running from. Aside his money, his personality had a dark unsettling aura that made me so uneasy around him.No one had ever made me that uneasy."How was it?" Elletra, my best friend who had pushed me into this mess in the first place inquired with a grin when she
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Chapter 3- A Mafia Never Forgets To Repay A Debt
Chapter 3ALLESIA A couple of minutes later, I was still standing there, wondering what Russel Mancini meant by what he said. But I shrugged it off, I was not going to take his offer anyway, so whatever he meant had nothing to do with me. The sweet feel of the minted currency in my hand and the way his cologne lingered in the hallway was a sweet reminder that he had just tipped me $10,000 dollars. That was more than anything I can make in a month and he just randomly gave it out as a 'tip'. Well, my dream did come true. With this much money, I could buy my mom's sustenance drugs and might even pay off a little of Renzo's school debt if I add it to what he would make today. I wanted to go home, but something in me wanted to stay to the end and see what happens. This was a mafia party and a lot of things were certainly bound to go wrong, like what if they start killing people? I couldn't imagine losing my only brother. Aside from my mom, he's the only family I have left. I glanced a
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Chapter 4- The Devil Was Baiting Me
Chapter 4A fugitive at twenty two. That was the only thought that rang through my mind as I sat in the small room where the policeman had kept me. Renzo was not here because they took him to a separate room since he was still passed out cold. I spent the remaining hours of last night here, waiting for them to come in and tell me my fate, but nobody came. The clock on the wall indicated that it was a little past seven in the morning and I was still hopelessly sitting here, handcuffed. "Miss Guerrero." I suddenly heard, I turned to find a policeman standing by the door, "Come with me, please." I followed him out of the door while reciting some prayers in my head. My poor mum would be worried sick if we didn't get home before nine. As I walked, I started regretting my actions. Why did I help those ruthless mafia in the first place? This could mean serious trouble for my family. Was Renzo even okay? Who would come and bail us if it comes to that?"Sit down." The strict looking offic
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Chapter 5- Russel Mancini Holds The Key To Hell
Chapter 5RUSSEL "All done." Luca announced as he entered my study. I took a puff from the cigar in my mouth and scrunched my eyebrows, "Are you sure she got the package?" "I left it in her room, Boss." For some reason, that information made me so happy, "And the cameras?"Luca came forward and placed a laptop on the desk in front of me, I leaned in to look and sudden enthusiasm filled me. Allesia was sitting there, staring at the box of gift with surprise, the look only made her more pretty and I smiled to myself. "I've set up a better view in your bedroom, from there you can watch her conveniently from the comfort of your bed." "Great job, Luca. Now I only need her blood sample for a test." "What test?" It was the first time Kegan said something since he came into the study. I gave him a hard glare before replying, "To know if she's clean of course." Then I turned to Luca, "Find a way to get it and bring it here." "Yes, Boss." He turned to leave but Kegan's voice halted hi
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Chapter 6- Prepare To Pretend
⚠️TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️Chapter 6RUSSEL "Send in my Number One." I told Kegan as soon as we entered the house."Right away." I tried to wipe the blood from my shirt but it was no use, there was too much splatter and now my shirt was ruined. I would have taken a shower or probably changed into something else if I was going to make love to my wife– or fiancèè.But such luxury had no place being in the life of a ruined man like me, I was going to fuck a whore who I was paying good money for. It was a business transaction and that was as far as it could go between me and any woman. "It's done." Kegan announced and I nodded. I made my way up towards my study, taking three steps at a time. As soon as I was inside my study, I let out a long sigh before discarding my bloodied shirt, then I dumped the jacket on the floor too, leaving me in just my trouser. I walked over to my task board and picked a marker. After staring at the names there for a second, I moved closer and added two more nam
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Chapter 7- The Devil Will Have To Wait
Chapter 7 ALLESIA "Have you made up your mind yet, angel?" I eyed him warily, "Nothing has changed, I'm not going to sleep with you." A small smirk played on his lips, "Quite blunt today, huh." Then he stepped closer and whispered in a low husky voice, "Then perhaps I should show you what you'd be missing by rejecting my offer."My eyes narrowed as I tried to step away from him, but he held me close to him, giving me that possessive smirk that left me wondering if I had only just met this man. "Let me go, you despicable bastard!" I was disappointed to realize that my voice came out in a very weak whisper. He smirked, "Why? You can't handle a little heat?"I found myself at a total loss for words as his eyes locked with mine, daring me to move away. His hands went around my waist and he slowly started pushing me closer to him, but even as I sensed the danger, I didn't move away, couldn’t. It was almost like I was too afraid to have him see me as a coward, or to give the impress
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Chapter 8- God Save Him From The Devil!
Chapter 8 ALLESIA I ran into the hospital like a mad woman, I didn't have to look for long to find Renzo, this was the same hospital we'd been bringing Mum for the past five years so I knew just where to find them. "Where is she?!" I demanded as soon as I sighted my brother. "Still with the doctors." Renzo replied, "I was asked to wait here."I let out a small sigh, "What happened? I thought they told us she won't be having any complications if nothing happens to trigger her?" Renzo's eyes trailed mine, his gaze shifting in the distance, "Something happened, Les.' "What?" "Just one hour after you left, the doorbell rang and mum answered . I was in my room playing games when I heard her scream. By the time I ran down, she was already on the floor clutching her chest in her hand and shaking vigorously."By now, my heart was hammering in my chest, "Did you see them?" Renzo shook his head, "When I checked, I only saw the tail of a speeding black car, I couldn't make out the plate n
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Chapter 9- A Little Goading
Chapter 9 RUSSEL "You got the sample, yeah?" I asked as soon as Aldo entered my office. He gave me an affirmative nod, "I did, boss." I let out a satisfied breath and leaned back on my seat, "What did you do with it?" "Took it to Dr. Romola." "Finally. Took you seven days to get it." I shook my head, "How did she react to being randomly wounded by a stranger?" "She handled it like a champ." Aldo's half smile made me smile too."And the guy she's been talking to?" "Oh, we are still unable to get his face and name since he hardly ever leaves his car. But he picked her up at the park shortly after I bumped into her."I sat forward immediately and my grip on the chair tightened, "Where'd they go? And don't tell me you still couldn't get his face!" Aldo chuckled softly, "They didn't get the chance to go anywhere or do anything. I followed them, they stopped in front of a fancy restaurant, but something happened that made her run out of his car in a hurry." My breath caught in my t
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Chapter 10- A Dent In Her Perfect World
Chapter 10ALLESIA "Renzo! Oh thank God! I couldn't stop praying that you'd come back in one piece!"Renzo took a very deep breath and sank into the seat beside mine, "How's Mum?" I had hoped I wouldn't have to tell him this, but there was no sugarcoating it, "It's as we feared, the doctor said she'll need surgery." "Shit!" "Shh, don't worry. We'll do it." "Yea, right." He rolled his eyes while I eyed him. "Did Russel do anything to you?" "Nothing. We just talked." "About?""You." He sat up and gave me a very apologetic look, "I couldn't make him change his mind. I'm sorry." I waved for him to stop sounding pathetic, "Oh please, you thought he'd stop just because you asked him to? That guy is an egoistic, arrogant bastard. But you don't have to give it much of a thought, I still have the final say, and I won't do it."The look that Renzo gave me told me he was not too sure about that and I frowned, "He really means it, Les. Three million dollars. That could cover Mum's treatm
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